G. Garibaldi Center of History of Italian Language and Culture

G. Garibaldi Center of History of Italian Language  and Culture

Center of Italian History and Culture named after  Giuseppe Garibaldi was open in September 2007 in collaboration with the Institute of Italian Culture in Kyiv in the main building of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.
Сourses of Italian language are organized in the center. In addition, different cultural activities are held in the Center: lectures, themed evenings, meetings with native speakers, exhibitions.
Center is located at:
Dvoryanskaya 2, room. 86.
Tel.: 7317895

Website: http://garibaldi.onu.edu.ua


Frantsuz'ky Blvd, 24/26
Phone: (+38-0482) 68-12-84
Phone: (+38-0482) 68-18-58
Phone: (+38-093) 755-78-24
E-mail: vstup@onu.edu.ua


Dvoryans'ka St, 2, Odesa, 65082
Reception: (+38-048) 723-52-54
Phone: (+38-048) 723-35-15
Email: rector@onu.edu.ua


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