Department of the Civil Law Disciplines

Head of the Department

Doctor of Jurisprudence, Full Professor, the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

Ilona Stanislavivna Kanzafarova

General Information

The Department of the Civil Law Disciplines was created according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, by the order of the Rector № 18-02 of 05.17.1999 for preparation of the specialists in jurisprudence at the Faculty of Economics and Law.

From the moment of the Department’s foundation and till September, 2015 management of the Department was performed by the Candidate of Jurisprudence, Professor, the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine V. I. Truba. Since September 1, 2015 the Department is headed by the Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor, the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine I.S. Kanzafarova.

On the Department work 20 lecturers, from whom are: 13 people have academic degrees (I.S. Kanzafarova, V. I. Truba, L. M. Tokarchuk, S.M. Kleymenova, V. M. Masin, O. M. Potopakhyna, V. V. Valakh, A. V. Tolkachenko, A. L. Svyatoshnyuk, V. R. Barskyy, D.M. Sitnykov, O.V. Bailo, V.A. Zavertneva-Yaroshenko), 7 – without scientific degree (I.O. Golodenko, K. M. Guseynova, A. M. Komarenko, Y. M. Korneyeva, Y. O. Melnychenko, A. Y. Fedenko, M.S. Fedorko). Two people have the academic title of professor – I. S. Kanzafarova and V. I. Truba. Three lecturers were awarded the honorary title “Honored Lawyer of Ukraine” – I. S. Kanzafarova (2009), V. I. Truba (2015) and L. M. Tokarchuk (2016).

 A significant contribution to providing the coordinated work of the department is made by the educational and support staff – senior laboratory assistants N. Bogachenko, I. Tretyakova.
Lecturers of the department actively participate in scientific, scientific and organizational, educational and methodical work, special attention is paid to work with students and the international cooperation (so, for example, within the innovative project “Cross-cultural Communications in the Professional Sphere”, there are held meetings of students and teachers of the Economics and Law Faculty of the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University with the professors of the universities of the certain countries of the world and the famous foreign experts lawyers. The supervisor of the project – the Candidate of Jurisprudence, the Associate Professor, the Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines – V. R. Barskyy. 

Throughout its existence the Department trained personnel of higher qualification through postgraduate studies in specialties: 12.00.03 (civil law and civil procedure, family law, international private law); 12.00.05 (labour law, social security law); 12.00.06 (land law, agrarian law, environmental law). Now training of the personnel of the highest qualification at the Department is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The results of the activity of the Department are on the website of the department, which was created in December 2015.

The Members of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines

Since the founding of the Department and till now the lecturers of the Department work productively on the scientific line, the result of which was the defense of one doctorate dissertation and many candidates’ dissertations.

The lecturers of the Department continue the glorious traditions of the civilian school of the Imperial Novorossiyskyy University, relying in their research on the scientific achievements of their predecessors – famous civilians, whose names are written in large letters not only in the history of our university, but also in the general history of law science. In particular, they are such scientists as: Y.V. Vaskovskyy, Y. S. Gambarov, O.I. Zagorovskyy, M. L. Duvernua, P. P. Tsytovich, etc.

Since the establishment of the Department and till now its lecturers carry out scientific research within the framework of planned research topics. In addition, they participate in interesting scientific projects – both in Odessa I. I. Mechnikov University, and abroad it.

For example, I.S. Kanzafarova took part in the projects “Snake Island” (led by Professor V. A. Smyntyna), in the framework of which she investigated the sources of law in which the legal status of the island in different historical periods was determined (OstrivZmiinyy. Information sources = ZmiinyiIsland. Informationalsources /M. O. Podrezova, I. S. Kanzafarova, O. A. Bachynska, O. V. Polevshchikova; executive editor, introduction, summary by M. O. Podrezova; compiled by: G. P. Bakhchivanjy, V. V. Samodurova [etc.]; Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University. – Odessa: Astroprint, 2008. – 389 p.).

V. I. Truba and I.S. Kanzafarova – members of group of authors of the first in the history of our state “Encyclopedia of Civil Law” (The Encyclopedia of Civil Law of Ukraine / The Institute of State and the Law of V. M. Koretskyy National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; executive editor. Y. M. Shevchenko. – K.: In-Yure, 2009. – 952 p.), unique in the form and content – the Commentary of the Civil Code of Ukraine, edited by I.V. Spasibo-Fateyeva (The Civil Code of Ukraine: Scientific and Practical Comment (explanation, interpretation, recommendations using the positions of the highest judicial authorities, Ministry of Justice, scientists, specialists) – V. 7: General Provisions on Obligations and Contract / Edited by. I. V. Spasibo-Fateyeva. – Series “Comments and Analytics” – M: FLP Lysiak L., 2012. – 736 p.).

In 2014 L. M. Tokarchuk by competition received the right and became a participant of the project “Innovative University and Leadership”. On the basis of Warsaw University, consisting of representatives of 26 higher educational institutions and several public associations from all regions of Ukraine, she listened to lectures and participated in trainings of leading Polish professors, scientists and experts in the field of education and science of Warsaw, Jagiellonian Universities and Liublyn Catholic University. This project was organized with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Union of Rectors of Ukraine, the International Foundation for Research on Educational Policy (Ukraine).

Since 2017, V.V. Valakh has become a member of the Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, within which she carries out active awareness-raising and practical work on the introduction of medical reform in Ukraine.

Teachers of the department take an active part in organization and carrying out All-Ukrainian tournament on civil law and process which is founded in 2015. Similar events are a good opportunity for future lawyers to develop practical skills even during study, as well as to receive invaluable experience which is necessary in professional life.

 Also the lecturers of the Department carry out individual monographic research (Kanzafarova I.S. Theory of Civil Liability: Monograph. – Odessa: Astroprint, 2006. – 264 p.; Potopakhyna O.M. Social protection of orphans, children deprived of parental care and persons among them: Monography. – O.: Phenix, 2009. – 202 p.; Valakh V. V. Heritage in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, France, Germany and the United States (comparative legal study): Monography. – Kharkiv: Burun Book, 2012. 320 p., etc.), prepare scientific articles, publish them in professional periodicals of Ukraine and other countries.

Since 2011, the Department has annually held the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Legal Debates on Topical Problems of Private Law”, dedicated to the memory of the outstanding civilist, graduate and last dean of the Faculty of Law of the Novorossiskyy University, Y. V. Vaskovskyy (with the publication of the conference materials), in which scientists and lawyers from different countries of the world participate.

In addition, the Department holds monthly scientific, methodological and scientific-practical seminars on topical issues of legal regulation of public relations in the field of private law.
In order to attract students to scientific work at the Department there are two student scientific circles: on civil law (head: Senior Lecturer Y.M. Korneyeva) and on labour law and social security law (head: the Candidate of Jurisprudence, Associate Professor O. M. Potopakhyna).


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