Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics

Updated 07.04.2015

Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics

Head of the Department - Dryshlyuk Ihor Anatoliyovych

Deputy Heads of the Department:

Deputy Head on educational work – PhD, associate professor Chuvakov O.A.
Deputy Head on academic work – PhD, associate professor Gonchar T.A.

History of Foundation of the Department

The Department has provided the teaching of all courses of Criminal Law circle. It was founded and acquired its name in the 60-s of the last century at Law Faculty of the University. Then it had functioned at Law Institute of the University till the foundation of the Faculty of Economics and Law in 1998. Since that time the Department has been a part of the Faculty of Economics and Law of the University.

Currently the Department has offered teaching courses for the following educational programs: Bachelor of Law, Specialist, and Master of Law.

The list of the courses  taught includes

  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Criminalistics
  • Criminology
  • Penal Law
  • Legal “Diagnosis” of Crimes
  • Definition and Features of Economic Crimes
  • Shadow Economy
  • Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry
  • Higher Education and the Bologna Process
  • Criminal Responsibility for Crimes Against Morality
  • International and Foreign Criminal Law

Special courses taught for students of criminal law specialization:

  • Delinquency in the Sphere of Taxation
  • Computer Crimes

Teaching Staff of the Department Includes

1 Professors, Drs.HABIL.JUR

  • Anatoliy A. Muzika

11 Associate Professors, PhD

  • Bilash  Alexander V.
  • Blokhin Yuriy V.
  • Gonchar Tatyana A.
  • Krupko Dmitriy I.
  • Kuchanskaya Larisa S.
  • Mikolenko Alyona N.
  • Revaka Victor N.
  • Slepets Vladimir N.
  • Tkachenko Maya V.
  • Foros Anna V.
  • Chuvakov Oleg A.

10 senior teachers

  • Aliyeva Yelena N.
  • Kozeratskaya Yelena S.
  • Shevchuk Vasiliy N.
  • Zarkua Laly J.
  • Khvorostyaniy Maxim V.
  • Kuchanskiy Sergey N.
  • Romanova Yelena V.
  • Rodionova Tatyana V.
  • Dobrokhod Irina S.
  • 3 teachers
  • Narozsnaya Yelena V.
  • Foros Andrey V

3 secretaries ( or  coordinators)
Dolgopolova Victoriya Y.
Zhuk Tatyana N.
Lopatnikova Alina V.

Професорсько-викладацький склад кафедри кримінального права, кримінального процесу та криміналістики 


Department has been working on three general research areas
From the moment of its foundation  the Department  has constantly conducted productive research work, including joint research with other educational and research institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries. Currently there has been under development the research area № 125100-20 “ Scientific Base for Investigation, Qualification and Prevention of Crimes ( the register number 0106U008401). Besides the Department has worked on issues in the  fields of: history of criminal law of Ukraine; juvenile crime; economic crimes; organized crimes; international crimes; crimes in the field of medicine; international and foreign criminal law; crimes committed by military servants, etc.
As a result of their research professors and teachers of the Department publish individual and collective monographs, textbooks, commentaries for legislation, courses of lectures, manuals, etc.

Individual works

  • Professor I.L.Streltsov: 1) Religious Traditions in the Secular State. Karloff University, Prague, Czech Republic. Monograph. Publishing house of Brno, 2013.2) Economic Crimes. Theoretical Approach. Foreword by Prof.V.Stashis (Ukraine), Odessa, 2001;
  • 3) Economic Crimes: Domestic and International Aspects. Foreword by Prof.Jess Maghan (University of Illinois, Chicago, the USA). Odessa, 2000; 4) Economic Crimes in Ukraine. The Course of Lectures. Foreword by Prof.Martin Fincke (University of Passay, Germany). Odessa, 1997;5) International Law of the 21 Century. Monograph. Edited by V.G.Butkevich. Kiev, 2006 (co-author).
  • Associate Prof. V. N. Slepets. 1) Taxes and the Globe’s Market. Monograph. Odessa, 1999; 2)International Taxation. Textbook. Kiev, 2005.
  • Associate Prof. A.N.Mikolenko. Legal Analysis of the Damage Done by a Crime. Odessa, 2005.
  • The teachers of the Department have published research works in Ukrainian and foreign professional law journals.

Collective works

  • Nine Editions of the “Criminal Law of Ukraine. General and Special Parts”. - A textbook. Responsible editor Prof. I.L.Streltsov. The textbook has been recommended for teaching by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and won a Prize in the 5-th all Ukrainian competition as best law publication.

Gonchar T.A., Streltsov I.L., Chuvakov O.A. Criminal Law of Ukraine. A textbook.
The Department has increasingly  involved students and post- graduates in  research activity

  •  For the last years the Department has initiated and organized nine international conferences of students and post-graduates. The conferences’ papers were published before the start of conferences.
  •  With the view to encouraging students’ research the Department founded the scientific student society where students, under supervision of the Department’s teachers, prepare papers and discuss issues in the field of criminal law, criminal law procedure, criminology, etc.

Department has successfully acted as a modern qualified consultative center
Teachers of the Department have prepared the following publications:

  1. Five editions of Criminal Code of Ukraine. Scientific and Practical Commentaries. Responsible editor Prof.I.L.Streltsov.
  2. Two editions of the scientific and practical commentary of the Law on Corruption
  3. The teachers are also invited by external authors to collaborate in writing of textbooks and manuals on criminal law and theory of law, in preparation of commentaries for criminal and penal law

        3.    Members of the Department are called upon to provide assistance in preparation of the proposals for improvement of the current legislation and working out new legislation; in sharing their expertise on complicated issues of the law application; in giving necessary recommendations to judicial and law enforcement bodies.
For the last years under the Department’s supervision there have been prepared and defended 20 PhD theses.
International Relations
Department has maintained relations with universities and research institutions of the USA, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Greece and others. Teachers of the Department participate in various international conferences, are invited by foreign universities for lecturing and publishing research works, doing joint research, etc.
High professional level of the teaching staff of the Department has been recognized by international research organizations, including high reputed institutions. Among the Department’s teachers are Fulbright Program (the USA) scholars, DAAD scholars (Germany), the Common European Project scholars (Netherlands), holders of Federal Scholarships for Foreign Scholars (Switzerland), etc.
Merits and Encouragements
Some of the Department’s teachers were awarded state medals and honored titles; became winners of international ratings for achievements and popularity; repeatedly were encouraged by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, by Odessa Regional Council and Odessa Regional State Administration, by administration of the University and the Faculty.
In 2008 Department was rewarded by the International Fund‘s “World. Europe. Ukraine”   gold medal “For the High Quality” for the significant contribution for development of science and education of Ukraine.


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