New summer school in Czech Republic

Dear partner university,

Greetings from Olomouc, Czech Republic!

This year we are introducing a new summer school "Central Europe: History & Culture – Architecture & Society". This summer school gives your students the opportunity to study 4 weeks in our beautiful country, and learn more about Central Europe.

Introduction summer school:

Are you interested in Central Europe, its history & culture, architecture & society, its Greek and Roman legacy, in crusades, birth of modern nations in Central Europe, and in trips and parties in and around the Czech Republic?

Then this is the summer school for you! With topics ranging from:

  • Christianity and formation of the European East and West;
  • Baroque culture and spirituality;
  • Europe and the world since 1900: from global leadership to periphery?

This comprehensive summer school will give you great insight into European culture and architecture, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to spend time in the heart of Central Europe: Olomouc. The knowledge and understanding gained during this summer school, is particularly of interest in the current, complex new era of globalisation.



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