Department of Spanish Philology

Head of the department: PhD in Linguistics, Associate Professor Lyudmyla Grinko

Head of the department: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Grinko Lyudmyla Viltaliivna

Teaching at the chair

spanish filology

General Characteristics

The Spanish Department of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Odessa National University was founded in 1963. That year, the first 10 full-time students were recruited. The department was opened as a section at the department of French philology due to the personal enthusiasm of the department head, Ph.D., associate professor Aksenty Gritsenko.

The first teachers of the section were: Zinaida Kryzhanovskaya, a graduate of Leningrad University and Neonila Prikhodko, a doctor by profession, a native speaker of the Spanish language, who lived for more than 20 years in Argentina.

The composition of the section expanded; Aleksey Matviychuk, Nina Trukhacheva, Georgy Kholomaniuk, Anatoly Verbin, Vladimir Fetisov (graduates of Leningrad and Voronezh universities), Nadezhda Yakovlyuk, a doctor by profession, native speaker of Spanish, who has lived for more than 20 years in Argentina.

In 1967, the section was separated into the independent Department of Spanish philology. The first head of the department was Associate Professor, Ph.D., dialectologist Vitaliy Sorbale. In 1968, the first graduation of the Spanish department took place. From the same year, Lyudmila Polna and Svetlana Kreminskaya began working at the department. Since 1969, Alejandro Nitsevich has been working at the department.

Since 1974, in connection with the transfer of Professor Vitaly M. Sorbale in Chornovtsy University Department headed by Zinaida L.Kryzhanovskaya.
Since 1984, the department was headed by the first graduate of the Spanish department, who had his RhD, Konstantin Kristia.
In 1986, the Department of Spanish Philology and the Department of Classical Philology were merged into the Department of Spanish and Classical Philology, which was headed by the former head of the Department of Classical Philology, Associate Professor Teofil Oleinik.
In this status quo, the department existed until 1998, despite the fact that since 1991 the head was PhD in Linguistics, Associate Professor Vladimir Shishkov, who doctorated from the University of Valencia in Spain in 2008.

By the decision of the Academic Council of the University on September 7, 1998 The Department of Spanish Philology again began to exist as an independent unit in the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.
Since 1.09.2004, the head of the Department of Spanish Philology is an associate professor, Ph.D., Lyudmila Grinko.

The Department of Spanish Philology arose in connection with the need to have Spanish teachers in southern Ukraine and translators to work in Cuba and other Latin American countries, as well as in state and diplomatic institutions. Most of the first graduates worked as translators, but gradually the Spanish language as a foreign language spreads to secondary schools in Odessa, Mykolayiv, Kherson regions, where in particular the graduates of the Spanish department were employed, however, there were years when employment was carried out on an all-Ukrainian and all-Union scale.

Educational activities

Specialists of the department teach a number of theoretical and practical educational disciplines.

At the educational level, “bachelor”, the department staff read the following required disciplines:

  • Main foreign language (Spanish): practical grammar;
  • Second foreign language (Spanish)
  • Introduction to Romance Philology;
  • Introduction to translation studies;
  • History of the Spanish language;
  • Theoretical grammar of Spanish;
  • Methods of teaching Spanish;

At the educational level, the “master” by the department staff reads the following required disciplines:

  • Main language (Spanish): practical grammar;
  • Second foreign language (Spanish);
  • Theory and practice of translation;
  • Psycholinguistics;
  • Modern grammatical trends;

Specialists of the department teach optional disciplines:

  • Third Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Linguistic picture of the Iberian Peninsula (Associate Professor Liudmyla Grinko
  • Linguistic Studies of Latin America (senior lecturer Tetyana Kolbayenkova)
  • Functional syntax of the Spanish language (Associate Professor Liudmyla Grinko
  • The Spanish language of America in a historical and modern context (senior lecturer Tetyana Kolbayenkova)
  • Some aspects of specialized interpretation and translation (Senior Lecturer Tetyana Kolbayenkova)
  • Practical linguoculturology (Associate Professor Liudmyla Schuppe)

Teachers of the department also provide tutorial on pedagogical, translator and assistant practice, as well as provide scientific tutorial to students to elaborate the scientific research.

Scientific activity

The department is working on the general scientific theme “Study of the Spanish language (translation and teaching methods).” The results of the study are introduced into the educational process and are used in students' research. In particular, the main provisions and actual work data are used in the courses “Theoretical Grammar”, “Spanich lexicology”, “Spanish stylistics” and so on.


Problem space of modern society: philosophical communicative and pedagogical interpretations. Liudmyla Grynko, Liudmyla Shuppe

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