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Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics of Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University is the biggest center of mathematical thought in the South of Ukraine and is one in this region in the sense of the highest professional skill training (Candidates and Doctors of Physical and Mathematical Sciences) on some mathematical specialties.
The leading Associate Professors and Professors of IMEM give core course lectures for students of mathematical. Most of them are Doctors of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and representatives of well-known both in Ukraine and abroad mathematical schools.



Educational and qualifying level: Bachelor (6.040201), Specialist (7.04020101), Master (8.04020101)

Full-time and correspondence study


  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Economics and Econometrics

Specialty «Mathematics» is provided by following Departments: Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations, Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Higher Mathematics, Optimal Control and Economic Cybernetics, Methods of Mathematical Physics.
Mathematician is a highly intellectual profession. Work of mathematicians nowadays has fully applied value. The process of application of Mathematical Methods of Research occurs in roughly all kinds of types and fields of knowledge.

Specialization "Mathematics" trains following specialists: researchers, university and school teachers, bank and financial-analytical organizations employees. Degree in Mathematics is a great start for a scientific career, as well as in various innovative industries and business.
Main feature of specialists training in specialization of "Mathematical Economics and Econometrics" is a fundamental training in Mathematics, Economics and Information Technology. Mathematician-economist is an expert analyst in preparation and implement of economic decisions based on the use of Economic-mathematical models and computer software.

Employment options. Market and financial risk manager, market analyst of various sectors of the economy, the actuary and others.
Training courses are available (Tel for inquiries: 723-05-88, 637604)

Direction – MECHANICS


Educational and qualifying level: Bachelor (6.040202), Specialist (7.04020201), Master (8.04020201)

Full-time education, there is the shortened form of training on the basis of an OCU associate specialist.


  • Design and Development of Computer Software;
  • Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Physical Processes and Phenomena;
  • Computer Visualization of Mechanical Movements and Mediums;
  • Scientific Research in Engineering Fields.

Specialty "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" is provided by the following departments: Theoretical Mechanics, Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations, Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Optimal Control and Economic Cybernetics.
Mechanics and Mathematics have always been the foundation of applied sciences. Wide usage of mathematical and physical knowledge, including the newest topics in applied and computational mathematics and modern programming systems, is common for modern mechanics.
Students of “Theoretical and Applied Mechanics” study computer simulations of physical and mechanical processes using three-dimensional graphics.

The main directions of training:

  • -Design and development of application software for the PC;
  • -Mathematical and computer modeling of physical processes and phenomena (numerical experiment);
  • -Computer two- and three-dimensional visualization of mechanical movements and movable continuous media;
  • -Development of mathematical methods and algorithms for solving resource intensive tasks using parallel computer computing;
  • -Research and computer reproduction of anthropogenic situations on industrial production.
    Employment options: software development company, specialists in computer modeling and solving scientific and technical problems in real production.

Training courses are available (Tel for inquiries: 723-05-88, 63-76-04)

FACULTY of APPLIED Mathematics and Information Technologies



Educational and qualifying level: Bachelor (6.040301), Specialist (7.04030101), Master (8.04030101)

Full-time education, the shortened form of training on the basis of an OCU associate specialist is available.


  • Mathematical modeling and application software development;
  • System analysis, Cybernetics and optimal control;
  • Information systems and computer technology.

Specialty "Applied mathematics" is provided by the following departments: Optimal Control and Economic Cybernetics, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Calculus Mathematics, Mathematics for Computer Systems.
Applied Mathematics is the application of mathematical methods and algorithms in various fields of science and practice by creating a mathematical model of the system. This requires not only knowledge of mathematical methods, but also modern computer information and communications technology and programming. Applied mathematician after studying the problem in any data domain, builds a mathematical model of a problem, defines methods to solve the problem, implements his decision on the computer and interprets the received result in the data domain. If necessary a simulation experiment is carried out. Received fundamental mathematical preparation and development of modern IT-technologies and programming languages make graduates competitive on the international labour market.

Employment options:

  • Project direction-software developer in various IT-companies;
  • Production and technological direction-a specialist in the application of high technologies and software packages in the field of Economy, Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Ecology etc.;
  • Organizational and managerial direction-project management specialist in various fields of activity: informatization of enterprises and organizations; Economics, Jurisprudence, State and Municipal Management, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Social Services, Public Health;
  • Analytical direction- research on information systems analyst empowered with methods of mathematical forecasting and systems analysis in banking and financial spheres;
  • Research direction-high school and technical school teacher; research departments of enterprises and scientific research institutes employee.

