Department of Public Communication and Regional Studies

Acting Head of Department of Public Communications and Regional Studies,

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, 

Oksana V. Snigovska

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of РCRS:

The Department of Public Communications and Regional Studies was created on the basis of the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Sociology of Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University in 2022 as a result of the restructuring of the Department of International Relations and Department of Sociology. Together with the Department of International Relations, the Department of PCRS provides training for bachelors and masters in specialty 291 "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies" and bachelors of Sociology in specialty 054.

Graduates are specialists in international relations, social communications and regional studies are broad specialists in the field of international relations, regional studies of the Mediterranean and Eastern countries, and international communications. They are able to analyze international relations and forecast the consequences of foreign policy of states, work in the field of international cooperation, in international organizations, educational and research institutions, knowing Arabic / Modern Greek / Chinese / Turkish / Japanese and English.

The basis of the training of students of higher education is the study of several foreign languages (Modern Greek and Oriental) based on the principles of linguistic and regional, as well as mastering thorough professional theoretical and practical knowledge of regional studies, obtaining qualifications for political analysis of international relations and foreign policy of states.

After graduation, international experts can hold primary positions in state and self-government bodies of various levels, international organizations, commercial and non-governmental structures; engage in information-analytical, advisory, expert activities in the field of international cooperation and international relations, as well as to carry out pedagogical and scientific research activity in various positions, in particular to be:

  • reference analysts departments press service or certain foreign policy diplomatic institution;
  • international analysts of the department of relations with the public of state institutions, commercial structures, joint ventures;
  • political observers;
  • attaché;
  • diplomatic agents;
  • diplomatic couriers;
  • experts on socio-political issues of the countries / regions whose languages are studied, or consultants on socio-political issues (in parties and other public organizations);
  • Lecturers of higher education institutions;
  • translators; 
  • assistants of foreign policy experts and others.

The basis of the training of higher education applicants in the specialty 054 Sociology is familiarization with a wide range of methods and technologies for collecting and processing sociological information, organizing and conducting sociological, marketing political science researches, mastering sociological information processing programs, etc.

Graduates will be able to successfully work in state bodies, military and law enforcement structures, legal and consulting corporations, public organizations international funds. 

According to the State Classifier of Professions, sociologists can hold such positions as:

  • managers of sociological companies or social projects;
  • consultants in political parties, organization experts and conducting election campaigns;
  • specialists in mass media and communications with the public in the state, commercial and non-governmental organizations;
  • civil servants, specialists in internal policy and public relations in state administrations and local self-government bodies;
  • experts of analytical services of central bodies of state executive authorities;
  • experts in organizing and conducting marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • analysts, PR specialists of sociological services of internal affairs bodies, Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, etc.;
  • human Resource Managers, Organization & Management Consultants;
  • consultants of international organizations;
  • Lecturers of humanitarian and socio-political disciplines, etc.


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