Department of English Lexicology and Stylistics

Head of the Chair – Irina Kolegaeva, Doctor of Philology, Full Professor


Staff of the Chair

General Information

The Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics was reorganized from the Chair of the English Philology in 1975. Its founder and first head was Doctor of Philology, full professor Valeria Kukharenko. At that time the staff of the chair consisted of 12 lecturers, only two of whom were specialists with Higher Qualification: full prof. V. Kukharenko and ass. prof. K. Gorshkova.

At present 19 lecturers work at the chair under the guidance of full professor Irina Kolegaeva, one of them being Doctor of Philology and 16 are PhD in Linguistics holders. All of them used to be post-graduate students at the chair of English lexicology and stylistics. The following Doctors of Philology: O. Karpenko, O. Matuzkova, T. Dombrovan, N. Bigunova, N. Kravchenko and PhD in Linguistics holders: O. Nikulina, O. Meletyeva, A. Tomas, Vit N., O. Naboka, I. Onischuk, O. Dzhumatiy were post-graduate students of the chair. Nowadays these specialists make up the core of the English philologists working at different chairs of the department as well as different universities of Odessa. Professor L.Golubenko, dean of the Romance-Germanic Philology Department, is also a post-graduate student of professor Kukharenko V. And a famous showman O.Filimoniv, well known in Ukraine and abroad, is still proud of belonging to this scientific school.

Today, four of the nine language departments of the Romance-Germanic Philology department are headed by specialists who grew up and formed at the Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics. They are: full prof. Karpenko O., head of English grammar chair, ass. prof. Vit N., head of the chair of foreign languages for the humanitarian departments, full prof. O. Matuzkova, head of the chair of theory and practice of translation, full prof. N. Kravchenko head of the chair of theoretical and practical English phonetics. The chair of English lexicology and stylistics was headed by prof. V. Kukharenko (1975-1983), then by ass. prof. N. Tkhor (1983-1994). Since 1994 the chair has been headed by prof. I. Kolegaeva

A new academic school founded by prof. V.Kukharenko and continued by prof. I.Kolegaeva is successfully developing now. The researches deal with text linguistics, issues of verbal and no-verbal communication, linguocognitive investigation of English discourse (artistic, academic and mass-media) and problems of linguistic semantics and pragmatics. The chair provides post-graduate courses for the qualification 10.02.04 – Germanic languages.

The Chair staff members teach the students of the Romance-Germanic Philology department, the future teachers of English and German as well as future translators and interpreters. The staff members of the chair help them to master modern English and lead them into the philological academic world introducing such theoretical courses as lexicology, stylistics, country studies, theory of communication, text interpretation. Professors and associate professors offer a wide range of special courses: from Business English to academic and creative writing. Materials and methodological skills obtained during trainings abroad are effectively applied in the teaching process.

The chair is the basis of the philological library comprising more than 3 thousand volumes of scientific literature on general and special linguistic issues. The monographs, candidate and doctoral theses, scientific journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias form a solid theoretical basis used both by students as well as by experienced philologists.
In 2000 the American Study and Resource Centre headed by prof. I.Kolegaeva was founded. The staff of the centre are young lecturers of the chair of English lexicology and stylistics. Different seminars for lecturers and students from Odessa universities are held at the centre. The resource funds include hundreds of reference books, audio and video materials on linguistics, methodology, American studies and modern culture of the English speaking world. During its existence the chair has been hosting lecturers from Great Britain and the USA who were working at Odessa Mechnikov National University as a part of British Council and Fulbright programs and were conducting seminars and trainings for lecturers and students.

The chair of English lexicology and stylistics regularly organizes workshops and master classes for the lecturers of the department, in which representatives of Oxford University Press and other leading educational organizations take active part. The given workshops are dedicated to the discussion of the latest English teaching methods, assessment and usage of innovative multimedia components in the teaching process (iTutor, iChecker and others).

The main task of the chair is efficient training of specialists in the field of English philology. In modern Ukraine this qualification is in great demand which causes corresponding reaction of the educational market. In the southern region of Ukraine a lot of educational establishments offer the degree in English Philology thus generating the atmosphere of tough competition. The Romance-Germanic Philology department at large and the chair of English lexicology and stylistics in particular see the priorities in securing their victory in this competition as preserving the staff potential supporting the brand of Odessa Mechnikov National University, implementing new technologies in teaching, expanding library funds, and developing favorable conditions for the young staff members’ creative growth.

Teaching activity

The staff members of the chair teach the following fundamental theoretical and practical courses:

At the educational-qualification level "Bachelor" the staff of the chair teach the following courses:

  • English as the main foreign language: vocabulary studies, home reading, newspaper, speaking practice;
  • English as the second foreign language (English in all its aspects: vocabulary studies, grammar, speaking practice, independent reading of adapted and original literature, newspaper);
  • The basics of language communication theory;
  • English lexicology;
  • English stylistics;
  • British and American Studies;
  • The basics of academic research.

At the educational-qualification level "Master" the staff of the Chair teach the following courses:

  • English as the main foreign language;
  • English as the second foreign language;
  • Modern cognitive research and organization of research activity;
  • Neurolingual mechanisms of speech activity.

The following courses are taught for postgraduate students:

  • Artistic, academic and mass-media communication
  • Research methods, analysis and presentation of research results;
  • Neurolinguistics;
  • Domestic and international scientific and metric bases.

