Center of History, Language and Culture of the South African Republic

Updated 07.04.2015

Center of History, Language and Culture of the South African Republic

The South African Culture Center was created by the Honorary Consulate of South Africa in Odessa on December 2006 at the Historical Faculty of Odessa National University. Great support was provided by the South African embassy in Ukraine. 
The main purpose of the South African Culture Center is to educate students of the history, culture, traditions, ethnic groups, tourism, nature, politics and Constitution of South Africa. Also, the aim is the development of scientific, cultural and friendly relations between the students of Ukraine and South Africa.
For nine years, the South African culture center had done the following activities:
  • Awarded diplomas to the winners of the "Ukrainian participation in the Anglo-Boer War Contest"
  • Student meetings with South African ambassadors from 2007-2010 and in 2013
  • Student meetings with Honorary Consul of SA in 2006, 2009, 2012. 
  • The evening dedicated to the year of Nelson Mandela in Ukraine with a demonstration of a film about Nelson Mandela "The heart given to people", made by Honored Journalist of Ukraine Marina Zhukovsky in 2014.
  • Participation of a center's workers in events held by the Honorary South African Consulate in Odessa.
  • Participation in the exhibitions of children drawings, "Oh, Africa", on animal skins, photo exhibition "Wild Africa" by A. Kirichko and the drawings by children of rehabilitation center "The House with an Angel."
Dean of Historical faculty of Odessa National University, Mr. V.G. Kushnir was awarded Honorary Diploma of the Embassy of South Africa in Ukraine in June 2014 for development of friendly and cultural relations between Ukraine and the Republic of South Africa, and assistance in the work of cultural center.


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