Department of Sociology

Manager doctor of the social sciences, professor Onischuk Vitaliy Myhaylovych

Teachers and employees of the chair:

  1. Onischuk Vitaliy Mihaylovich, doctor of social sciencies, professor
  2. Kamenskaya Tatiyana Grigorievna, doctor of social sciencies, professor
  3. Hudenko Andrey Vladimirovich, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor
  4. Romanenko Svetlana Vladimirovna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor
  5. Moseychuk Tamara Evgenievna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences
  6. Polyuha Vasyl' Andriyovych, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor
  7. Vystavkina Daria Candidate of Sociological Sciences
  8. Yatvets'ka Hanna Volodymyrivna Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor.


  • 6.040201 - a bachelor on sociologies;
  • 7.040201 - a specialist on sociologies;
  • 8.040201 - a master on sociologies.

possible activity: studies and development in spheres of humanitarian and social sciences.

  • К.73.20.0 Studies of labour market and the public opinion.
  • К.74.13.0 Statistical and sociological services of state management. The Supervision to activity in social sphere. The Social expert operation and activity in state organs. Teaching activity in high school.
  • М 80.30.0 Activity in political and public organizations.
  • Activity in sphere of television and broadcastings
  • Activity in information-analytical subdivisions of agencies.

Scientific activity of the chair:

  • introduces in five main directions:
  • the operating the graduate school,
  • protection of candidate's and doctoral thesis and, as a result, scientific studies (monitoring, on state and private organization,international organization orders),
  • participation in conferences and symposiums,
  • publishing activity.

The are trained 14-15 persons шn graduate school of the chair of the sociologies . During 1996-99 there were protected 2 doctoral, 6 candidate's thesises.

Scientific studies of the chair are connected with analysis of the transformational processes in ukrainian society, caused by transition to market economies and development of the democratic transformations. The monitoring studies are the studies ofsocial-economic, social-political and social-cultural organizations of the population, life and professional plan of youth. The custom-tailored studies are realized on request of management on problem of the families and youth - a motivation to youth criminality; on order of the world bank - about problem in reformation housing-public facilities and water-supply of Odessa; on order State regional TeleRadioCorporation - about state of teleephir of Odessa area, estimation of the influence to activity teleradiocorporations on public opinion; on order Odessa gorispolkom - on problem of reformation management structures within the framework of administrative reform in Ukraine, on order of privaye paging companies - about regional particularity of the consumer behaviour and etc.

Priority in strictly scientific problems of the chair are a studies of crisis and stabilization management, social regulation and social technology.

On result of the studies in 1996-99гг. was published row of disciplinary courses:

  • Sociology: introduction to profession, Kiev, 1997 - prof. Popova I.M. The Economic sociology, Kiev, 1997 -(the group of the authors, including prof. Gansova E. A., Popova I.M.)
  • Socilogy, Kiev, 1996 - (the group of the authors, including prof. Gansova E.A., doc. Podshivalkina V.I.)
  • Sociology of the culture, Odessa, 1997, a Victory N.A. The Bases of market economy, Odesa, 1996 - assistant professor. YAcenko A.N.
  • Mathematician-statistical methods in sociological study. Odessa, 1998 -( prof. Maksimenko B. C., d. s.n. Podshivalkina V.I, k. e. n. Olesevich L.P., Romanenko S.V.)
  • Social technologies. Kishinev, 1997, - d. sociol.n., doc. Podshivalkina V.I.
  • Youth subcultuer, Odessa, 1999. Under editing prof. Victories N.A.
  • As well as 83 articles in leading ukrainian and foreign journals.

Relationship with ukrainian and international organizations:

Most close relations with sociological faculty of Harikovski state university: joint scientific projects, conferences, summer schools, participation in publishing "Harikovski sociological reading", "Vestnik HGU". The Development of the direction "social technologies socio-engeneering approach in public science" by the teachers of the faculty of sociologies and psychologies of the Kiev national university, chair of sociologies, politology and social management of Zaporozhski state university and chair of sociology of the Institute of the social sciences of Odesski state university; publishing of collection of the scientific works "Social technologies: actual problems to theories and practical persons" (1-4 issues).

Historical reference:

Chair was formed in Odessa state university at March 1992. The most developed are a directions of methodologies of the social cognition, sociologies of organization and social regulation, sociologies of the culture and mass communication, social technologies.


Frantsuz'ky Blvd, 24/26
Phone: (+38-0482) 68-12-84
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Dvoryans'ka St, 2, Odesa, 65082
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