Fundamental Research Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Low-temperature Plasma

Updated 17.09.2015

Scientific Research Laboratory High temperature processes in disperse systems (SRL-5).

Head of laboratory Svetlana Orlovskaya, PhD 


Schepkin str., 12, Odessa, 65082, Ukraine
Tel./fax +38 (048) 7236227

Historical background.

The laboratory was founded in 1992 by professors Michail Chesnokov and Sergey Margaschuk. From 1992 till 1998 Sergey Margaschuk was in charge of the laboratory. Then he was substituted by Svetlana Orlovskaya, who is nowadays the head of the laboratory.

From the very beginning researches were aimed at investigating low temperature dusty plasma, solid fuels combustion and properties of metal filaments explosion products.

Head of laboratory.

Scientific interests of Svetlana Orlovskaya include high temperature heat and mass transfer, kinetics of chemical reactions and phase change on the surface of metal and coal particles, as well as influence of radiation, convection and evaporation on stable and critical modes of heat transfer in disperse systems.

Present day investigations.

At present professor Michail Chesnokov is the main scientific consultant of the laboratory. Currently two fundamental researches are carried out by contract with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Supervisors of these researches are professors Chesnokov and  Kalinchak.

Research scope includes following fundamental and applied problems of thermal physics:

  • High temperature heat and mass transfer during chemical reactions and phase change on the surface of solids.
  • Heat and mass transfer, chemical and phase changes on the surface of metal and coal samples under laser radiation.
  • Elaboration of modern methods of optical pyrometry.
  • Electric field influence on droplets evaporation.

Range of use.

The results of use - pure energy and resources-economy technology, namely thermal physics, heating engineering, metallurgy, welding, metal-working.

Laboratory personnel.

  • Professors - 2
  • Assistant professors - 1
  • Researchers, PhD - 3
  • Researchers 4

Main scientific results:

  • There was elaborated a theoretical model of high temperature heat and mass transfer in disperse systems with chemical reactions and phase transitions. The mechanism and main features of phase transitions influence on characteristics of high temperature heat and mass transfer and critical parameters of disperse systems (temperature, dimensions, oxide thickness) corresponding to transitions between high and low temperature modes.
  • Influence of radiation, convection, Stefan flow on high temperature oxidation of metal particles was investigated
  • New method was elaborated to determine hot bodies optical and thermal properties by use of digital camera.
  • High temperature oxidation of coal aerosol was modelled with account of radiation, pore burn-out and Stefan flow.
  • Original method was elaborated for calculation ranges of disperse system parameters (particles diameters, gas temperature and velocity) corresponding to stable high temperature states.

List of publications:

  • В. В. Калинчак В.В., Орловская С.Г., Грызунова Т.В. Устойчивые и критические режимы высокотемпературного окисления вольфрамового проводника в воздухе. //Теплофизика высоких температур. 2003. Т.41, №3. С.465-469.
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  • Орловская С.Г., Калинчак В.В., Грызунова Т.В. Каримова Ф. Ф., Мельник О. Т. Роль различных механизмов теплообмена при высокотемпературном окислении металлических проводников.//Физика аэродисперсных систем. 2004. Вып.41.
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  • Orlovskaya. S.G., Kalinchak V.V., Grsunova T.V., Kirmikchi M.I., Mandel A.V. Тhe influence of the stephan flow on the ignition and burning of tungsten particles. // Chairman of the 36 th International Annual Conference of ICT & 32nd International Pyrotechnic Seminar, 2005.
  • Орловская С.Г., Калинчак В.В., Грызунова Т.В., Каримова Ф.Ф Роль теплообмена излучением в высокотемпературном окислении вольфрамового проводника.//Четвертая Российская конференция по теплообмену. Россия, Москва. 2006.
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