Training courses

Courses are taught at the department

General courses:

  • Botany (for specialty «biology», «secondary education», «landscape gardening»)
  • Plants physiology and biochemistry (for specialty «biology», «secondary education», «landscape gardening»)
  • Anatomy and physiology of plants (for specialty «biotechnology»)

The variable courses of the choice of the university:

  • Physiology of plant growth and development
  • Ecology of plants
  • Botanical collections
  • Plant and fungi protection
  • Biochemistry of primary and secondary metabolism of plants
  • Phytodesign (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Landscape graphics and modeling (landscape gardening)
  • Geobotany (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Decorative dendrology (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Biological basis of plant resistance to pests and pathogens
  • Biological resources, sustainable use and protection of flora. Section «Flora»
  • Great special workshop
  • Special practical with specialization

Free elective courses:

  • Instrumental research methods
  • Fundamentals of landscape gardening
  • Methods of teaching professional disciplines in higher education
  • Medicinal plants (for specialty «biology», «landscape gardening»)
  • Tropical and subtropical plants (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Plants geography (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Mycology (for specialty «landscape gardening»)
  • Discipline from the department (Phycology)
  • Geobotany with the basics of plant geography (for specialty «secondary education»)

Other courses and practice

  • Training Summer Practice of Botany (for specialty «biology», «secondary education», «landscape gardening»)
  • Educational practice by specialization
  • Masters research practice
  • Assistant practice
  • Pedagogical practice


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