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Scientific society of students and young scientists of ONU is operating since 2003.
The purpose of the Society - the integration and consolidation of the young researchers of the University, help in their development as a multifaceted , creative individuals.
Projects of Scientific Society in ONMU were English-speaking clubs, international scientific conferences, webinars , exhibitions , academic competitions.
Members of the Society are representing it in the Odessa Regional Council of young scientists and participating in ministerial meetings and meetings with politicians and cultural figures.
Our partners in research and educational projects are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the International Project "EkoChashka", National centers of culture, Odessa House of scientists.
Contact: Associate Professor Vladimir Nemertsalov, PhD, Chairman of the SSSYS ONU, 
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George Ryaboy the responsible for contacts with the public and strategic planning,
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The Workhop is supported by the program of Collaboration of Civil Societies in the countries of Eastern Partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany
Program of workshop
September 26-29, 2015
Odessa, Grecheskaja str., 1 (Impact HUB Odessa)
September 26
Arrival of participants
“Odessa: the Places of Memory” (excursion)
September 27 (Grecheskaja str., 1. Impact HUB Odessa)
Section 1. Moderator Vladimir Nemertsalov
9.30-10.00. Oksana Dovgopolova (Ukraine) Reconciliation of Memories – Reconciliation of Society. The opening word of the organizers of workshop
10.00-10.45. Hans-Achim Werner (Germany) “To start from ourselves but not to stop”: Martin Buber on the Truth and Reconciliation
10.45-11.15. Coffee-break
11.15-12.00. Verena Rauen (Germany) “Forgiveness – Acknowledgement – New start” as the basic ethical causes of common life
12.00-12.45. Philippe de Lara (France) The conditions of a shared Jewish-Ukrainian memory: potentials and obstacles
12.45-13.30. Ruud Meij (Netherlands) Memories of the future. Anna Ackmatova, Ludwik Fleck and Stanisław Lem
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Frans Geraedts (Netherlands) Reconciliation, the transition from ehtic to civic nationalism and the example of Odessa
15.15-16.00. Nikolai Epple (Russia) Coming to terms with the past: the work with Memory as a necessary base of National Reconciliation
September 28
Section 2. Moderator Oksana Dovgopolova
09.30-10.15. Manfred Deselaers (Germany) Dialogue at the edge of Auschwitz: German, Polish and Jewish perspectives
10.15-11.00. Svetlana Panych (Russia) “And I’ll tell you a story: on the complicity and importance of witness narration
11.00-11.30. Coffee-break
11.30-12.15. Lubov Summ (Russia) Kete and Elena: the Woman’s Fate and Woman’s Memory at the Face of History
12.15-13.00. Eddy Nickolas Orinda (Kenia-Ukraine) The experience of African Committees of Truth and Reconciliation: strategies, successes, problems
13.00-14.00. Lunch
14.00-14.45. Aleksej Alonso (Russia) Spain: the hard way to the National Reconciliation
14.45-15.30. Julia Golodnikova (Ukraine) The Ukrainian New Drama as a tool of Reflection on Collective Trauma and the prospects of new social construing.
15.30-16.15. Orysja Bila (Ukraine) Who’s Lviv is? To the problem of commemorative ethics in multicultural city
September 29
Section 3. Moderator Alla Vaysband
10.00-10.45. Oleksiy Sigov (Ukraine) Between the Irreconcilability and Indifference: the Memory of Hope 
10.45-11.30. Inna Nalivajko (Belarus) The role of everyday practices in reconciliation of memories
11.30-12.00. Coffee-break
12.00-12.45. Aleksej Kamenskikh (Russia) The war of memories in urban space: the Perm case
12.45-13.30. Oksana Dovgopolova (Odessa, Ukraine) Historical Memory as Weapon, Historical Memory as common existential space: commemorative practices of war and reconciliation
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Nikolaj Koposov (USA-Russia) The Irreconciliable Memory
15.15-16.30. The Round Table “The new outlines of Historical Memory: when History does not kills”


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