Maksymenko Iryna


Department of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Sociology,
Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University.
2 Dvoryanska, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082.

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ORCID ID: Iryna Maksymenko
Google Scholar: Iryna Maksymenko


  1. Foreign Policy of Ukraine.
  2. History of International Relations, 3000 BC – mid. of 17th century AC
  3. Ukraine in the International Security System
  • 2018 – Associated Professor, Department of International Relations.
  • 2001 – 2017 – Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations
  • 2014 – PhD in Political Sciences, Specialty «Political Problems of International Systems and Global Development»
  • 2001 – Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Studies, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
  • 2001 – MA, specialty «International Relations» (Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University).

List of main publications

  1. EU Policy towards the Black Sea Region: Clash of Interests, Responsibility and Threats. In Black Sea Region in World Policy: Actors, Factors, and Scenarios of Future. Eds. O. Brusylovska, V. Dubovyk, I. Koval, 80-95. Odesa: Odessa Mechnikov National University, 2020.
  2. Prospects of Regional Cooperation in the Black Sea: In search of New Paradigm. In Crisis of Current Security System. International Conference Papers, Lviv, September 25, 2020.
  3. East-West Borders: Possibilities of Poland’s and Romania’s CBC with Ukraine In Old Borders – New Challenges, New Borders – Old Challenges. De-Bordering and Re-Bordering in Contemporary Europe / Jaroslaw Janczak (ed.). – Logos Verlag Berlin, 2019. – Р. 45-74 (in co-authorship with O. Brusylovska).
  4. The Baltic-Black Sea region in great powers’ relations: the hard power aspect // Baltic-Black Sea Regionalisms. Patchworks and Networks at Europe's Eastern Margins / Bogdanova Olga, Makarychev Andrey (Eds.). – Springer, 2019. – P. 75-88. DOI 978-3-030-24878-9_6 (in co-authorship with P. Sinovets).
  5. Ukraine-Romania Relations in the context of the EU Regional Initiatives // International and Political Studies. - 2019. – Vol. 24, Is. 32. – P. 136-155.
  6. Crisis and Conflict Resolution as an Instrument of EU-Ukraine Security Cooperation // ONU Herald. Political Science. – 2018. – Vol. 23, Issue 2 (31). – P. 53-68
  7. Nuclear History Development in Ukraine/UkrSSR in 1930s // ONU Herald. Political Science. – 2018. – Vol. 23, Issue 2 (31). – P. 259-262
  8. Security cooperation in the triangle "Poland - Ukraine - Romania": realities and prospects // ONU Herald. Sociology and Politics. – 2017. – Vol. 22, Issue 2 (29). – P. 100-112.
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  10. The South-Eastern Europe and Western Balkans in the Ukrainian Foreign Policy // Strategic Culture and Foreign Policy of Ukraine/ Ed. by I. Koval, O. Brusylovska, V. Dubovyk. – Odessa, 2017. – Р. 200-221(in co-authorship with Y. Maystrenko).
  11. Тhe European Union and Conflict Resolution: Practice and Lessons for Ukraine// International Relations. "Political Sciences" Series № 11 (2016)
  12. United Europe in New Millennium: Аnalysis of Scientific Аpproaches // International Relations and Policy of States under Conditions of Global Transformations: the Analysis of Modern Political Thought :monograph / Institute of Social Sciences, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University; edited by I.M. Koval, O.I. Brusylovska. – Odessa: ONU, 2016. – P. 89-112.
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  15. Ukrainian factor of the European Union foreign policy towards the Eastern Partnership countries: challenges of 2014 // ONU Herald. Series Sociology and Political Science. Volume 19, Issue 2 (21). - Odessa: Astroprint, 2014.
  16. Does neutrality guarantee the security of Ukraine? // Agora. - Issue 13 - 2014. - 100 p. - P. 93-98.
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  18. Interests and ideas of the EU Big Three in the context of the European Integration Theory (communication aspects)//Реторика и политическа комуникация. Електронно научно списание. – 2013. – Брой 10. – Режим доступу:
  19. The strategic priorities of Ukraine in the Black Sea Region : Analytical Paper. – Odessa, 2013. – 168 p.
  20. Transnistria Settlement – pilot project of Russia-EU “reloading”? //Actual Issues of International Relations. Special Issue. – 2011. -. Issue 102. Vol. ІІ. – P. 80-93. (in co-authorship with Devjatkov A., Tolkochova A.) (in Russian)
  21. Perspectives of the EU-Ukraine cooperation at the process of Transnistria Conflict’ Settlement// Ukraine Policy at the Black and Caspian Sea in the Context of the EU Strategy: from Interaction to Cooperation: collection of Papers of Conference (Odesa, July 2008 р.) / Ed. by O. Volovych. – Оdesa, 2008. – 256 p.
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International Conferences, workshops, schools, trainings

