Fundamental Research Laboratory of Air Dispersion Systems

Updated 17.09.2015

The scientific chief and manager of laboratory doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, academician of Engineering academy of Ukraine Kopyt Nikolai Charlamovich

Scientific employees:

he scientific employees, which have a scientific degree:

  • Kopyt Nikolai Charlamovich, manager by labor., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, academician I.A.U.
  • of sciences, senior scientist is Boiko Iuliy Ivanovich.
  • Kolpakov Alexandr Vasilievich, of sciences, senior scientist.
  • Chernova Elena Alexandrovna, of sciences, senior scientist.
  • Turetsky Alexandr Yevstaphevich, of sciences, senior scientist.
  • Golubtskov Vaytcheslav Vasilievich, manager by sector, of sciences, professor.
  • Zhbankova Sophiya Leonidovna, of sciences, senior scientist.
  • Lipatov Gennadey Nikolaevich,м.of sciences, senior scientist

The basic scientific directions of laboratory are:

  • Basic researches on study of mechanics-chemical and electrical processes in aerosol systems, search of new ways of their reception, stabilization and destruction.
  • Development of models of burning fuel in dispersion a kind, definition of optimum conditions of their burning and inhibition.

Scientific activity:

  • Aerosol generators and aerosol devices (Kopyt N.Ch., Lipatov G.N., Boiko Iu.I., Struchayev А.I., Golubtskov V.V.)
  • Creation of large-scale aerosol systems (Kopyt N.Ch., Rybalkin R.P., Ivashov S.N., Struchayev А.I.)
  • Ignition and burning of aerosols (Kopyt N.Ch., Kalinchak V.V., Struchayev А.I., Rybalkin R.P.)
  • The electrical phenomena in aerosols (Kolpakov А.V., Zhbankova S.I.., Milova L.G., Maliarova L.V.)
  • Diagnostics of complex systems including biological origin (Gollubtsov V.V., Terletskaya L.L.)

By results of basic researches on the above mentioned scientific direction 3 monographies, more 800 scientific clauses in conducting domestic and foreign magazines are published, more than 600 reports at conferences, congresses, symposiums are made.

More than 150 copyright certificates on the inventions and patents are received, 6 medals VDNH USSR are received.

Communication with the Ukrainian and international organizations

P.S.R.L.-P.A.S. traditionally supports scientific and research-and-production communications both on the basis of the contracts about scientific cooperation, and in frameworks хоз. The contracts. Besides the laboratory is the basic center and base for the trainees of the researchers, диссертантов from other scientific establishments of a similar structure. The laboratory supports close scientific communications with Kiev national. By university by him. T.G. Shevchenko, Institute technical thermal physic IАSc of Ukraine, institute of new physical problems, institute of general power IАSc of Ukraine and other organizations of Ukraine.

The contacts (both at a level of organizations, and in the individual plan) with scientific divisions of higher educational institutions and academic institutes of Russia (Moscow university, Institute of physical chemistry of WOUNDS of Russia, institute of chemical physics of WOUNDS, Tomsk and others) were kept also.

The scientific contacts to the Polish institute flying (Poland), Viennese university (Austria), University Cincinnati (USA) etc. are supported The employees of laboratory N.Ch. Kopyt, А.I. Struchayev, G.N. Lipatov are the members of the European aerosol association.

Lipatov G.N. with 1991 for 1994 was the member editorial board of a magazine Journal of Aerosol Science.

Information for the potential partners

  • Cooperation in the field of reception of aerosols, study of mechanics-chemical and electrical processes in dispersion systems. Active influences on warm clouds and fogs as гигроскопическими, and superficial - active substances.
  • Development of generators aerosol with the given characteristics.
  • Research of movement of aerosol particles in temperature and diffusion fields.

Historical information

P.S.R.L.-P.A.S. - one of the first problem laboratories of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, was created in 1958 according to the Order of ministerial Council Ukraine № 1759 from 12.12.1958.


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