Office for International Relations

Head of the Department of international cooperation D.Sc. Professor Yurii HRINCHENKO

Head of the Office for International Relations

D.Sc. Professor Yurii HRINCHENKO

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Areas of activity of the Office for International Relations

I. The legal work

  1. Preliminary, organizational arrangements involving departments of Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University:
    • Preparation of international agreements
    • Preparation of working programs
    • Development of working plans
    • Realization measures
  2. Preparatory works with foreign universities:
    • Discussion of programs
    • Development of working plans
    • Realization measures
  3. Modification of a text, if it is necessary (in a way of bilateral discussions)
  4. Realization measures for agreements, which are already in force:
    • Cooperation with departments of ONU and foreign university
    • Organization of mutual visits, stay and etc.
    • Preparation and realization of a bilateral project (program)

II.   Analytical activity

  • Tracking and analyze of trends in international educational and scientific area.
  • Analysis and comparison of trends in foreign and domestic intellectual markets
  • Development of recommendations for the governing body of  the university
  • Actual participation of the department specialists in development of international projects and programs in the field science and education reforms

III.   Activity for search and rendering of informationabout grants

  • Natural Sciences
  • Legal Sciences
  • Public, humanities
  • Consultation on agreements preparation
  • Consultation activity for applications, grants and funds

IV.   Documentary and organizational support for foreign specialists stay in ONU; cooperation with officials; protocol measures: cooperation with foreign missions (agencies) in Odessa, Ukraine

  • Preparation of invitations in accordance to legal regulations of the country
  • Documentary processing at the Visas and registrations  department, cooperation with Centre for employment
  • Documentary and legal support of foreign specialist stay in Ukraine (Odessa, university)
  • Cooperation with departments of ONU, hosting the specialist

V.    Documentary and organizational support for ONU specialists in their mobility

  • Expertise of documents and motivation of travel
  • Expertise of regulations for protection of state interests in free transfer of scientific and technical information
  • Preparation of ONU executive documents and control of their realization

VI.  Organization of humanitarian cooperation

  • Preparation arrangements connected with visits of amateur university teams to foreign HEI
  • Organization of stay of foreign university’s students and amateur university teams in ONU

VII. Rendering other services

  • Providing scientific and educational services on commercial basis to individuals and legal persons
  • The list will be developed

VIII.  Advertising and information activities

  1. Periodic updating information about ONU
  2. Preparation and publication of informational booklets about ONU and of other materials
  3. Organization and conducting of informational exhibitions, fairs (in Ukraine and abroad, presentation of international educational and scientific foundations (Fulbright, IREX, DAAD and etc.)

IX.    Cooperation with international university organizations

  • Organization measures and coordination of interuniversities scientific events
  • Documentary and financial support for ONU’s membership in the World Educational Organizations (EAU, DRC, Euroasian Association, etc.)
  • Providing of documentary and photo reports about events


Office for International Relations

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