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Research and practical conference
7 April, 2021

The conference is held online using the platform Zoom.

Distance teaching in quarantine has posed many important challenges, but also provided unique opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of education and, as a result, increase interest in learning.

The purpose of the conference: involvement of the scientific community in a comprehensive understanding of the city and the role of the university in the modern world, a new philosophy of education, study of distance learning in quarantine, examination of current educational models and new educational technologies.

Participants: research and teaching staff of higher education institutions, post doc, grad students, research assistants (RA), students, teachers.

It is planned to address a number of theoretical and practical issues of modern university education in sectional meetings in the following areas:

  • Organization of the educational process during quarantine: correction.
  • Analysis of the most effective forms of distance learning.
  • Risks and prospects of the educational process during the critical challenges of today.
  • Implementation of new professional standards in a distance learning.
  • Education and cultural logic of the Internet.
  • The crisis of education and ways to overcome it: a prognostic dimension
  • University of the future: requirements for teachers and students.
  • Methodological principles of forming a new paradigm of education.
  • Anthropological aspects of digitalization of education.
  • “Death of professions” and the era of specific skills and competencies. Critical analysis of personnel management recommendations.
  • Development of thinking in on-line approaches.
  • Creative pedagogy.

Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Terms of participation in the conference: By March 26, 2021 (inclusive) fill in the application (application form attached) to participate in the conference and send the thesis by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. marked “University online”.

Requirements for abstracts:

  1. The volume of abstracts - from 2 to 5 pages of A-4 format.
  2. Font type - Times New Roman, font size - 14, Normal style, spacing 1.5, all margins - 2 cm.
  3. The text does not exhibit forced transfers.
  4. The text is aligned in width.
  5. In the first line - the title of the publication (alignment - in the centre, in capital letters, in bold), then (on the right) – name and surname (italics, bold), the next line (right) - degree, academic title, position, name of the organization (italics, bold).
  6. Through the interval - a statement of the main material, then - a list of sources used in alphabetical order (if available).
  7. In the text, references are indicated by square brackets indicating the ordinal number of the source and, through a comma, - page numbers (pages), for example: [7, p. 16].

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a conference program, abstracts digest (electronic PDF-format).

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Application for participation in the Research and Practical Conference ON-LINE UNIVERSITY (Odesa, 7 April, 2021)


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