East Summer School

East Summer School (Wsсhоdniа Szkоlа Lеtniа) is international institution for studying of history and modernity of Central and Eastern Europe.

It is founded in 1992 under Studio of Eastern Europe of the Warsaw University. Every year the School gathers about 30 young humanitarian researchers from different countries are interesting in studying of history, nowadays and future of this region. Among graduating students there are about 600 scientists from countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Middle Asia; at the same time there are about 100 professors who were teaching in the School. Club of graduating students and professors of East Summer School was founded in 2000 in Warsaw during First Congress. There were 9 Congresses in Brno, in Warsaw (four times), in Kaunas, in Kiev and in Jaremcha (near Ivano-Frankivsk). In accordance with tradition every Congress takes place within the framework of international conference. June 28-29, 2017 there was the conference “Social and political transformations in Central and Eastern Europe (1917-2017): factors, achievements, problems”.

The conference aimed to present scientific results of studies on social and political transformations that have taken place in the states of Central and Eastern Europe for the last 100 years. The conference was dedicated to discussion and analysis of fundamental social and political theory problems: subjectness of the actors in social and political systems, agents of social change, dynamics of hierarchy of values, directions of memorial strategies, postmodern strategies in the modern communities etc. In the practical dimension, the fundamental transformations of social and political systems, social order, geopolitical configurations, value orientation and communicative strategies in the CEE region pose a lot of questions about current forms of social systems in the areas under research. Interdisciplinary approach to the study of social and political transformations in the region as well as the participation of scientists from CEE provided multi-directionality of views. Specialists in International Relations, Political Science, History, Sociology, Education and Culture were invited to participate.

The conference was organized by the Institute of Social Sciences of the Odessa National Mechnikov University and the Studio of Eastern Europe of the Warsaw University. The person who was responsible for 10th Anniversary Congress of East Summer School was Prof. Dr Olga Brusylovska, the Chief of the Department of International Relations of the Institute of Social Sciences of the ONU, and graduating student of ХI East Summer School 2001. According to tradition of Club Olga Brusylovska is a President of the Board and Odessa National Mechnikov University is a Headquarters of the Club of graduating students and professors of East Summer School until the next Congress.


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