International Conference “Crisis of Current Security System” (Lviv, September 25, 2020); Odessa X International Summer School “Current Challenges for Nonproliferation and Disarmament: Regional Perspectives” (Odesa, August 23-28 2020); Seminar-training “Academic Writing and Plagiarism” (Odesa, February 17-20); Fall 2019 Visiting Fellow Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey (USA); IX Odesa International Seminar “The International Security Agenda 2019: Arms Control and Nonproliferation” (Odesa, 2019); Roundtable “Black Sea focus of Ukrainian foreign policy” (Odesa, 2019); International Conference “The Odesa Debate” Uniting Ukraine, the Black Sea Region and the Transatlantic Partners (Odesa, 2019); Training in the framework of the international project Erasmus + "Rethinking of Regional Studies: Baltic-Black Sea Connection" (Poznan, Poland 2018; Tartu, Estonia 2019; Odesa, Ukraine, 2019; Kaunas, Lithuania, 2020); Round Table "Conducting Historical Analysis of States’ Nuclear Activities: Internal vs. External Dimensions" organized and conducted by the Odessa Center for Nonproliferation and the Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, USA) (Odessa, 2018); Summer school "Searching for paths to peace in post-Soviet Eurasian space" within the framework of the international project “The Eurasia Peace Studies Exchange Network” (Odessa, 2018); Round table "European Union Neighborhood Policy and Ukrainian-Moldovan Relations" in cooperation with the NGO "Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation", UA: Ukraine Analytica (Odessa, 2018); ХІV European Conference on Social and Behavioral Science (Odesa, 2017); International Scientific Conference “Social and Political Transformation in the Central and Eastern Europe (1917-2017): factors, achievements and problems» (Odesa, 2017); Round table «Foreign Policy of Ukraine: current state and perspectives» (Odesa, 2016); International Scientific Conference «Social, Psychological and Political Problems of Transborder Security” (Odesa, 2016); International Conference “Ukraine after the Maidan” (Kyiv, 2014); International round table “Ukraine and the South Caucasus countries: common problems, common solutions?” (Odesa, 2014); International Forum “Cooperation in the Black Sea region and the EU: Challenges and Prospects” (Odesa, 2014); International Scientific Conference “What after Vilnius: Internal and International Implications of the Vilnius Summit for Ukraine” (Ostroh, 2014); International Conference “European perspective of Ukraine and visa policy of the EU states: challenges and opportunities” (Donetsk, 2013); Round table “Strategic Priorities of Ukraine’s Policy in the Black Sea Region” (Odesa, 2013); International Conference “Ukraine – Romania: partners or competitors?” (Odesa, 2013); International Conference “V4 and the Eastern Partnership: Towards the Vilnius Summit” (Odesa, 2013); International Conference “Eastern Partnership: aims – experience – challenges. Implementation process analysis in the partner states” (Kyiv, 2013); International Conference “Kyiv between the European and Eurasian Unions: The impact of Brussels and Moscow on Ukrainian domestic affairs” (Kyiv, 2013);International Conferences and Seminars in the frame of Project BRIDGE – Fostering mutual understanding and co-operation of the EU with Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (Odesa, Yalta, 2008-2012); International Conference “Perspectives for Transnistria settlement: problem of coordination of main actors’ positions” (Odesa, 2011); International Round Table “Black Sea Region: geopolitical dilemma or top priority area?” (Odesa, 2011); International Conference “Ukraine and Georgia