Fundamental Research Laboratory of Fuel Cells

Updated 02.10.2015

Problem Scientific Research Laboratory of
Fuel Cells (PSRL FC)

Head of laboratory – Ph.D.Irina Blayda

Head of laboratory – Ph.D.Irina Blayda

The historical information

     The problem scientific research laboratory of Fuel cells was created in 1962 accordingly to the Decree № 67 of ministerial Council Ukraine Republic of January 20. The Founder of Laboratory - doctor of technical sciences, professor Davtjan O. Fundamental researches of electrochemical processes in the Fuel cells are executed and the first in the USSR middle-temperature hydrogen-oxygen electrochemical current generator was created under his management. Researches of the new electrocatalysts on the base of oxides of transitive and rare-earth metals were begun. Researches in this direction were continued in 1968 under the direction of professor Ksengek O. Doctor of technical sciences, professor Presnov V. A. has become the scientific chief of laboratory in 1969. New generations of chemical sources of a current were created. Science 1974, the heads of laboratory in different period were Ph.D. Teterin G., D. Trunov A., Ph.D. Kravchenko S., Ph.D. Makordey F., which were executed in the frameworks of a state-budget and cost-accounting themes.

     A new scientific directions connected with the problems of ecology, metallurgy, fuel and energy complex of Ukraine  is actively and successfully developed in laboratory the last 10 years. These studies  are conducted under the guidance of  Ph.D. Irina Blayda, which led the lab in 2010. 11 candidate and 4 doctor's dissertations were protected by results of researches of laboratory.

Research scope includes following fundamental and applied problems

  • ·         Extraction of rare and non-ferrous metals from industrial products and  wastes of non-ferrous metallurgy and energetic by tradition  chemical and modern microbiological methods
  • ·         Microbial detoxification  of industrial waste dumps
  • ·         Desulfurizationof coals by microorganisms

Laboratory personnel

To date, the staff of the laboratory includes highly qualified professionals in the field of chemistry, microbiology, chemistry- and biotechnology:

  • Blayda Irina – Ph.D. in the field of technology rare, disseminated and nonferrous metals
  • Baklan Valentina – Ph.D. in the field of chemistry sciences
  • Vasileva Tatiana – Ph.D. in the field of biological sciences
  • Dzhambek  Aleksandr - senior research worker
  • Barba Irina - research worker
  • Dzhambek Olga - research worker
  • Slusarenko Larisa - research worker
  • Khitrich Valentina - research worker

Staff employees subject research laboratory fuel cells


International and Ukrainian scientific and technical co-operation

The laboratory formed effective sci-tech co-operation with industry,  educational and  sectoral research institutes in Ukraine and states of the near abroad. In the framework of agreements of scientific and technical co-operation PSRL FC conducts joint research with

  • ·         Ivan Franko National Universityof L'viv
  • ·         Taras Shevchenko National Universityof Kyiv
  • ·         Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science
  • ·         JSC “The Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication”, Kazakhstan
  • ·         Lvovskaya ugolnaya kompaniya, Open Joint-Stock Company
  • ·         Nikolaev Alumina Plant
  • ·         Ladyzhynska ТPS of Zakhidenergo, JSC
  • ·         The Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Spirit and Biotechnology of Food Products

List of last basic publications

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