Training courses are available (Tel for inquiries: 723-05-88, 63-76-04)

Sphere of Knowledge – 12 "Information Technologies"

Now professionals in the field of computer network and information technologies are the most popular and highly-paid specialists both in regional and world labor markets.

Specialty - 123 "Computer Engineering"


  • mathematical support of computer systems
  • encryption and noise immunity coding of data

Educational and qualifying level: Bachelor, Master

Full-time and part-time (bachelor only) education forms, the shortened education form based on the EQL junior specialist is available.

Specialty "Computer Engineering" is provided by Department of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems and Department of Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics.

The sphere of the Computer Engineering specialists professional activity is application of methods and processes of analysis and creation of hardware and software of universal or special information computer systems and networks for solving tasks of structuring, exchanging, manipulating and analyzing technical, financial, medical and other information for fast, high-quality and reliable management decisions information support.

The objects of the Computer Engineering graduate professional activity are:

  • Computer systems & networks Design, Development and Administration;
  • System and Application software Development and Maintenance;
  • Computer systems & networks Analytics;
  • Protection of Computer systems and Information transfer in a Computer network.

The Computer Engineering graduates receive profound and comprehensive knowledge in the design, development, operation, system and application programming of complex computer systems: distributed computer systems, local, global and corporate computer networks oriented to support the actual information and management tasks in various fields of activity.

A feature of training Computer Engineering specialists in the classical University is a upscale programming school plus a fundamental base in the field of discrete mathematics and cryptology.

Graduates work as leading developers of corporate networks and systems, system and application software, heads of computer and IT departments in different firms, state organizations, banks.

Qualification of the Graduate:

  • Bachelor – "Software Developer ", "Computer Systems Developer"
  • Master – "Professional in Computer Engineering".

Specialty - 126 "Information Systems & Technologies"


  • Data Mining
  • IT in Mechanics

Educational and qualifying level: Master

Full-time and part-time education forms.

Specialty "Information Systems and Technologies" is provided by Department of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems and Department of Teoretical Mechanics.

The spheres of Information Systems and Technologies specialists professional activity are the application of methods and processes of collecting, storing, processing, transferring, analyzing and evaluating information using computer technologies that make it possible to use it for decision-making; numerical experiments of mechanical processes with 3D visualization possibilities of findings.

The objects of the Information Systems and Technologies graduate professional activity are:

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning;
  • Big Data Processing and Analysis;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition Systems;
  • Business Processes Analysis and Management;
  • Programming and Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Processes and Objects Models;
  • Mechanical Processes 3D visualization (Microsoft DirectX technology).

Information systems and technologies graduates receive profound and comprehensive knowledge that allows using IT and advanced mathematical methods in solving actual scientific, analytical and management tasks in various fields of activity, creating and using information, analytical and artificial intelligence systems, developing the appropriate software, as well as conduct research activities aimed at the creation of such methods and IT.

A feature of training Information Systems and Technologies specialists in the classical University is a upscale programming school plus a profound mathematical training, which is the base for effective solving problems both programming, modeling or designing information systems, and analyzing/processing information and modeling mechanical processes.

Graduates work as analysts of information and business processes, researchers, developers of system and application software, heads of computer, IT and analitical departments in different firms, state organizations, banks.

Qualification of the Graduate is "Professional in Programming".

Training courses are available (Tel for inquiries: 723-05-88, 63-76-04)


Direction - Economical Theory

Specialty – Economical Theory

Educational and qualifying level: bachelor (6.030501), specialist (7.03050101), master (8.03050101)

Full-time and correspondence (specialist, master) study, there’s a reduced form of education on the basis of “Junior Specialist” educational and qualifying level

Economical Theory is a fundamental science that is a basis for the applied economic disciplines, such as: business, management, finance, credit, account, economic policy.
At the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University disciplines of specialty “Economical Theory” corresponds with conventional world standards as all educational programs are coordinated with both Ukrainian and European standards. It grows out of long-term cooperation with the leading European higher educational institutions, e.g. universities in Nice, Sofia-Antipolis (France), Genoa (Italy), Coimbra (Portugal), Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), Kyiv School of economics.
Students seize a complex of basic knowledge and skills on enterprise economy, finance and investments management and marketing, branch economy and banking, economic policy.

