Bychkova Nataliia

Bychkova Nataliia - Associate Professor Department of World Economy and International Economics

Associate Professor Department of World Economy and International Economics

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Education and degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Economics. Thesis еitle : “The influence of the financial architecture of national corporations on the efficiency of financial activity”
  • MA in Economics, with Honors Odessa Mechnikov National University

Professional interests: corporate finance, corporate governance, value based management, ESG.

Teaching courses:

  1. «Corporate Finance»
  2. «International Financial Reporting Standards»
  3. «Company Valuation»
  4. «Financial Modeling»
  5. «Introduction to ESG»
  6. «Ethics Standards (in Finance)»
  7. «International Economic Relations»
  8. «Quantitative methods in Economics»

Scientific activity:

Publications (selected)

Articles, books

  1. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Company Value: International Experience (with Naneishvili M.) // Uzhorod National University Herald. International Economic Relations and World Economy. 2021. Vol 36, 35-40.
  2. The Influence of the Quality of Corporate Governance on the Efficiency of Companies (with Tsevukh Yuliia, Romaskevych Georgii) // Market Infrastructure Journal.   Vol 45.  p.3-7.
  3. Volatility of Bitcoin and Underlying Exchange Assets: Relationship Analysis (with Podgaietskyi V.) // Black sea economic studies. Vol 59. – II part. – p. 137-143.
  4. Transformation of Economic Integration Processes in North America: Financial and Investment Aspects (with O. Tsaran) // Black sea economic studies. Vol 52. part.1.  p.56-64.
  5. Reforming of the Agrarian Sector of Ukrainian Economy in the Conditions of Transfer Pricing Optimization: European Experience And Realities Of Ukraine (with O. Honcharenko) // Black sea economic studies. Vol 52. part.1.  p.20-28.
  6. The Role of Value Drivers In Value-Based Management Concept (with Shagina S.) // Uzhorod National University Herald. International Economic Relations and World Economy, Vol 28, p. 138-142.
  7. Investment attractiveness of Ukraine in the CEE landscape Modern Science / Konstantinova M., Bychkova // Moderní věda. Praha. Česká republika, Nemoros.  2019. Vol 6,  p. 13-26.
  8. Ukrainian M&A market: perspectives and risks (with D.Vinnyk, D. Shatchka), 2019. Finance. Law, Vol 9/1. p.16-21.
  9. Methods Of Assessing Country’s Investment Attractiveness (with M. Konstantinova) , 2019, Uzhorod National University Herald. International Economic Relations and World Economy. Vol 27, 66-73.
  10. Ensuring stability of Ukrainian banking system in context of institutional transformation (with E.Maslennikov, I. Lomachynska), 2017, Scientific Bulletin of Polissia, Vol 4, (12), part 2. P. 62-70.
  11. Evaluation of the Company and its Dependence on the Ukrainian Stock Market Infrastructure/ O. Kopylova, N. Bychkova // Business Models: Strategies, Impacts and Challenges Editor A. Yablonski, New York: Nova Science – 2017. - 397 р. - Сhapter 18. - Р. 341-350.

Professional development and training:

  1. Virtual 5 weeks training «Excellence in teaching; American Insights» (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and University of Vermont (USA), October-November, 2021)
  2. Virtual 3 weeks Program "Study of The U.S. Institute for Scholars on U.S. Economics and Business, (SUSI)", sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational And Cultural Affairs (USA, Amherst, Institute for Training and Development)
  3. Online course "Tools of a modern teacher" (Ukraine, Kyiv, May-June 2021, Kyiv School of Economics)
  4. Training "Creating and conducting a successful training course in English" (Ukraine, Odessa, May-June 2021, Odessa National Economic University)
  5. Training of Trainers, 21 hours (Ukraine, Odessa, 25-27 June, 2021, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)
  6. Online training course “How to launch a Сase Сlub” conducted within the framework of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (Ukraine, April, 2021)
  7. Erasmus + Staff training week at West University of Timisoara (Romania, Timisoara, April, 2019)
  8. Participant of IX CFA Society Ukraine Investment Forum "A year of Multiple Challenges" (Ukraine, Kyiv, 15 March, 2019)
  9. Erasmus + Staff training program at Free University of Berlin (Germany, Berlin, April, 2018)
  10. Visiting lecturer at Bologna University, Crash course of Corporate Finance (32 h) (Italy, Bologna, September, 2018)
  11. Participant of Ukrainian-Polish forum "Informal education on work with youth" (Ukraine, Kyiv, December, 2017)
  12. Participant of VII Ukrainian Investment Forum "Deducing the Industry's future" (Ukraine, Kyiv, November, 2017)

Others: Affiliate member of global association of investment professionals «CFA Institute», «CFA Society Ukraine»


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