Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Biology, Shampansky Lane, 2, Odesa, 65058
Phone: +38 (0482) 68 - 80 - 62

Dean – candidate of sciences in biology, associate professor Veniamin Zamorov

Dean – candidate of sciences in biology, associate professor Veniamin Zamorov
Ph.: +38 (0482) 68 - 80 – 62)

Sub-dean (academic and training processes) - candidate of sciences in biology, associate professor Tetiana Gladkiy
Sub-dean (scientific process) - candidate of sciences in biology, associate professor Snizhana Chernadchuk
Sub-dean (educational process) - candidate of sciences in biology, associate professor Natalia Kyrylenko

Faculty staff

Total 57 teachers, including 6 doctors, 45 candidates of sciences and 6 teachers without a degree are working the Biological Faculty. More than 1,000 students are trained in Faculty.

Departments of Biological Faculty

Department of Zoology, Hydrobiology and General Ecology
Head of Department, doctor of sciences in biology, full professor
Volodimir Stoylovsky

Department of Botany, Plant Physiology and Garden and Park Management
Head of Department, doctor of sciences in biology, full professor
Fedir Tkachenko

Department of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics
Head of Department, doctor of sciences in biology, full professor
Sabina Chebotar

Department of Microbiology, Virology and Biotechnology
Head of Department, doctor of sciences in biology, full professor Tetiana Philipova

Department of Physiology, Human Health and Safety and of Natural Science Education
Head of Department, doctor of sciences in biology, leading researcher Olga Makarenko

Also in the biological faculty includes:

  • Zoo museum
  • Hydrobiological Station
  • Learning Lab of Experimental Botany
  • Educational laboratory of information technologies and physical and chemical methods
  • Base-parking of small vessels
  • Aquarium Lab
  • Biomedical Clinic
  • Collection of marine and practically useful for ecological biotechnology microorganism strains (National Heritage)
  • Herbarium (National Heritage)

Forms of education:

  • stationary education (full-time);
  • correspondence education (part-time).

The faculty prepares specialists both on the state order and on a contractual basis. Financing of the training of specialists, biologists carried out:

  1. Due to the state budget;
  2. Due to the extra-budgetary funds.

The University Department of Pre-University education on a commercial basis conducts preparatory and preliminary courses to prepare students for admission to the Faculty of Biology

Training of specialists with higher education in the Biology Department performed at the following levels of higher education:

  • first (bachelor) level (B.Sc.)
  • second (masters) level (M.Sc.)
  • third (education and research) level (Ph.D.)
  • scientific level (D.Sc.)

On the first level of higher education biology faculty prepares bachelors in the field of knowledge "Biology" (09), a specialty "Biology" (091). Students receive a bachelor's degree, the qualification of engineer research assistant in biology, teacher of biology and chemistry, and the right to work in the field of biology according to qualifications, and teaching at the high school.
At the second level of higher education, students receive a Master's degree (field of knowledge "Biology" (09), a specialty "Biology" (091)) in two specializations - "Biology" and "Microbiology and Virology". Master's qualification is the researcher in the field of biology, reader of higher education institution. Master has the right to professional work in the field of biology, and the right to teach in higher education institutions. Since 2019, the specialty 014 "Secondary education (Biology and Human Health)" has been added.

History of the Faculty

The scientific activity

Scientific Editions of biological faculty

The scientific journal "Odesa National University Herald. Biology", which is included in the list of professional editions of Ukraine. The magazine is indexed and abstracted in such scientometric bases in Ukraine and the world: the National Library of Ukraine Vernadsky, " Україніка наукова" Institutional Depository Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (USA), Index Copernicus (Poland ) and Google Academy, WorldCat, ResearchBib. 

The scientific journal "Microbiology and Biotechnology", which is indexed in the international scientometric base Index Copernicus (Poland) and Google Academy. 

Student Government

The structure of the student government at the Faculty of Biology consists of the student council, the student dean's office and the Union Bureau undergraduate and graduate students of biological faculty. These units are engaged in various aspects of student life: information affairs, of culture and leisure, social, household, sports and recreation, scientific and educational matters, external relations. General meeting of the Student Council are held once a month, the workers - depending on the amount of work.

The faculty has a scientific society of students, graduate students and young scientists, it holds regularly International conference "Biodiversity. Ecology. Evolution. Adaptation."

Cultural events

In October, traditionally celebrates the Day of Freshman. Day of the Faculty is celebrated in April. Physical education and sport in the Biology Faculty payd the great attention, all students have the opportunity to develop their abilities, participate and win in a university-wide and city competitions in many sports. An integral part of student life are the photo exhibitions. Inspiring atmosphere of exploration and creative problem solving is the basis for the development of diverse talents of all who study and work in the Biology Department of the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University.

The site of Biological faculty biologywiki.onu.edu.ua contains information about the schedule of activities, duration and timing of training and work practices, faculty news, as well as electronic versions of textbooks, programs, guidelines, lecture notes and presentations to a number of disciplines.


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