Chair Department of General Law and International Law

Chair Department of General Law and International Law

Head - Dr. of philosophy, Professor Vladimir Petrovich Plavich

Head - Dr. of philosophy, Professor Vladimir Petrovich Plavich

The Department's History of Creation

The Department of General Law and International Law has been functioning from the very first day of operation of the Law and Economics Faculty in line with the Order No.403 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 12 November 1997.  Mr. Vladymir P. Plavich, the doctor in philosophical sciences, PHD in legal sciences, professor and academician has been acting as the Chair of the Department since 23 October 1998.
The training of the specialists in jurisprudence is conducted within the framework of the “bachelor”, “specialist”, “master” educational and qualificational levels.
The Department also provides the post-graduate training of the staff of the highest qualification  in the following branches of science:

   12.00.03 – international private law;
   12.00.01 – history and theory of the state and the law;
   12.00.11 – international law.

Twelve lecturers currently work with the department, among them – 1 doctor of sciences:

  • – V.P. Plavich

7 PHDs, associate professors

  • – B.S. Bachur.
  • – I.V. Borshevskiy
  • – O.I. Dombrovskiy
  • – A.S. Zykin
  • – V.V. Ivanov
  • –O.O. Nigreeva
  • - E.J. Streltsova

3 senior lecturers:

  • – O.D. Gryn
  • –O.M. Nagush
  • – R.S. Pritchenko

1 lecturer:

  • – O.I. Donchenko

2 senior laboratory assistants:

  • – O.B. Belaia
  • – V.P. Iliashevich

The Department offers the following courses:

  • philosophy of law;
  • logic;
  • methodology of jurisprudence;
  • problems of the theory of state and  law;
  • theory of  state and law;
  • history of political and legal studies;
  • oratorical skills;
  • history of state and law in the foreign countries;
  • history of state and law in Ukraine;
  • fundamentals of law;
  • international public law;
  • international private law;
  • international economic law;
  • legal basis of IT-activities.

The research activity of the Department's pedagogical staff is focused on the following topics:

  • The study of the challenges in improvement of the Ukrainian state legal system in the current circumstances. (ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov, No. 630 -18 dated 9 March 2006, reference No.153.  Registration number – 01061100814 ) . The tutor – prof. V.P. Plavich.

The goal of this scientific departmental topic is conduction of integrated research on the peculiarities of the legal regulation of the economic relations. It is formed under the influence of market transformations. Hereby, the topic aims at improving the legislation and defining prospects of its further development. This shall be achieved by studying the correlation of economics and law and the impact of law on the economic processes, revealing the essence of market economic relations as subject of legal regulation, explaining the particularities of economic relationships' legal regulations through the legal norms, the agreements and the laws.
Special attention is drawn to the need of broadening the spheres of generally permissive dispositive methods' sphere of application,and in particular, methods of recommendation and encouragement. Moreover, the outlines  of economic legislation's  development prospects are to be elaborated in the course of research which implies arriving at the relevant conclusions on possible ways of its enhancement.

2. Features and trends of evolution of law-making in the circumstances of social transformation (ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov, No. 13/1-100 dated 20 March 2013,  Registration number – 0113003317) . The tutor – prof. V.P. Plavich.
The goal of this scientific research is comprehensive study and analysis of theoretical and methodological issues of law-making and trends of its development in the current circumstances.  It also contains description of key law-making principles as basis of its effectiveness, clarification of general matters concerning interaction of national and international legislative norms in the course of law-making.

The implementation of the departmental scientific topics has been carried out by working on the doctoral and PhD theses, participating in the scientific and practical conferences, preparing publications and tutoring the scientific work of PhD students, degree candidates, post-graduate and undergraduate students.

In 2002 the Scientific Council of the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretskiy at the National Academy of Sciences recommended for print V.P. Plavich's monograph on the following topic: “The Legal Regulation of the Ukrainian Transformation Economics and the Development of the National Legislation” where the author determined and analyzed the peculiarities of economic relationships' legal regulations being formed under the impact of market transformation. In the course of this monograph’s preparation the author researched the correlation of state regulation of economic relationships and market mechanisms of influence on the economic relations including their legal enforceability.

The peculiarities of market relations' legal regulations through legislative norms, agreements and laws were defined. Accordingly, the author elaborated in great detail the prospects of developing the economic legislation and offered the means of its improvement.  (Please see V.P. Plavich Legal Regulation of the Ukrainian Transformation Economics and Development of national legislation (Kyiv,, the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretskiy at NAS of Ukraine, 2012 – 144 pages)

The Students' Scientific Work

The students who take part in the international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences  are actively engaged into the scientific work of the department. Professor V.P. Plavich, associate professor E.J. Streltsova, associate professor O.I. Dombrovskiy,  associated professor B.S. Bachur, associate professor A.S. Zykin, senior lecturer R.S. Pritchenko, senior lecturer O.O. Nigreeva have set a good example of fruitful scientific and research collaboration with the students. They also take part in the most authoritative international academic conferences, such as “The Challenges of Law At the Border of Millenia” held under the auspices of the Law Faculty of the Dniepropetrovsk National University, “Establishment of the Legal State in Ukraine: Issues And Means of Legal Regulation” organized by the University of Humanities, Zaporizhzhya Institute of State and Municipal Administraion, “The Problems And Prospects of Development and Application of the Ukrainian Legislation”  that took place in the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretskiy, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.

