Chair of constitutional law and justice

Chair of constitutional law and justice

The Head – PhD, senior lecturer Liubov O. Korchevna

Завідувачка кафедри конституцiйного права та правосуддя, д.ю.н, професор Корчевная Любов Олександрівна

The Department of constitutional law and justice was created according to the decision of the Academic Council of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov, by the order of Rector № 14-02 of 10.07.2002  on the base of Administrative law & governance department and Criminal-law disciplines & law-enforcement bodies department. Professor, Dr. Habil.Jur. Liubov O. Korchevna initiated the department’s establishment and became its head.
Preparation of the specialists in jurisprudence is realized within such levels of the educational proficiency: bachelor, specialist, master.
The department has the post-graduate studentship for obtaining the highest professional skill in the scientific specialization 12.00.02 - “Constitutional law, municipal law”.

Staff of the Department of constitutional law and justice:

Head of the Department, Professor, Dr. Habil.Jur. Liubov O. Korchevna
Professor, Dr. Habil.Jur. Olga V. Prieshkina

6 Associate Professors, PhD:
Zoya V. Kuznetsova
Olga M. Sadovska;
Sergiy V. Romashkin
Maria O. Sarakutsa
Nataliya V. Ilieva
Kateryna Yu. Karmazina

2 Senior lecturers:
Suliko V. Pilyuk
Mykola O. Bidiuk

1 Lecturer:
Angela V. Levenets

3 laboratory assistants:
Maria E.Bukovska
Olga I. Spiyan
Anatoliy V. Topolnitskiy

The department of constitutional law and justice provides the next courses:

 Constitutional law of Ukraine;
Constitutional (state) law of the foreign countries;
Judicial and law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine;
Municipal law of Ukraine;
European law;
Advocacy of Ukraine;
Notariat in Ukraine;
Prosecutor’s supervision in Ukraine;
Comparative constitutional law
Comparative law
Political jurisprudence.

Scientific activity:

The work on department’s scientific topic: “Implementation of international human rights standards in the development of the legal system of Ukraine and peculiarities of their realization” (prot. № 7 from 14.02.2011) is carried out.
A workshop of Constitutional and European law has been successfully functioning for nine years on the basis of the Department.

Merits and Encouragements:

Professor, Dr. Habil.Jur. Liubov O. Korchevna was awarded state medals and honored titles, such as: The honorary award of Odessa Regional Council, award  “High achiever of Ukraine’s education”,  the certificate of honour of  the Cabinet of  Ministers of Ukraine (№ 19397 from 31.12.2009), the Sign of honor of Ukraine’s branch of the International Police Association “For courage and professionalism” (10.11.2008), Breastplate “of Merit” (№ 373-к from 14.08.2009).

International cooperation:

Department of constitutional law and justice of ONU named by I.I. Mechnikov is opened for the international relations and cooperate actively with different institutions and organizations, particularly:

  • Associate Professor Sadovska O.M. underwent a training period in the Bar Central university (Italy) in 2005;
  • Associate Professor Sarakutsa M.O. underwent the training period in the International school of EC law studying at the TEMPUS program (June 2004); completed course “Constitutional Courts and Political Actors in New Democracies” and workshop on Teaching Methodologies and obtained the Central European university certificate (2009); Successfully completed the EU’s  program for foreign lectors and researchers ReSET (Regional seminar for excellence in teaching): “The EU as an emerging European security actor: exploring theoretical paradigms (2010-2012)”. Participated in European Commission’s project “BRIDGE” – Fostering mutual understanding and cooperation of the EU with Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine”(2011-2012).
  • Associate Professor Karmazina K.Yu. finished both an EC law studies according to the TACIS program ( February 2002 – April 2005) and English language training period in the National pedagogical university named by M.P. Drahomanov (April – May of 2007).


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