In addition, the specialists of the chair offer several theoretical courses (selective subjects) based on the results of their researches:

  • Creative writing;
  • Methods of studying and teaching vocabulary;
  • Narrative theory;
  • How to make the Presentation effective;
  • Discourse of English-speaking media;
  • International English exams and tests;
  • Maritime English;
  • Academic writing;
  • Introduction to Ethno-linguistics;
  • Reading the English business press;
  • Writing as a business communication skill;
  • English for international tourism;
  • Holiday customs, mythology and verbal folklore in Anglo-American culture;
  • Terminological research: new words as a reflection of culture change.

Teachers of the department conduct pedagogical and assistant practice, as well as provide scientific guidance to students in writing qualification papers (course, bachelor's, master's theses) and preparation of competitive student papers, as well as reports at annual student scientific conferences.

Academic activity

The research theme of the Chair is “Systemic-structural and discourse-cognitive research of the English world image” (st. num. 0119U002438) under the guidance of Professor I.Kolegaeva. The results of the research are published in acticles, absracts, monographs, textbooks, approved at Ukrainian and international conferences, defended as doctoral and candidate theses.

In addition, professor I.Kolegaeva is the Head of Dissertation Defence Boards in Odessa Mechnikov National University D 41.051.02 and takes part in Dissertation Defence Boards in other universities of Ukraine as an official opponent.
Professor I.Kolegaeva and associate professor L.Strochenko are members of three editorial boards of periodical philological publications of Ukraine, first of all of “Writings in Romance-Germanic Philology” which has been published non-stop since 1997.
Annual  Students’ Scientific Conferences and Professors’ Scientific Conferences are held at The chair of English lexicology and stylistics.

From 1991 to 2020 the following candidate's dissertations were defended at the Chair:

  • 1996 р. − Кашуба М.В. «Нарративниый и фабульный хронотоп англоязычного художественного текста (на материале произведений с повествованием от первого лица)» (10.02.04 – германские языки);
  • 1996 р. – Розанова О.А. «Композиционно-речевые формы в англоязычной художественной и публицистической прозе (сравнительное исследование на материале произведений 19-20 вв.) (10.02.04 – германские языки);
  • 1999 р. – Калинюк Е.А. Композиционно-речевая форма "описание" в научно-фантастическом тексте (на материале научно-фантастических произведений английских и американских авторов ХХ в.) (10.02.04 – германские языки);
  • 2002 р. – Степанюк Н. В. Способы интеграции инокодовых сообщений в текст (на материале научной и художественной англоязычной прозы) (10.02.04 – германские языки);
  • 2004 р. – Попик И. П. Лексико-семантическое поле "жестикуляция" в языке и речи (на материале англоязычных словарей и текстов) (10.02.04 – германские языки).
  • 2007 р. – Долусова Н.В. Вербализация концептосферы «феминизм» в американском женском дискурсе XIX-XXI вв. (10.02.04 – германские языки;
  • 2008 р. – Строченко Л. В. Лексико-семантическое поле "драгоценные камни" в английском языке и речи (Лингвокогнитивный на материале словарей и текстов);
  • 2008 р. – Реконвальд Н. В. Англоязычный чат как разновидность компьютерно-опосредованной коммуникации (прагмалингвистическое исследование) (10.02.04 – германские языки).
  • 2009 р. – Насталовськая И. В. Текстовая парадигма оригинального и адаптированного текстов (на материале англоязычных художественных текстов) (10.02.04 – германские языки).
  • 2013 р. – Томчаковский А. Г. Англоязычная лексикографическая статья как поликодовое сообщении (на материале англоязычных толковых словарей) (10.02.04 – германские языки);
  • 2013 р. – Поздняков Д. А. Англоязычная вербализация концепта "INSANITY" (на материале словарей и художественных текстов) (10.02.04 - германские языки);
  • 2014 р. – Игина Е. В. Англоязычный анималистический дискурс (10.02.04 - германские языки);
  • 2015 р. – Красницкая Е. В. Вербализация концепта СТОРОНЫ СВЕТА в англоязычной картине мира (10.02.04 - германские языки);
  • 2015 р. – Терехова Л. В. Газетный макротекст: единство категорий ВРЕМЯ, ПРОСТРАНСТВО, ЧЕЛОВЕК в публикациях о кризисной ситуации (на материале англоязычной периодики) (10.02.04 - германские языки);
  • 2016 - Карпенко М. Ю. Онимное пространство Интернета (на материале англоязычных сайтонимов) (10.02.04 - германские языки);
  • 2016 р. – Новаковская О. Н. Лексико-семантическое поле «Blood» в англоязычной наивной и научной картине мира (10.02.04 - германские языки).

The following doctor’s dissertations were defended at the Chair:

  • 1992 р. − Колегаєва І.М. Текст в системе научной и художественной коммуникации (на материале англоязычной прозы) (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2006 р. – Карпенко О. Ю. Когнітивна ономастика як напрямок пізнання власних назв (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2014 р. – Домброван Т. І. Синергетическая модель развития английского языка. (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2015 р. – Матузкова О. П. Английская идентичность как лингвокультурный феномен: когнитивно-дискурсивный аспект (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2018 р. – Кравченко Н.О. Синергійність англомовного релігійного дискурсу (теолінгвістичний підхід) (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2018 р. – Бігунова Н.О. Позитивна оцінка: від когнітивного судження до комунікативного висловлювання. (10.02.04 – German languages);
  • 2 doctoral dissertations: L.Strochenko’s and V.Smagliy’s are being prepared now.

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