Faculty of Economics and Law

Dean: Candidate of Jurisprudence, Assistant Professor Truba Vyacheslav Ivanovitch

Завідувач кафедри цивільно-правових дисциплін кандидат  юридичних наук, доцент Труба Вячеслав Іванович

Deputy Deans for educational work:

Candidate of Jurisprudence, Assistant Professor Zilkovska L.M.
Candidate of Jurisprudence, Assistant Professor Kuznetsov E.A.

Deputy Dean for scientific work:

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor Smityuh A.V.

General Information

The Faculty of Economics and Law is one of the main faculties of I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University. Its origin dates back far into the nineteenth century, when in 1865 the Imperial Novorossiya University was established and started to function on the basis of Richelieu Lyceum. At that time it had three faculties in its structure, including the Faculty of  Law.

The amalgamation of legal and economic education within one faculty is the result of adoption by the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University of the practice of  many  universities throughout  the world (especially European universities where a considerable positive experience of such integration exists). This fact provides a profound economic grounding of the specialists-lawyers and gives necessary legal knowledge to the specialists-economists.

The task of the Faculty of Economics and Law is to prepare professionals in three fields: "Law", "International Management", and "Accounting and Auditing".

The training courses are provide by 7 departments: The Department of Constitutional Law and Justice (Head - Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor Korchevna L.A.), The Department of General Law Disciplines and International Law (Head - Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor V.P. Plavych ), The Department of Civil Law Disciplines (Head - Candidate of Jurisprudence, Assistant Professor Truba V.I.),The  Department of Administrative and Commercial Law (Head - Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor Vasiliev A.S.), The Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics (Head - Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor Streltsov E.L.), The Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit (Head - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor Kusyk N.L.), The Department of Economics and Management (Head - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor Kuznetsov E.A.), and some other departments of the University.

There are more than 120 instructors in the Faculty, more than 70 of witch have scientific degrees and academic titles, including 16 Ph.Ds.
The contingent of the Faculty's scientists fills up intensively by defense of thesis by young instructors under 30.
At the Faculty of Economics and Law the following scientific journals are published: “Constitutional State”, “The Bulletin of the Odessa National University. Jurisprudence Series”, “The Bulletin of the Odessa National University. Management and Administration Series”, “Market Economy: Modern Theory and Practice of Management”.

In general it can be stated that the Faculty of Economics and Law is now in the state of intense positive development, and is gradually increasing its educational and scientific potential.

The current state of legal and economic education in Odessa and in southern Ukraine, as a whole, can be characterized as continuous dynamic development. It can be stated with certainty that progressive ideas of modern approach to the legal and economic education have been implemented at The Faculty of Economics and Law being an integral structural unit of I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University.

International Cooperation

The Faculty keeps close connection with the universities of Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Canada and France, it has taken an active part in the common European project TEMRUS-TASIS. There are the winners of international scientific contests among the instructors of the university. For example, they received the Fulbright grant, the grant of the government of Canada, grants of universities of Germany, France and others. Several years ago a cooperation agreements have been concluded between the Odessa Faculty of  Economics and Law and corresponding structures of the Regensburg University "Paris 12".

The Faculty cooperates with the College of Business of Louis National University (WSB-NLU, Nowy Sacz, Poland, http://www.wsb-nlu.edu.pl) in the sphere of exchange of teachers.

Lecturers from the Louis National University (Chicago, IL, USA, http://www.nl.edu/) are periodically invited to the Faculty. A mini library of modern literature of the leading global publishers on international management, accounting, analysis and audit, has been made.

There is a working project of the European Union TEMPUS - WIPATH: Workshops for Introduction of Practical Approaches to the Transformation of  Higher Education in Ukraine (the transformation of higher education in the context of the Bologna process). The Faculty of Economics and Law is the winner of the grant project WIPATH, which includes cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,  the University of Economics and Law "KROCK" (Kyiv), Donetsk State University of Management, College of Business of Louis National University, the Sibyl University (Spain) and the Science Park / ITT (Sweden).

Students and young scientists are able to take part in the international collaboration program «Erasmus Mundus» funded by the European Commission, which provides an opportunity for them to study abroad (http://www.eu-edu.org/ua/euerasmusmundus.html ).

An important focus of the Faculty is to expand contacts with foreign business partners. The Faculty has established contacts with the international network of independent companies KPMG, which provide audit, tax and advisory services (http://www.kpmg.ua). The cooperation includes joint research work and publications, the exchange of methodical materials, the participation of students in free educational programs K-Foundation, obtaining certificates, and participation in international competitions on solving business cases of KPMG.


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