Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

Dean Lidiia Mikolayivna Golubenko

Dean Candidate of Philology Sciences, lecturer Lidia M. Golubenko

Odesa National I.I. Mechnikov University is the part of one of the most prestigious European universities well-known not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its boarders.

First of all Romance-Germanic Faculty is the skilled teaching team that can perform its key duties at the highest level, i.e. to prepare qualified philologists, specialists in foreign languages with broad knowledge according to the best university traditions. The faculty includes experienced Ph.D. and D.Sc. academics, alongside with young promising graduates, who improve their pedagogic and scientific skills in leading Ukrainian and foreign universities.

Our faculty features 10 Doctors of Science, professors, 90 Doctors of Philosophy, associate professors, authors of modern textbooks and monographs, lecturers from Germany, France, Spain, Greece, and Italy. There are scholars-philologists, lecturers in foreign languages and translators among our graduates. Our state-recognised degree is acknowledged not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Faculty researchers work hard in the field of philology and prepare Doctors of Philosophy or Doctors of Science. Postgraduate and doctoral studentship is available at the faculty. The Specialised Academic Council for public defense of doctoral theses was created.

The university and the faculty feature offices of many European countries: German Cross-cultural Centre; French, Italian and Greek Cultural Centres, and also American Resource Centre. We take part in international research programs due to different grant systems. Our lecturers and postgraduates worked in the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain etc.

We prepare

lecturers in English, German, French, Spanish and translators of English, German, French, Spanish, and modern Greek. Students also learn Foreign Literature for a degree. They study literature from ancient times to modern ones of the countries whose languages are taught at the faculty. Our graduates encounter no employment problems. The majority of them work as teachers at schools and universities, as public institution employees, as translators at enterprises of different forms of ownership. A part of our graduates chose an academic career and do a postgraduate course.

Romance-Germanic Faculty prepares experts of different educational levels:

Bachelor (after four years of studying ) Bachelor of philology. The teacher of a foreign language and literature and the interpreter from the basic language.
Specialist (after five years of studying ) Philologist-germanist (Romanist). The teacher of two foreign languages and literatures and interpreter from two foreign languages.
Master (after five years of studying ) Philologist. The teacher of foreign language and language in the educational institute).
Chair of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English Language
Head of the Chair Kolegayeva Irina, Doctor of Philological sciences, Full Professor
Tel.: (8048) 776-21-89
English grammar department
Head of the chair Prof., Doc. Philological Sc. Karpenko Olena Yurivna
Tel. (048) 776-11-15
Chair of the Theoretical and Applied Phonetics of the English Language
Head of the Chair Assistant Professor, Candidate of Philology Grigorian Nektar Razmikovna
Tel.: (8048) 63-13-07
The Translation Department
Head of the Translation Department Associate Professor Dr. E.P. Matuzkova
German Philology Department
The head of the department - Professor, the head of the German Philology Department Lidiya Mikolayivna Golubenko
Department of French philology
Head of the department Dr. M.D. Marinashvili, associate professor, candidate of philological sciences
Tel.: (0482) 68-79-53
Spanish Philology Chair
Head of the department: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Grinko Lyudmyla Viltaliivna
Chair of Foreign Languages for the Science Faculties
Head of Chair - Candidate of Philological sciences, Assistant Professor Vasylchenko Elena
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. (0482) 63-57-45
The Chair of Foreign Languages of the Faculties of Arts
Head of the Department Candidate of Philological Sciences, Assist. Prof. Vit N.P.
Tel.: (0482) 635-745
Department of foreign literature
Тhe head of the department, a full professor Sylantjeva Valentina Ivanovna
Chair of Pedagogics
Headed by professor Tsokur O.S.
Tel. (0482) 68-70-82

General foto of faculty's staff

Dear university entrants! You should definitely take notice of the following opportunity: If you major in translation, on attending additional courses of pedagogic disciplines and passing tests and exams, you can qualify also as “Lecturer in two foreign languages and literatures”.

Odesa National I.I. Mechnikov University as the educational institution of the highest (forth) accreditation graduates students with a degree that satisfies high state and foreign standards. There are two types of educational forms – full-time and part-time. You can enter the faculty and study on the government-financed or commercial base.

Our students win National foreign language and student research competitions, publish the results of their researches in academic papers of the faculty and university. The best students do a postgraduate course and defend PhD theses after a while.

Romance-Germanic Faculty has its own computer network with Internet access and two computer classrooms with favourable conditions for application of information technology to study of language and translation, linguistic researches, term papers and senior theses.

The constant high-speed Internet access provided greater possibilities of search for necessary reference and scientific information in foreign languages.

You can’t imagine a student life at Romance-Germanic Faculty without lively and rich leisure. From the very first days students show their talents at the traditional autumn amateur concert “The Holiday of Freshman”. There are other  interesting events at the faculty, that are Department Days, phonetics contests, performances in foreign languages, parties at Youth Recreation Centre, sports competitions.

The Faculty Day is the high point of our students’ life at the faculty. It is a spring holiday for students, lecturers and graduates, who remember their Alma Mater.

You are welcome to cooperate and take part in mutual creative work. We guarantee you the high educational level and modern teaching methods. You will have not only a perfect command of foreign languages, but also will become familiar with the culture and traditions of the countries whose languages you study.

Dean of the faculty Lidiia Mikolayivna Golubenko,
Ph.D. in Philology, professor
Tel. (0482) 63-07-03
Vice-dean Neonila Maksymivna Tkhor,
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor
Tel. (048) 748-03-13
Vice-dean in educational work Tetiana Vasylivna Vesna,
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor
Tel. (048) 748-03-13
Vice-dean in scientific work Nina Oleksandrivna Kravchenko,
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor
Tel. (0482) 63-13-07
Vice-dean in educative work and work with foreign students Liudmyla Stepanivna Iarovenko,
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor
Tel. (048) 746-50-48


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