Pedagogical work with the students is conducted in accordance with the departmental work schedule in the course of the department's operation; individual and group tutorials are regularly arranged for the students of all modes of attendance, public lectures and seminars are offered for mutual attendance, the courses of lectures are revised and updated by the associated professor A.S. Zykin and the professor V.P. Plavich, new study guides and assignments are designed by professor V.P. Plavich, associated professors E.J. Streltsova , B.S. Bachur, A.S. Zykin, O.I. Dombrovskiy) the questions for the exams and tests are prepared, and the test-papers and courseworks are reviewed by the senior lecturers A.O. Nigreeva, O.D. Gryn and the lecturer O.I. Donchenko.

The department widely applies the productivity method of education based on the student's cognitive activity comprised of active participation during the lectures and in terms of the seminars, profound research work carried out both individually and as a part of the team. We are striving to implement the numerous fresh approaches so as to the activation of teaching which shall  increase the extent and level of the taught disciplines' notional understanding, in particular, word quizzes along with subsequent mutual checking, provocative theses, silent discussions. These approaches are best applied within the system of state and law studies (i.e. through work with the transition cards, creation of structured logical schemes, drawing up the plans of presentation, reviewing the extracts from the articles, monographs, textbooks). We also foster the development of  the practical skills relating to the application of knowledge (for example, participation in the task groups, press-conferences, interviews), the competitive skills (role plays), individual creativity of the students, launching group research projects or modeling complex situations and discussing possible solutions to that extent). Examination in the plain written form either by way of tests constitutes an integral part of the educational process.

The motto of the department reads as follows:

“Increasing the students' responsibility for high-quality education by way of professional teaching of the general law disciplines and international law by the academic staff of the department.”
Upon the initiative of the Chair of the Department there was established  an organized research unit “Pravologia” consisting of the undergraduates, master students, PhD students and young lecturers engaged into the scientific research. Meetings of the research unit are held twice a month under the supervision of the Chair of the Department. During the meeting the contemporary issues of modern jurisprudence  are reported and proposed for consideration and further discussion.
As a result of the department's scientific work, associated professor V.V. Ivanov, professor V.P. Plavich, associated professor E.J. Streltsova, associated professor B.S. Bachur, associated professor I.V. Borshevskiy successfully defended their theses. Besides, PhD thesis work of R.S. Pritchenko, the senior lecturer, is on its final stages of preparation.

The Department prepared and published  a number of collective course tutorials and monographs, among which the most appreciated were the following:
The Chair's Monograph “The Establishment of New Educational Paradigm of the Twenty-First Century” published in Odessa by “Astroprint” publishing house deserves special attention.

The monograph encompasses the research on almost unstudied issue of Ukrainian integration into European legal framework as well as creation of legal and educational system based on the European model.  The process of formation and development of intellectual culture in the frame of Bologna process were also covered in the monograph. In connection therewith, the research-based recommendations on improving the intellectual culture of future specialists were offered. The author also elaborated the prospects and tendencies of the development of education in the modern circumstances. (See V.P. Plavich The Establishment of New Educational Paradigm of the Twenty-First Century : Monography. - Odessa:- Astroprint – 2005 – 120 p.)
V.P. Plavich also prepared several other study manuals, among which are the following: “Law and Economics: Issues of Functioning and Development” - Odessa, Astroprint – 2003 – 104 p., “Development of the Ukrainian Educational System within the framework of Bologna process”, - Odessa, Astroprint, 2006, 12 printed pages, “Basic logic plus quizzes and exercises”, Study manual: - Kharkov, 2010 – 208 p. and others.

Among the individual scientific and methodological research works prepare and published by the academic staff of the department the most significant are the following:

V.P. Plavich The Challenges of Today's Understanding of Law: Theoretical, methodological, philosophical and legal analysis: Monograph – Odessa, Astroprint, 2011 -232 p.     The monograph mainly concerns  theoretical and methodological issue of great topicality, namely, interpretation of modern understanding of law, its peculiarities and its very essence. The author established that the understanding of law determines legal reality and affects its further existence. Hence, there arises necessity of formation of the new legal paradigm which was shown in terms of the monograph.

V.P. Plavich, S.V. Plavich Modern Law-making: Problems of Theory and Methodology: Monography – Odessa, Astroprint, 2013 – 276 p. The research in the monograph is targeted at determination of theoretical and methodological problems of modern law-making, as well as ways of implementation of the research findings. Topicality of this research is explained by the need of radical renovation of the acting legislation in Ukraine.

