Department of Management and Innovation

Head - Candidate of economics, Assistant professor Edward Anatolyevich Kuznetsov

Vice-head - Candidate of economics, Natalie Kusik

History of creation

The department of Economics and Management was created in December 1997 for preparation of the specialists in according the following specialization at Faculty of Economic and Law:

  • 7.0502 “Management of external economic activity”
  • 7.0501 “Accounting and audit”

The preparation of specialists in economic activity is held in the framework of “bachelor” and “specialist” programs.

Due to the existence of the post-graduate course at the specialty 08.00.04 “Economy and management of organization” department trains specialists of the highest qualification.

Department of Economics and Management provides the teaching of the following subjects

  • Basis of management
  • Innovation management
  • Researching of management system
  • International corporation
  • Commercial logistic
  • Foreign investment
  • Basis of economic theory
  • International financial relation
  • History of management
  • International trade
  • Financial management
  • Informational technology in management
  • Basis of marketing
  • International marketing
  • Corporative audit
  • Accounting in management
  • Financial control
  • Accounting in external economic activity

Lectures of the department also teach the block of economic disciplines for students majoring in jurisprudence and for other specialties.

Staff of the Economics and Management Department

7 Doctors of Philosophy at the field of economy

  • Oleg A. Turetsky
  • Vitaly I. Zaharchenko
  • Alex G. Yankovoy
  • Vitaly G. Yakushenko
  • Nikolay P. Sahatsky
  • Vitaly R. Kycherenko
  • Nikolay A. Uperenko

17 Associate professors, candidates of economy Sciences

  • Edward A. Kuznetsov
  • Natalie N. Stolbunenko
  • Helen E. Mazur
  • Valery P. Dukov
  • Natalie V. Orlova
  • Helen V. Poberegetst
  • Alex P. Radchenko
  • Alex I. Yakovlev
  • Olga L. Suvorova
  • Natalie L. Kusik
  • Helen V. Rudinskaya
  • Svetlana P. Panuch
  • Michael V. Rudiak
  • Michael S. Oganesian
  • Ludmila V. Homich
  • Natalie V. Tarasevich
  • Helen V. Samotoenkova

10 Senior lecturers

  • Svetlana N. Kovalenko
  • Sergey G. Vasilyev
  • Igor V. Rubakov
  • Helen V. Ivanicheva
  • Iryna M. Nenno
  • Ludmila A. Masina
  • Ilona V. Shevchenko
  • Anna V. Buslaeva
  • Tatyana I. Horolets
  • Helen V. Tomylovskaya

5 Lecturers

  • Alex G. Balog
  • Sergey A. Kostromin
  • Helen A. Shtogrina
  • Oleg V. Soloduha
  • Georg S. Kiladze

Scientific and research activity

The department is the initiator of the scientific and practical seminars and round-table discussions on the actual problems of economy and management.

Professors and lecturers of the department are active in publishing of the results of their scientific and research work in the specialized issues of Ukraine, participating in the work of the scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round-table discussions, preparing of textbooks, encyclopedias, scientific and practical works of economy and management.
International partnerships.

The department collaborates with the representatives of scientific institutions and higher educational establishments of other countries. The staff participate in the work of international scientific and practical conferences, seminars.

The number of questions connected with the partnership and cooperation of Ukraine and EU, the influence of the new policy of good-neighbourly relations on the inner legal and politic advancement in Ukraine were discussed.

In 2007 the basis of cooperation was laid with the Higher School of Business of National University named after Luice (New Sonch, Poland).


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Reception: (38-048)723-52-54
Phone/fax: (38-048)723-35-15

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