Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Dean Candidate of Chemistry Sciences, lecturer Menchuk Vasiliy Vasilievich

Dean Candidate of Chemistry Sciences, lecturer Menchuk Vasiliy Vasilievich 

The assistant to the dean - Raskola Lyudmila Anatolievna
phone: (048) 723-82-64
Methodologist - Radaeva Irina Nikolaevna
phone: (048) 723-82-64


  • General Chemistry and Polymers
    • Head of the Chair - professor Inna I. Seyfullina
      phone: (048) 723-59-13
      e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Organic and pharmaceutical chemistry
    • Head of the Chair - Professor Yuriy V. Ishkov
      phone: (048) 726-84-56
  • Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Ecology
    • Head of the Chair - professor Tatiana L. Rakitskayai
      phone: (048) 723-83-47
  • Department of Pharmacology and Drug Technology
    • Head of the Chair - professor Alexander I. Gritsuk
  • Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry
    • Head of the Chair - Dr. Alexander N. Chebotarev.
      phone: (048) 723-82-22
  • Physical and Colloidal Chemistry
    • Head of the Chair - professor Elena A. Streltsova
      phone: (048) 723-83-22

Chemical faculty prepares experts of different educational levels:

  • Bachelor of chemistry
  • Master of chemistry

The chemical faculty works within the limits of uniform in Ukraine a research-and-production chemical-pharmaceutical complex which is supported both the Ministry of Education and sciences, and the National Academy of sciences. It allows to use scientific base of A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute by preparation of the future experts.

Historical roots and the present:

From the date of the basis (on May, 13th 1865г.) at Imperial Novorossiysk University was three faculties (historical-philological, legal and physical and mathematical). The first researches in chemistry at Novorossiysk University took place on three faculties which were a part of physical and mathematical faculty - chemistry, technical chemistry and faculty of agrochemistry first in Ukraine. Their organizer was the professor M. M. Sokolov, (the first dean of physical and mathematical faculty (1865 - 1868)) the founder of the first university chemical laboratories, one of initiators of release of the first chemical magazine in Russia. Since the first years of work of chemical laboratories, a lot of stereochemical problems has been solved, mutual influence of atoms in molecules is investigated. Chemists of Novorossiysk university have made the important contribution to development of the theory of a chemical structure O. M. Butlerov and synthetic organic chemistry. Many works of the Odessa chemists have been connected with studying questions of stereochemistry are works of professors of E.F. Klimenko, V.M. Petriashvili, and also researches of the known professor S.G. Tanatar.


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