Master's level higher education in specialty 011 Educational, Pedagogical sciences

Meeting the demands of our time, since 2017-2018 the Department of Pedagogics of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology of Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University initiated training for the students of second-cycle (Master's level) higher education in specialty 011 "Educational, Pedagogical sciences" to obtain the following qualification: Holder of a Master's Degree. Teacher of higher educational institutions.

The relevance of training for the students of second-cycle (Master's level) higher education degree in specialty 011 "Educational, Pedagogical sciences" is shaped by Ukraine's integration into European educational space and the need to modernize our higher education system and provide it with highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel capable of training a new generation of experts for various industries, according to current individual and social needs and international standards.

The basis for the training of the students of the specialty 011 "Educational, pedagogical Sciences" is student-centred (personality-oriented), cultural, module-developing, and heuristic research and didactic approaches. The professional element objective of the educational and professional program is to reveal students' individual creative abilities and develop professionally important qualities and competencies in terms of cultural and professional self-development, self-improvement and personal fulfilment as professionals in the environment of higher education: innovative teachers and tutors, facilitators of intercultural foreign-language education, supervisors, and experts in the quality of educational services, administrators and managers of higher education. This is boosted by the differentiation of educational and professional program units on the list of elective courses systemized in full compliance with the following specializations of their professional competencies in the field of knowledge 01 Education/Pedagogy, namely:

  • 011.1 Pedagogics of higher education.
  • 011.2 Pedagogics and Linguodidactics of Higher Education.
  • 011.3 Educational measurements.
  • 011.4 Educational management.
  • 011.5 Legal pedagogics and psychology.
  • 011.6 Educational policy.
  • 011.7 Gender Pedagogics and Psychology.
  • 011.8 Intercultural education and ethnocultural tourism.
  • 011.9 Museum pedagogics and cultural tourism.
  • 011.10 Orthodox pedagogics and religious tourism.
  • 011.11 Pedagogics of specialized and professional (military, naval, technical, art, etc.) schools.
  • 011.12 Andragogy and educational gerontology.

The first five clusters of the educational and professional program for the preparation of applicants for the second (master's) higher education degree, the specialty 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences, were practically introduced and experimentally tested during 2017-2020. It proved the demand for this specialty among applicants.

The training objective of students of second-cycle (Master's level) higher education degree in specialty 011 "Educational, Pedagogical sciences":

The objective of the educational and professional program is to train educationally competent and creative experts who are able to use modern higher education paradigms and technology to ensure effective learning, teaching, monitoring, academic and research, and innovative pedagogical activity in high educational institutions. It encourages modernization and improvement in the quality of teaching, self-study research, cultural and recreational activities with students.


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