Shagli Anna


Department of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Sociology, Odesa National Mechnikov University. 2, Dvoryanska, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082.

Telephone (+380 482) 63 32 59; Fax (+380 482) 68 72 84;

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2003 Finished Institute of Social Sciences, Odesa National Mechnikov University. Got the diploma of specialist from international relations with deep knowledge of the Turkish and English languages.

2005-present is senior teacher of Turkish language at the Department of International Relations.

Lecture courses: Turkish.

Native language : Ukrainian.

Other languages: Russian, Turkish, English.

List of main publications:

Shagli G. I., Vidimska K. I., Kuleshova K. I., Ryzhikh V. I. Applied aspects of public communications in international relations. "Philosophy and political science in the context of modern culture." Dnipro national Univ. named after O. Honchara, Issue 2. T.14. 2022. P.93-101 (professional edition of Ukraine category "B")

Family relations in modern Turkey: materials of the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Modern Philology: Theory and Practice" (Kyiv, April 19, 2022) / National. Acad. SBU, Kyiv; Goal. editor A. M. Chernyak. Kyiv, 2022. 336p.

Soft power of the Republic of Turkey: cultural and educational aspects. co-author. Tarasiuk Y.M. - "Political life" - Donetsk. - №4, 2021, p.95-101 (in Ukrainian).

Culture of Turkey “Linguistics and Regional Studies. Part ІІ”, study guide - Odessa: ONU, 2021, 310p (in Ukrainian).

Scientific and methodical manual "Turkish language. Part I», Odessa. – 2020, - 250p (in Ukrainian), (addition, reprint).

Scientific and methodical manual "Turkish language. Part IІ», Odessa. – 2019, - 183p (in Ukrainian).

Methods of teaching Turkish language " Issues of Oriental Studies in Ukraine", Kharkov. – 2018 (in Ukrainian).

Scientific and methodical manual "Turkish language. Part I», Odessa. – 2016, - 213p (in Ukrainian).

Language as an indicator of the cultural orientation of the ethnos, - "Oriental Studies", Kiev. – 2008 (in Ukrainian).

Fragments of the Turkic language picture of the world, - "Oriental Studies", Kiev. – 2008 (in Ukrainian).

Language as a universal expression of ethnoculture, - "Eastern World", Kiev. – 2007 (in Ukrainian).

Сonferences, seminars, schools:

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Issues of Oriental Studies in Ukraine" (Kharkov, 2018). Seminar "Security and Cooperation in the Black Sea Region: History and Modern Challenges" (Odesa, 2017). Seminar is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars from the Crimea (Odesa, 2014). Conference of the teaching staff of the Department of International Relations in the section Eastern Languages (Odesa, 2007, 2008, 2011). XVII All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "New research of memorials of the Cossack era in Ukraine" (Kiev, 2008). The first scientific reading of the memory of Omelyan Pritsak (Kiev, 2008). All-Ukrainian scientific conference "Ukraine Turkey: the history of cultural relations and cooperation at the present stage" (Kiev, 2007). The Ukrainian scientific and methodological seminar of teachers of the Turkish language, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of academician A.N. Kononov (Kiev, 2006).

International conferences, seminars, schools:

Seminar in ONU. I.I. Mechnikov on the history of Turkey and higher education (Odesa, 2017).

14 European Conference on Social Sciences (Odesa, 2017). Seminar in ONU. I.I. Mechnikov "Military coup in Turkey in 2016" (Odesa, 2016). II International Congres of Turcology "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow of Crimean Tatars" (Simferopol, 2008).


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