Startup Campus University - Innovative Idea Battle

Enterprise Hungary is launching its Startup Campus University - Innovative Idea Battle, a regional university-based idea competition designated for young University students with entrepreneurial spirit!

The application is open to anyone registered at a university in the following 10 European countries: Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine.

The program offers a great opportunity for students to turn startup ideas into business realities, for investors to find brainpower and innovation, and for corporates expand their HR possibilities by making connections with cross-border universities. Applicants must fill out an online form and send a short video about the problem and the solution they are developing.

A group of investment experts will select 16 out of all applicants to mentor through a 2 days boot camp in Budapest, on the 27-28th of April.

Only the 8 most promising startup finalists will compete in the end, chosen by the mentors.

The winner will be chosen at the Pioneers event in Vienna, held on May 24-25, for a chance for an investment offer up to 500K from our partner Hiventures, and to participate in the Startup Campus Summer Incubation Program.



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