B.S. Bachur Institute of land relations under Ukrainian customary civil law in the X-mid. XIX century: Monograph – publishing house of the Odessa institute of law of HNUVS, 2008 – 206 p. This monograph is dedicated to the issues that concern research on the process of legal regulation of the land relations through the norms of customary civil law in the territory of Ukraine. The research embraces the period starting from the transformation of legal custom into the legal norm in the Kyiv Rus, early feudal state, and up to the middle of XIX century until the Russian Empire gained jurisdiction over the Ukrainian lands. The author examines the evolution of customary norms which regulated the land relations depending on the historical and socioeconomic situation. The author puts emphasis on  those norms of the customary civil law which had not undergone any considerable transformations throughout the research period and which can be applied on the current stage of reforming the Ukrainian land legislation and civil law institutions. The monograph is intended for the students and PhD students of law faculties and researchers who study history of state and law.

O.I. Dombrovs'kyy The Regimental System of Court Procedure in the Ukrainian Cossacks' State (XVI– XVIIIст.)// Market Economics: Modern Theory and Practice of Management (Volume 14), Part 1, Odessa, 2007 (ONU), 238 p. O.I. Dombrovsky The Court System in the Ukrainian Cossack State// Ukraine in Europe. - Anniversary almanac of scientific works on occasion of 10-year jubilee of Odessa MAUP institute – Odessa: “Negotiator”), 2008. - 300 p. O.I. Dombrovsky Magdeburg Law in Ukraine // International scientific and practical conference “Law and Economics: Genesis, Present State and Prospects of Development”, Odessa, 30 May 2008 (ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov), - Odessa, Astroprint, 2008 – 688 p. I.V. Borshevsky The Law In the System of Social Norms”- the Herald of Odessa National University Volume 15, Issue No.9, Legal studies – 2008 – p.5-13.  I.V. Borshevsky Object and Subject of the Legislative Systematization// the Herald of Odessa National University Volume 13, Issue No.10, Legal Studies – 2008 – p.5-13. I.V. Borshevsky Theoretical Principles of Legislative Codification// Principles of Legislative codification// The Herald of Odessa National University Volume 12 Issue No.11 Legal Studies; A.S. Zykin “Cesare Beccaria On Basic Principles of Criminal Law And Procedure// International Scientific and practical conference “Law and economics: genesis, present state and prospects of development”, Odessa, 30 May 2008/ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov), - Odessa, Astroprint, 2008 – 688 p. - p.134-140: A.S. Zykin International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea as the crucial instrument of amicable dispute settlement”//Proceedings of the 63rd scientific conference of professorial teaching staff of the PhD students and degree candidates of the Faculty of Law and Economics of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov dated 17-20 November 2008 – Odessa.2008. - p.26-28; A.S. Zykin History of Political and Legal Studies: Course Program and Methodological Recommendations on Studying the Academic Discipline Designed for Students of the Faculty of Law and Economics. - Odessa, 2008 – 80 p. ; O.O. Nigreeva Certain Questions On Determining the Subject of Maritime Mortgage – Market Economics – 2007 – No.10, 76-81 p. ; O.O. Nigreeva On the Matter of The Use of Security Devices In The Legal Framework of International Mercantile Shipping  - Market Economics, - 2007, No.10 – p. 247-253; E.J. Streltsova Legal Regulation of the Activities of the Ukrainian State Maritime Pilot Service as the Element in Ensuring Maritime Security// the Almanac contains the Proceedings of International scientific and practical conference “Law and Economic Genesis: the Current State and Development Prospects” held on 30 May 2008 at the Law and Economics of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov – Odessa: Astroprint, 2008 – p.532-538; E.J. Streltsova International Private Law: Course Outlines, Odessa, 2004 – 44 p., E.J. Streltsova “Uniform Maritime Law's Stages of Formation”// Legal State, - 2010. No.12 – p.381-388.

International Co-operation

Professor V.P. Plavich, the Chair of the Department, took part in the World Finals of the Stetson Environmental Moot Court held between 10 March and 17 March 2010. He also participated in the International Scientific Conference “Environmental Law: Myth or Reality?” organized in the Stetson University, Florida, the USA.

Professor V.P. Plavich authored other scientific works that are worth mentioning, in particular, the following:
Transformation of the Legal Jurisprudential Methodology and Development of the National Legal Doctrine// Issue No.20, Kyiv – The Institute of the State and Law named after V.M. Koretsky of the Ukrainian NAN, 2009; V.P. Plavich The Challenges of Legal Interpretation of the Norms of Law and Enforcement of Laws// Law and Economics: Pressing Problems of Science and Practice : Edited by the professor I.S. Kanzafarova, Odessa, Astroprint, 2008 – 416 p.; V.P. Plavich Legal Hermeneutics// Encyclopedia of Epistemology And Philosophy of Science, -  Moscow, the Canon of Regional NGOI “Rehabilitation”, 2009; V.P. Plavich “Problematic Provision of a Rationale for the Legal Norm”//  The Herald of Odessa National University, Volume 14, Issue 1, Legal Studies, 2009; V.P. Plavich, S.V. Plavich “Elaboration of Conceptual Approaches to the Law-Making and Effective  Juridical Policy// Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Modern Constitutionalism and State Government in Ukraine, Kyiv, the Institute of Legislation of the Ukrainian High Council, the Institute of the State and Law named after V.M. Koretskiy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2009 – p. 143-155 and others.


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