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Faculty Address:
65058 Odessa,
French Boulevard 24/26, 4th floor, office №128 (Dean of the Faculty)
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Area of ​​Knowledge - 03 Humanities; specialty - 035 Philology (bachelor / master)


  • 035.041 German Languages ​​and Literature (translation incl.), First English;
  • 035.043 German Languages ​​and Literature (translation incl.), First German;
  • 035.051 Romance Languages ​​and Literature (translation incl.), First Spanish;
  • 035.055 Romance Languages ​​and Literature (translation inclusive), First French.

Area of ​​Knowledge - 01 Educational Sciences; specialty - 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences (Master's Degree)


  • Pedagogy of high school;
  • Educational estimation;
  • Pedagogy and linguistics of higher education;
  • Educational management in higher education.

Educational degree and standard term of study:

  • Bachelor (4 years full-time; 5 years for part-time students)
  • Master's degree on the basis of educational qualification level of bachelor or specialist - 1.5 years (full-time and part-time forms of study).

Financing of specialists training:

  • at the expense of the state budget (government procurement)
  • at the expense of government targeted long-term loans
  • at the expense of legal entities
  • at the expense of individuals

The faculty consists of 11 departments:

  • Department of English Grammar
  • Department of English Lexicology and Stylistics
  • Department of English Theoretical and Applied Phonetics
  • Department of Translation Theory and Practice
  • Foreign Literature Department
  • Department of German Philology
  • Department of French Philology
  • Department of Spanish Philology
  • Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Humanities Faculties
  • Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Faculties of Natural Sciences
  • Department of Pedagogy

The faculty includes:

  • American Country Studies Resource Center
  • Spain's Regional Studies Resource Center
  • German Country Studies Resource Center
  • Italian Language Center
  • Center for Modern Greek
  • French Language Center
  • Chinese Language Center
  • Conference Translation Center
  • Cabinet of Art Studies
  • Cabinet of pedagogical skills
  • Computer class with a speech simulator
  • Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics

The Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology provides an educational process by 154 teachers, including professors, associate professors, doctors and PhDs. In addition, the faculty employs lecturers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, France. Faculty students have the opportunity to go to language training and study in Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the USA and others.

The diploma of ONU as an educational institution of the highest (fourth) level of accreditation meets the domestic and foreign standards. Students studying for the Master's Degree receive the qualifications of a philologist, a teacher of two foreign languages ​​and literatures, a translator of two foreign languages.

Students learn the first and second foreign languages as well as the third foreign language (optional: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Modern Greek, Romanian, Chinese). The Faculty provides a unique opportunity for English-language applicants to study at the German, French and Spanish Philology departments at an absolute beginner level (without prior knowledge of these languages). Through intensive techniques, students reach the required level of language competence in two years and continue their studies according to the relevant program.

The total number of ECTS credits is:

  • 240 ECTS credits for the bachelor's training curriculum
  • 90 ECTS credits for the Master's degree curriculum

The Faculty provides the teaching of disciplines of professional and practical training:

  • First foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Second foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Modern Greek)
  • Third foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Modern Greek, Romanian, Chinese)
  • Latin
  • History of the major foreign language
  • Stylistics
  • Lexicology
  • Linguistics of the major and second languages
  • Theoretical grammar
  • Introduction to German / Romance Philology
  • History of foreign literature
  • Methods of teaching foreign language and literature
  • Pedagogy
  • Translation theory and practice
  • Fundamentals of the theory of language communication
  • Literary Studies
  • Linguistics, etc.

Students also study the basic disciplines that constitute an education in the sphere of Humanities and special courses.

Students who are enrolled in public procurement are eligible for the scholarship:

  • ordinary
  • increased
  • individual: Rector of the Odessa National University, O.O. Potebna scholarships, scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and scholarships of the President of Ukraine.

Students of RGF faculty (if necessary) live in a hostel № 4 of the university, which is located at the address Odessa, Dovzhenko Str., 5.

Students of RGF faculty win at the All-Ukrainian Olympiads, competitions of scientific and creative works, sports competitions in Ukraine and abroad.

The Faculty actively supports international partnerships with foreign universities, teachers receive internships abroad, students can participate in affiliate programs. More about international cooperation can be found here.


Dvoryanskaya str., 2,Odessa, 65082
Reception: (38-048)723-52-54
Phone/fax: (38-048)723-35-15

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