Specialties and Specializations

Knowledge Field - 03 Humanities, 01 Education / Pedagogy

Specialty - 035 Philology, 011 Educational, pedagogical sciences

Specializations and qualifications:

Specialists who leave the ranks of the Romance-Germanic Faculty become teachers of two foreign languages: English / German / French / Spanish and translators from English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Modern Greek / Chinese.

The faculty provides a unique opportunity for applicants who have a ZNO (External Independent Test) certificate in English to study at the departments of German, French and Spanish philology from the initial level (without prior knowledge of these languages). Thanks to intensive techniques, in two years they reach the required level of language competencies and continue training under the appropriate program. Students also study a third foreign language: German / French / Spanish / Italian / New Greek / Romanian / Chinese. As a specialty, foreign literature is taught at the faculty from ancient works of ancient Greece and Rome to modern literature from around the world.

Bachelor (4 years of study)

Master (1.5 years of study)

Master (1.5 years of study)

Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University as an educational institution of the highest (fourth) level of accreditation, issues its graduates a diploma that meets high domestic and foreign standards.

Forms of study: full-time / part-time, budget / commercial

ZNO (External Independent Test): Foreign language, the Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine or geography.

Our students win at Ukrainian Olympiads in foreign languages ​​and in competitions of scientific student works, publish the results of their research in specialized scientific collections of the faculty and university, and undergo internships in foreign educational institutions.

Students studying by state order are entitled to scholarships:

  • ordinary
  • increased
  • personal: of the President of Odessa National University, scholarship named after A. A. Potebnya, scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and scholarships of the President of Ukraine.


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