Kuleshova Karyna


General Information

Office address: 24/26, Frantsuzky blvd. Center for International studies (room 70), Odessa
National University.
Date of birth: August 1981.
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Odessa National University, Institute of Social Sciences.

Present Position:

Teacher of foreign language (Arabic)

Education and qualification:

Odessa State University, Ukraine, International relations department, 1998-2003. Major: Specialist in the Field of International Relations. Minor; Trilingual interpreter of English, Arabic and Turkish language
Odessa State University, Ukraine, MA in Civil law, 2000-2005.

Areas of Academic and Research Specialization.
The role of the United States of America in the relations of Turkey with European Union; “Turkish model” in foreign policy of European Union; European Security, European Law.

Current lecturing courses:

"Arabic language and literature for 2,3,4, 5th year students, Department of International Relations, Odessa National University.
Additional Information: Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic languages.


Frantsuz'ky Blvd, 24/26
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