Scientific projects

Scientific activity of faculty develops in several directions:

studying, existential modelling and mapping of natural and natural-economic systems for a substantiation of rational wildlife management, including modelling of a superficial drain and water erosion and a substantiation of rational use of the errosial-dangerous grounds, a geoecological substantiation agroecology monitoring with application geoinformation (AGI) technologies, research of dynamics of coast of the Black and Azov seas and substantiation of rational use of a coastal zone.Research of dynamics of coast of the Black and Azov seas and substantiation of rational use of a coastal zone.
With 1995 on faculty has received development a new scientific direction - eniogroundlogy on studying such components of a geographical environment, as geoactive structures of the Earth, information-field features of trees, waters, minerals, structures of landscapes.
Studying of natural (landscape) and natural-economic systems includes traditional landscape researches, studying and mapping valley and shore-aquatical paragenetic landscapes, and also agrolandscape and protected territories. (including the Black Sea biospheric reserve also Ascania-Nova). It is executed landscape and agrolandscape studying and mapping of five southern areas of Ukraine and Crimea. It is incorporated агроэкологический a hospital for the organization agroecology monitoring.
Modelling of water erosion, optimization of use of ground resources, mathematical modelling склонового a drain, water erosion and transport of deposits with use (geo) information technologies; application geoinformation (GIS) technologies to the decision of problems of rational wildlife management.

Communications with the Ukrainian and international organizations:

Faculty supports communications with many Ukrainian and foreign, including international, the organizations. Information interchange, export, joint researches and publications, participation in conferences, оппонирование dissertations, a professional training of the top skills are spent with the following organizations in Ukraine:
Academy of sciences of Ukraine (Institute of geography, Institute of Biology of the southern seas, Institute of geological sciences, Hydrophysical institute, Institute of a hydromechanics; the Ukrainian research hydrometeorological institute; the Black Sea biospheric reserve; the Hydrometeorological center of the Black and Azov seas; the Ukrainian centre of science of ecology of the sea; the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (the Kiev national university, the Lvov national university, national university of Tavria The Kharkov national university, the Kherson pedagogical university, etc.).
Information interchange, coordination of programs of research, development of subjects about a coastal zone of the sea, the joint organization of scientific conferences and the congresses, an exchange of scientists and students, joint forwarding researches, joint publications are carried out by participation in work of such international organizations:
The international geographical Union;
European Union on preservation of coast;
International Union on water-marsh places;
European Coastal Federation on a science and technologies.

Similar activity is carried out with foreign universities:

University of Genoa, Italy;
University of Ruthgers of New Jersey, the USA;
Western Washington university, the USA;
University of Leiden, the Netherlands;
University Chukurova, Adana, Turkey;
University of Nahn, Nantes, France. Universities:
On a problem of modelling of a superficial drain, water erosion, rational use of ground and water resources, applications of geoinformation technologies the faculty supports communications with colleagues from University of Utrecht (Netherlands) and the New York university (the USA).
In 1998-2000 employees of faculty together with scientists from the Netherlands, the Great Britain, Slovakia, Russia participated in performance of the international research project " Spatial redistribution of radionuclides within catñhments: development of GIS based for decision support systems - SPARTACUS "Spatial redistribution within the limits of reservoirs: development based on GIS models for systems of support of decisions) within the limits of program INCO-COPERNICUS of the European Community.
The supervisor of studies of the project - the professor of faculty Svetlichnyj A.A.
At faculty the nonconventional direction on studying an environment, the person and problems of ecology develops. This direction has received the name scientifically-ezoteric. The author of idea and the organizer of researches проф. G.I.Shvebs has already published in development of a direction two monographies " Break in the past " from the series conceived by it in four books. G.I.Shvebs approves (and substantive provisions are experimentally proved), That the matter of the Universe is presented by a material-corpuscular substance and physical vacuum. Them unite information-field (IF) structures which interaction forms the phenomena represented a traditional science as phenomena (geopathogenic zones, the poltergeist, telekinesis, telepathy, etc.).
The given idea particularly, in field conditions, is developed with reference to geosystems, биоценозам both to other natural and economic objects. Under the initiative of faculty and at G.I.Shvebsa's methodical management in Ukraine monitoring geoactive structures of a landscape, biofields of trees and geomorphological structures is organized. For expansion of works the faculty invites to join the created system of monitoring other organizations.


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