Specialty «Landscape gardening»

Dlya SpgModern landscape gardening is a promising, rapidly and dynamically developing industry, which involves the use of not only the creative approach, but also modern technologies and international experience.

Contrary to popular belief, the creation of a garden or a park is not only the placement the plants on the ground, but a multifaceted process that begins from the analysis of the soil and includes various components: from planning to planting and monitoring plant growth and development. Opening of this specialty is due to the need for specialists in this field of activity and demand for the labor market.

Graduates will be able to work in government organizations as well as in private firms, construction companies and parks, nurseries, greenhouses, etc. Many of these organizations already now lack the staff who would have both biological knowledge in the field of ornamental planting, and knowledge and skills in the field of landscape design.

The main task of graduates is to create an aesthetically expressive and healthy environment. Professional knowledge students receive a specialty when studying such disciplines as:

  • Botany
  • Plant physiology
  • Soil science with the basics of geology
  • The engineering geodesy
  • Descriptive geometry and landscape graphics
  • Landscape design
  • History of landscape construction and landscape architecture
  • Organization of landscape gardening
  • Basics of agrochemistry
  • Growing technologies for planting material
  • Decorative dendrology
  • Floriculture and lawns
  • Basics of landscaping populated areas
  • Pests and pathogens of ornamental plants
  • Agrotechnics in landscape gardening and gardening
  • Reconstruction and restoration of gardens and parks
  • Plant design (trees and shrubs)
  • Interior landscaping and phytodesign
  • Meteorology
  • Tropical and subtropical plants
  • Reclamation of disturbed landscapes
  • Seedage basics
  • Cultivation of aquatic plants
  • Integrated plant protection

and many others.

Skills of development and practical implementation of landscape projects, planning and production management are acquired in the process of working on course and diploma projects, educational and industrial practices at the Botanical Garden of the Odessa I. I. Mechnykov National University, at the facilities of state enterprises and private companies engaged in landscape design. The syllabus provides for three training (practice in botany, practice in soil science and geodesy, practice in floriculture and decorative dendrology) and two production practices: production-technological and production practices at landscape objects.

Graduates receive an educational bachelor's degree in the field of landscape gardening – Bachelor of landscape gardening. The term of study – 3 years 10 months. Graduates are able to perform work corresponding to the following profession names: gardening specialist, florist specialist, gardening engineer, recreational landscaping engineer, landscaper, green building worker, gardener.

The conditions of admission can be found on the website of Odessa I. I. Mechnykov National University. Admission to an educational bachelor's degree is carried out on the basis of a complete secondary education and on the basis of an associate degree diploma. Perhaps learning as a full-time and part-time forms of education.

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