Historical reference

In 1865 in Novorossisk (nowadays Odessa) university has been opened faculty of physics and the physical geography, which faculty the professor of physics and physical geography Lapshin Vasily Ivanovich became managing. At V.I.Lapshine on faculty the cabinet of geography has been equipped and opened (1865) meteorological station (it is closed in 1963). The most significant event of the first fifth anniversary of faculty was participation проф. V.I.Lapshina in promeasured works in Black sea in connection with designing of a lining on its bottom of a cable cable. Then sea depths over 1000 m. of the Professor of faculty of physics for the first time have been established and physical geography continued to participate in expeditions on studying Black sea and in the eightieth years during which hydrosulphuric infection of deep waters of Black sea, in particular, was revealed.
In 1884 at university the magnet-meteorological observatory based by the professor physicists and physical geography of A.V.Klossovskim has started to work.
In 1900 in parallel with faculty of physics and physical geography at university the faculty of geography has been opened.
With 1905 has headed faculty of geography the professor, the doctor of sciences Gabriel Ivanovich Tanfilev. During reorganization of university (1920-1933) it headed (up to 1928) research faculty of physical geography and geology in the Odessa institute of national education.In 20th years in Odessa four volumes of the monography of G.I.Tanfileva have been published: " Geography of Russia, Ukraine... ". Last volume of "Sea USSR" has left in 1931 in Leningrad. After G.I.Tanfileva's death over faculty professor V.B.Lebedev supervised.
In 20th years on faculty some post-graduate students, among which have been prepared by L.V.Klimentov and S.T.Belozorov which became the basic senior lecturers of faculty of physical geography of geographical faculty of the Odessa university opened in 1934. (Manager. Faculty professor Alexander Afanasevich Suhov, the graduate of university the Yen (Germany), has been subjected to repression in 1938).
With 1938 on 1941 and with 1944 on 1948 faculty managed the senior lecturer, the candidate of geographical sciences Feodor Evstafevich Petrun under direction of whom physic-geographical division into districts of the south of Ukraine for the purposes of an agriculture has been lead.
With 1963 faculty managed professor Sergey Tihonovich Belozorov known for the works on physical geography of continents (a number of monographies) and historic-geographical researches (G.I.Tanfilev, V.V.Dokuchaev, etc.).
With 1973 and on present time faculty, which with 1990 has a little changed the name (the faculty of physical geography and wildlife management), supervises the doctor of geographical sciences, the professor, academician Henry Ivanovich Shvebs. Under its scientific management of employees of faculty regional landscape expeditions are spent, mapping and monitoring landscapes and is carried out, modelling of erosive processes, scientific researches on a substantiation of rational wildlife management in region and to studying of the reasons of occurrence of extreme situations of different types are conducted, the new interdisciplinary direction is developed-eniology (energy-informational an exchange in the nature and a society). In educational process and in scientific researches are introduced geoinformation (GIS) technologies. Last decade have protected theses for a doctor's degree senior lecturers of faculty of J.N.Sokolov (now works at the Odessa state ecological university), E.V.Eliseeva, F.N.Lisetsky (now works at the Belgorod state university, Russia) and A.A.Svetlichnyj.


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