in the context of political, economic and security transformations” (Odesa, 2009); International Conference “Risks and Threats to Security at the Wider Black Sea Region” (Odesa, 2009); Spring NATO Academy “NATO’s transformation and the security challenges of today” (Odesa, 2008); International Conference “Outcomes of Bucharest Summit and Black Sea Dimension of European Security” (Kyiv, 2008); International Conference “Ukraine’ Policy in the Black and Caspian Seas in the Context of the European Union Strategy: form interaction to cooperation” (Odesa, 2008); International Conference “Black Sea Area: from Interaction to Regional System of Cooperation and Security” (Odesa, 2008); IIIrd International Conference on the Issues of Interregional Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin (Odesa-Donetsk, 2007); International Scientific Conference “Perspectives of Cooperation Between EU and Regional Organizations of Black Sea Region” (Odesa, 2007); International Scientific Conference “Expanding the EU and NATO: Securing Peace from the Black to the Baltic Sea” (Odesa, 2006); Spring NATO Academy “Security Challenges and Opportunities in the Mediterranean-Black-Caspian Seas: Role of NATO and Other Actors” (Odesa, 2006); International Conference “Regional Cooperation and Security in the Black Sea Region” (Odesa, 2006); International Scientific Conference “Cooperation and Coordination of the BSEC Activities with European and Euro-Atlantic and Regional Organizations” (Kyiv, 2006); Scientific Conference “European Integration as an Instrument of Reforms in the Countries of the Black Sea Region” (Odesa, 2005); International Scientific Conference “Perspectives of Development of Ukrainian-Romanian Relations” (Kyiv, 2005); International Scientific Conference “Slovakia and Ukraine: Sharing Experience on European Integration” (Odesa, 2005); Scientific Conference “Transborder and Regional Cooperation Between Ukraine and the CEECs as an Important Part of Ukrainian European Strategy: Young Scholars’ View” (Kyiv, 2004); СЕР Workshop “The Enlarged EU and its Immediate Neighbourhood: Moving Towards a Cooperative Framework” (Odesa, 2004); СЕР Workshop “Ukraine, Poland and NATO: Regional Security of Central and Eastern Europe in the Time of NATO Transformation” (Odesa, 2003); Scientific Conference “Ukraine in the Context of Global and Regional Transformation at the End of XX – at the beginning of XXI Century” (Odesa, 2003); Academic Writing Seminar «Ukraine in Global Nuclear Nonproliferation and Arms Control: Political and Technic Dimensions» (Odesa, 2016); Training “Security Sector Reform. Slovak Experience (Odesa, 2015); Methodology Workshop “Ukrainian Nuclear History” organized by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden, 2015); Intensive course on Nonproliferation and disarmament at the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (Vienna, Austria, 2014); Internship at the University of Babes-Boyai (Romania, 2014); Methodology Seminar on scenarios development “Ukraine-EU relations beyond Vilnius” (Kyiv, 2013-2014); Summer Schools in the frame of the International Project ReSET “European Union: normative, imperial, status quo or realpolitik type of international actor?” (Odesa, 2010-2013); Summer Schools in the frame of the International Project ReSET “European Security and CIS” (Odesa, 2004-2007); Advanced Study Institute (NATO Security Through Science Program) “Security Sector Transformation in the Wider Black Sea Area” (Bansko, Bulgaria, 2007); X Cervia International Summer School “Beyond the Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighborhood” (Cervia, Italy, 2004).


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