Chair of physical education and sports

Department of physical education and sports

Headed by master of sport, professor Alexey F. Popichko

The large attention is given to physical education and sports at the Odessa university. The course of physical education is entered into the educational program of all faculties. The lessons by physical culture and sports are spent not only with the purposes of strengthening health, all-round development and sports perfection, but also with the purposes of mastering by skills of professional – applied physical preparation for the future experts, and also formation of need in regular employment’s by physical exercises and sports. The physical education of the students is carried out by faculty of physical education and sports, on which work: 1 professor, 1 senior lecturer and three teachers- post- graduate students. Among them are more than 15 foremen of sports. Annually sporting soviet of faculties together with faculty of physical education and sports spends sports holidays.
The employment’s by physical education and sports pass on sports bases of university. Among them are 10 sports platforms, 1 stadium with tribunes on 1550 places, 3 tennis courts, 1 football field, 1 athletic arena, 1 platform (gymnastic place) with the training equipment, 6 premises for physically-improving employment’s, one of them is a hall with the training equipment.


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