Kuzmin Denys

Department of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Sociology,
Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University,
2, Dvoryanska, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082.

Telephone (+380 482) 63 32 59; Fax (+380 482) 68 72 84;
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ORCID ID: Denys Kuzmin
Google Scholar: Denys Kuzmin

Main Courses:

  1. Theory and history of European integration, \
  2. International Organizations.
  • 2015 – present – Program coordinator at the Odesa Center for Nonproliferation (OdCNP), Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University.
  • 1999 – present – Assistant Prof., Department of International Relations, Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University.
  • 1996 – present – Senior research fellow and European Studies program coordinator at the Center for International Studies, Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University.
  • 1996-1999 – PhD-student, Department of International Relations, Odessa State University, adviser Prof. S. Appatov.
  • 1996 – MA in International Relations, Odessa State University.

Membership in associations: Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA, 1997 – present). Atlantic Council of Ukraine (Odesa branch, 1998 – present). Standing group on International Relations (ECPR, Tampere 2000). International Studies Association (ISA, 2005 – present). American Political Science Association (APSA, 2005).

List of main publications:

  1. Ukraine – European Union Relations through the Prism of Strategic Culture // Strategic Culture and Foreign Policy of Ukraine / Ed. by I. Koval, O. Brusylovska, V. Dubovyk. – Odesa, 2017. – Р. 54-75 (with I. Maksymenko).
  2. Analysis of the EU-Ukraine relations in the context of Association Agreement and related documents and the EU 2014/2020 financial perspective (with I. Maksymenko)
  3. Contemporary role of Ukraine in the context of the process of Eastern Enlargement of the European Union. In the book: “European integration and the process of internal transformation: Ukrainian perspective an Portuguese experience”. Ed. by V. Dubovyk and L.N. Rodrigues. – Odesa.: Astroprint, 2011. – 353 p.
  4. New international "actoring" of Ukraine in the context of the process of EU Eastern enlargement. //Scientific Bulletin. Odesa State Economic University. Ukrainian Association of Young Scientists. (Economics, Politics, History). -2009. - № 12(90). - P.172-178. (Russian).
  5. The enlargement of European Union and Ukraine as a new “actor” in contemporary international relations in Europe. In: "Policy of Ukraine in the Black Sea-Caspian region in the context of the European Union strategy: from cooperation to collaboration”/Regional Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies.-Regional Representative Office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Belarus /edited by A. Volovich - Odesa: Phoenix, 2008. - P. 148-152. (Russian).
  6. Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine: global and regional dimension: analytical collection/ ISS ONU. - Odesa: Astroprint, 2008. - 144 pp. (with I. Koval, V. Dubovyk, S. Glebov, A. Hudenko) (Ukrainian).
  7. Challenges of European Security and contemporary role of NATO for Ukraine and the world. / / Odesa National University Herald. - Odesa. 2008. - Volume 13. - Issue 5. - P. 823-833. (Ukrainian).
  8. Evolution of NATO’s role and the current security challenges in Odesa public opinion. / / In the book: On the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Dialogue of neighbors: Ukraine - Slovakia. Institute for Public Affairs. Bratislava. 2008. - P.59-71. (Ukrainian).
  9. Evolution of NATO’s roll: aggressiveness or expanded understanding of security. - Materials of autumn NATO Academy, Donetsk. NATO and security issues in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. //Bulletin of the Research and Information Center for International Security and Euro-Atlantic cooperation of Donetsk National University, Donetsk, 2008. - P. 34-37. (Russian).
  10. EU Enlargement: implications for Ukraine. – “Development of cross-border cooperation with regions of EU member states”. International conference, digest of reports. 18.05.2007 / Department of Foreign Economic Activities and European Integration of Odesa Regional State Administration. - Odesa: Astroprint, 2007. - P. 51-53. (Russian).
  11. “European and Euro Atlantic integration of Ukraine: in reaction of population of Odesa region” in the book “Crossborder and regional cooperation between Ukraine and countries of Central and Eastern Europe as important part of European strategy of Ukraine”, Kyiv, 2004 (Ukrainian).
  12. Regional dimensions of European and Euro Atlantic integration of Ukraine: view from Odesa region. “Doslidzennia svitovoji polityky”(Institute of World Economy and International Relations, NAS of Ukraine) #27, 2004 – Kyiv. (with I. Koval). (Ukrainian).
  13. “About the future role of national minorities in Europe and in Ukraine within the context of broadening of authorities of all-European international organizations” in book “Integracija un etnopolitika”, Riga, 2000. – 514 p.
  14. “On the issues of the future role of national minorities in Europe and in Ukraine within the context of broadening of authorities of all-European international organizations. In the book: “At the threshold of millennium: modern approaches to development of communities and regions” International conference materials. Institute for Public Administration and Regional Development, USU, Uzhgorod State University, March 14-15, 2000, Uzhgorod, - 300 p. (Ukrainian).
  15. To the issue of the history of relations between Ukraine and European institutions and place of Council of Europe in this process”, “Actualny problemy polityky” (Odesa National Academy of Law) # 9, 2000. – Odesa (Russian).
  16. “International European organizations and national minorities in contemporary Europe”, “Doslidzennia svitovoji polityky”(Institute of World Economy and International Relations, NAS of Ukraine) #12, 2000 – Kyiv. (Ukrainian).
  17. “The factors of Ukrainian integration into Europe”, “Doslidzennia svitovoji polityky”(Institute of World Economy and International Relations, NAS of Ukraine) #9, 2000. – P. 24-29. – Kyiv. (Ukrainian).
  18. “Integration of Ukraine in Europe: factors “pro and contra” in book “Europe on the eve on new area”, 2000, Kyiv (Russian).
  19. “Relationship among Ukraine, European Union and the Council of Europe within period from 1991 till nowadays” in book «European Integration in a Changing World», Prague, 1999. – 402.(English).
  20. “The Council of Europe and democratic reforms in Ukraine’’. Odesa State University. 1998. – Odesa. (Ukrainian).
  21. “Ukraine in the system of European Integration”. Inst. of Social Science, Odessa University, 1997. – Odesa. (Russian).

