The culture of reconciliation: new historical conscience in Ukraine

Updated 04.04.2016


Program of workshop
September 26-29, 2015
Impact HUB Odessa (Grecheskaja str., 1)
September 27 (Grecheskaja str., 1. Impact HUB Odessa)
Section 1. Moderator Vladimir Nemertsalov
9.30-10.00. Oksana Dovgopolova (Ukraine) Reconciliation of Memories – Reconciliation of Society. The opening word of the organizers of workshop
10.00-10.45. Hans-Achim Werner (Germany) “To start from ourselves but not to stop”: Martin Buber on the Truth and Reconciliation
10.45-11.15. Coffee-break
11.15-12.00. Verena Rauen (Germany) “Forgiveness – Acknowledgement – New start”  as the basic ethical causes of common life
12.00-12.45. Philippe de Lara (France) The conditions of a shared Jewish-Ukrainian memory: potentials and obstacles
12.45-13.30. Ruud Meij (Netherlands) Memories of the future. Anna Ackmatova, Ludwik Fleck and Stanisław Lem
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Frans Geraedts (Netherlands) Reconciliation, the transition from ehtic to civic nationalism and the example of Odessa
15.15-16.00. Nikolai Epple (Russia) Coming to terms with the past: the work with Memory as a necessary base of National Reconciliation
September 28
Section 2. Moderator Oksana Dovgopolova
09.30-10.15. Manfred Deselaers (Germany) Dialogue at the edge of Auschwitz: German, Polish and Jewish perspectives
10.15-11.00. Svetlana Panych (Russia) “And I’ll tell you a story: on the complicity and importance of witness narration
11.00-11.30. Coffee-break
11.30-12.15. Lubov Summ (Russia) Kete and Elena: the Woman’s Fate and Woman’s Memory at the Face of History
12.15-13.00. Eddy Nickolas Orinda (Kenia-Ukraine) The experience of African Committees of Truth and Reconciliation: strategies, successes, problems
13.00-14.00. Lunch
14.00-14.45. Nikolaj Koposov (USA-Russia) The Irreconciliable Memory 
14.45-15.30. Julia Golodnikova (Ukraine) The Ukrainian New Drama as a tool of Reflection on Collective Trauma and the prospects of new social construing.
15.30-16.15. Orysja Bila (Ukraine) Who’s Lviv is? To the problem of commemorative ethics in multicultural city
September 29
Section 3. Moderator Alla Vaysband
10.00-10.45. Oleksiy Sigov (Ukraine) Between the Irreconcilability and Indifference: the Memory of Hope 
10.45-11.30. Inna Nalivajko (Belarus) The role of everyday practices in reconciliation of memories
11.30-12.00. Coffee-break
12.00-12.45. Aleksey Kamenskikh (Russia) The war of memories in urban space: the Perm case
12.45-13.30. Oksana Dovgopolova (Odessa, Ukraine) Historical Memory as Weapon, Historical Memory as common existential space: commemorative practices of war and reconciliation
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Aleksej Alonso (Russia) Spain: the hard way to the National Reconciliation
15.15-16.30. The Round Table “The new outlines of Historical Memory: when History does not kills” 


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