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  • Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics

    The mission of IMEM –

    Mutual enrichment by accumulated intellectual capital.

    Our questions are answered by Viktor Kruglov, Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics of Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University, abbreviated IMEM.

    Viktor Kruglov, Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics of Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University

    - Could you please explain to us what are the main objectives of IMEM and its specifics.

    - The Odessa University during the whole period of its existence is one of the leading higher education institutions in our city and country. This is a classic National University, focused on training in areas of priority of science and modern technologies in various fields of knowledge.

    The institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics is one of the largest units of the Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov, which appeared on the basis of the well-known "mechanics and mathematics" and it was graduated by a lot of great people in our city and country. Over the years, it retains the reputation the educational institution that provides a quality education.

    The main aimfaced by the faculty professors - is to retain the traditions of classical education, and to forward those advanced knowledge, which could be easily used on practice, to their students.

    If you look closely at the specialties that are taught at the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics – you may notice a mutual penetration of each specialty in all the others, which is the main feature of our training department. 

    - Could you please provide a description of faculties and specialties of IMEM and explain what knowledge and skills will graduates receive during the education process and in which areas they can apply those?

    - IMEM has four faculties: Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, Department of Economics and Department of Psychology. These faculties during the past 18 years have shown great results in preparing high-level professionals in the following fields:









    The education level that our students receive, meets all of the generally accepted standards of education. This high level was established many years ago and it is our pride and another tradition of the Institute.

    Key factors which keep a high level of education in IMEM:

    • Personalized learning system for each student, considering their preferences in the chosen specialty. As well as the support of the faculty consultants;
    • Participation of our students and candidates in scientific research activities - which is confirmed by the good performance in the national and international mathematical, economic and psychological Olympiads;
    • The involvement of our students in externship and in-service education program, both in public and in private companies;
    • Participating in real projects, electives courses, workshops and business-trainings organized by professionals;
    • Participation of students and PhD students in lectures; panel discussions on the mathematical, economic and psychological professions which are being held with the participation of leading Ukrainian and foreign experts working in various fields of education, manufacturing and services areas;
    • Ability to obtain a second degree in various specialties and areas of training by correspondence.

    The result of all of the above is a prestigious job for students who have successfully graduated the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics of Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University.

    We prepare our graduates as highly qualified and always in need specialists to work in different areas that require basic training in the mathematical, economic, managerial, psychological, and information technology.

    Vladimir Poltorak 

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