Faculty of Psychology and Social Work

Director -  the candidate of political sciences, professor Larisa Nicolaevna Dunaeva

Director - the candidate of political sciences, professor Larisa Nicolaevna Dunaeva

According to the common concept of the development of education in Ukraine; necessity to improve the system of continuous education; and to the order № 11-02 ( April 19.1995 ) signed by the rector of Odessa National University, and in accordance with the decision of the academic council from January 1,1995 was created the Institute of Innovative and Postgraduate Education.

The creation of  I I P E has opened an opportunity not only to improve professional skills, but also to prepare personnel staff.

In the Institute there are 557 day – time students and 792 part – time students. 68 – students of state budget.

The Institute features 95 regylar teachers including 18 professors, 40 associated professors and 22 part–time workers. The educational process is also provided with 42 auxiliary personnel staff.

   The structure of Institute includes following departments:

  • clinical psychology department (1999)
  • chair of economics and modelating market relations (2001)
  • department of computer networks and information technology (2001)
  • chair of social theories (2001)
  • section of foreign languages (2001)
  • software and technologies of distance education (2004)
  • department of economic cybernetices and applied economy (2007)
Departments in IIPE
Computers and information technologies department
The head of the department – professor, doctor of phisics – mathematics sciences, director of scientific research of Institute of phisics Tyurin Alexander Valentinovich  
Ph.( 048 ) 725-36-87.
Department of Software and technologies of distance education
Head of the department– Professor, doctor of technical sciences
Alexander Valentine Drozd.
Ph. ( 0482 ) 723-73-72
Chair of economics and modeling of market relations
Head of the chair – Professor, candidate of economic sciences
Tatyana Aleksandrovna Zhuravlyova.
Ph. ( 0482 ) 738-64-61
Clinical psychology department
Head of the department – Professor, candidate of medical sciences
Boris Grigorjevich Hersonskiy
Ph. ( 0482 ) 37-62-04
Chair of Social theories
Head of the chair – associated professor, candidate of historical sciences
Dunaeva L.M. candidate of political sciences is the chief of the department
Ph. ( 0482 ) 738-64-63
Economic cybernetics and applied economy department
Head of the department – Professor, doctor of economic sciences
Zoja Nikolaevna Sokolovska
Ph. ( 0482 ) 37-27-88
Section of foreign languages
Head of the section – associated professor, candidate of philological sciences
Lyudmila Leonidovna Yemelyanova
Ph. ( 0482 ) 37-47-65
Coordinating Centre of distance learning
Head of Centre: Alyoshin Olexiy Mukolayovuch, docent, candidate of physical and mathematical science.
Coordinating Centre of distance learning for formation and development of distance and e-learning system in I.I. Mechnikov ONU and for the promotion of free software has been created.


Institute prepares specialists in the following specialities

On the basic of the complete secondary education

  • 6.130101 Social work
  • 6.030508 Finance and Credit
  • 6.030502 Economic cybernetics

On the basic of colleges

  • 6.030508 Finance and Credit
  • 6.030509 Accountance
  • 6.030102 Psychology

The graduators of Regional College of social work who receive diploma of junior specialist can be taken to the І, III course of the Institute of Innovative and Postgraduate education according to the competition and then they can get bachelor’s degree. Students are taken on conditions that they studied according to special training plans Regional College.

On the basic of bachelor’s degree

  • 7.03043 International economic relations
  • 7.050201 Management of organizations
  • 7.050206 Management of foreign trate activities
  • 7.040101 Psychology

You can also get second higher education of following branches

  • 7.030101 Philosophy
  • 7.030301 History
  • 7.030401 International relations
  • 7.030403 International economic relations
  • 7.030501 Ukrainian language and literature
  • 7.030502 Language and literature ( Russian, Bolgarian, English, German, French, Spanish )
  • 7.030507 Translation
  • 7.040101 Psychology
  • 7.040201 Sociology
  • 7.040301 Politilogy
  • 7.050101 Economical theory
  • 7.050201 Management of organizations
  • 7.050206 Management of foreign trate activities
  • 7.060101 Law
  • 7.070101 Phisics
  • 7.070105 Astronomy
  • 7.070301 Chemistry
  • 7.070401 Microbiology and virosology
  • 7.070402 Biology
  • 7.070501 Georaphy
  • 7.070701 Geology
  • 7.070703 Gidroeology
  • 7.080101 Mathematics
  • 7.080301 Mechanics
  • 7.091501 Computer net and systems

Institute offers courses of improvement professional skill for psychologists, doctors and medical workers with the sceondary special education in the following branches:

  • psycho – correction and psychotherapy
  • clinical diagnostics
  • suytsydology
  • psychosomatic disorders and their psychological correction
  • psychological problems of neurotic patient and their correction

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