International conferences, seminars, schools:

High School-exchange program (South Saint Paul, 1990). “New Democracies in Europe: Translating The West” (Vienna, 1995; Odesa, 1996). Annual ISHA Conference (Vienna, 1996). International Affairs Network (St. Petersburg, 1997). 2nd annual junior scholars conference, Jan Masaryk Center of International Studies at the University of Economics (Prague, 1998). «Change of societies in transition Ethnic Policy and Civil Society» (Riga, 1998). 1st Annual Convention of Central and Eastern European Association of International Studies (Prague, 1999). Case Writing Seminar (International Affairs Network) (Pittsburgh, 1999). ISHA Conference “Being Young in Europe. Education and Cultural Frontiers throughout History” (Bucharest, 2000). Summer School on European International Relations (Tampere, 2000). “Teaching European Studies in South-Eastern Europe” (Sofia, 2001). Young Scholars International conference “European Integration – Impacts of Globalization” (Prague, 2001). European Studies summer course at International Economic University (London, 2001). Higher Education Support Program Summer School course director orientation (Budapest, 2002). "Together towards Europe" (Warsaw, 2003). "Political Science and State Authorities Interaction in the Formation of the Political Processes in Russian Federation and New Independent States" (Ekaterinburg 2004). “Facing the European Elections” (Budapest, 2004). “Enlargement and the future of European Union: parallel paths or crossroads?” (Warsaw, 2004). “Enlargement and New Europe after 2004” (Aix-en-Provence, 2004). Visiting Scholar, Centre for Nations in Transition, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (Minneapolis, 2005). Annual convention of American Political Science Association (Washington, 2005). Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholar, Munk Centre for International Studies (Toronto, 2005). “Young NGOs representatives and students from Ukraine” to NATO HQ and SHAPE (Brussels, 2006). “Black-Caspian Seas Regional Security: Frozen Conflicts, New Challenges and Adequate Responses” (Tbilisi, 2006). “European Democracy – EU Problem or Solution?” (Trento, 2006). 4th convention of the Russian International Studies Association “Space and time in world politics and international relations” (Moscow, 2006). “European Union and Its New Neighborhood: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities” (Vilnius, 2006). Orientation and General Program Meeting of Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching, the Open Society Institute’s Higher Education Support Program (Istanbul, 2007).

Currant projects:

  • Administrative coordinator from Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University (partner) – Erasmus+ project 586281-EPP-1-2017-1-EE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP-Rethinking Regional Studies: The Baltic-Black Sea Connection - 2017-present.
  • Expert, Eurasia Peace Studies Exchange Network (EPSE), project of Center for Peace Studies, University of Tromso, Norway’s Arctic University (UiT) – 2017 - present.
  • Project manager from Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University (partner) – Nuclear Proliferation International History Project within History and Public Policy Program of Wilson Center, funded by Carnegie Corporation of NY – 2016 – present.
  • Project manager, “Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Non-proliferation Education of Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University and Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)” – 2009 – present.

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.


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