Directions of masters researches: regularities of branch structure development and enterprise strategy, regularities of institutional structures formation in transformational economy, firm and the market in the conditions of an institutionalizing of economic activity, financial economy.

Employment options: students who got «Economic theory» specialty, have competitive advantages when applying for being employed at big companies and also bank and financial groups, state institutions, international organizations, consulting and research centers.

Positions that the graduates of specialty «Economical theory» occupy:
economists in banks and at the enterprises of various forms of ownership; experts in economic analytics and consulting, financial management of companies, members of the staff of research departments of different firms, public institutions and research institutes, teachers at higher educational institutions



Educational and qualifying level: bachelor (6.030203), specialist (7.03020301), Master (8.03020301)
Full-time and correspondence (specialist) study
Integration of Ukraine into the international economic system requires preparation of the professionals in international economic activity.

The specialty “International Economic Relations” provides knowledge in basic economic disciplines according to the curriculums, adapted to requirements of world leading universities. The students obtain a qualification “International Economist” as well as profound knowledge in foreign languages with a professional qualification “Interpreter” (Master program). The students gain practical skills which are necessary for professional employment in national businesses and affiliations of international business entities in Ukraine and abroad.

The students take part in the initiatives of EU Mission, Open Society Institute, governmental and non-governmental organizations of Europe and the U.S. The best students gain the opportunity to continue education (free of charge) on Masters Programs at Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), Russian School of Economics, Kyiv School of Economics.

The students gain basic knowledge in international trade and international economic activity, international economic integration, international finance, monetary and credit relations, institutional aspects of international markets development, the strategies of firms on international markets, the economy of the European Union.

During the study, students can choose one of two areas of specialization, "International Finance" or the "Firm in the international market".

Employment: economist practicing in the field of foreign economic activity; a specialist in organizing of international trade; consultant in the consulting companies, economic and financial activities; diplomatic and consular service.

Direction – MANAGEMENT


Educational and qualifying level: bachelor (6.030601), specialist (7.03060101),Master 8.03060101
Full-time and correspondence studies

Specialty “Management of organizations and administration” is nowadays one of the most demanded profession in Ukrainian organizations. The main reason for that is because the specialization has a wide profile in area of management. Educational programs are aimed at training professionals who are able to solve the most complex interdisciplinary problems.

The whole educational process is built in a certain way so that it can fully reveal the leadership abilities of our students, to develop their analytical skills and, above all, strategic thinking.

The educational process at IMEM provides the deep study of basic and special disciplines on specialty of "Management of organizations and administration", which gives the opportunity to our graduated students to get a clear vision of a problem, which can appear on any level of company management, as well as to make the most suitable decision on its overcoming in proper time.

Graduates from "Management of organizations and administration" possess a huge knowledge base and skills in such areas, as: strategic management, economics, marketing and strategic marketing, environmental management and environmental economics, financial and investment management, business-planning, logistics, information systems and technology in management of organizations, management of foreign trade, human resources, psychology, business, law, etc.

Practical skills are being acquired through participating in internships at the different enterprises; educational practice in laboratories of “Business – Projects”, master - classes and trainings, as well as while creating real business - projects.

The courses are taught by leading experts in the field of management, marketing, finance, environmental management, IT-technologies and crisis management.

Employment opportunities for graduates are wide: they are successfully working in management positions in public and private institutions / organizations (large, medium and small businesses), a lot of them decided to set up their own business.

Areas of employment. Banking and financial management. Investment management. Hotel and Restaurant business and tourism. Crewing. Advertising business. Marketing. Logistics. Human Resources.

For university entrants you can find a School of young economist on a faculty (Tel. 7041439)


Direction - Psychology

Specialty – Psychology

Educational and qualifying level: Bachelor (6.030102), Specialist (7.04030101), Master (8.03010201)

Full-time and correspondence study, there is an abbreviated form of learning based on ROC junior specialist for medical specialties.


  • - Psychology of personality lifespan development;
  • - Organizational psychology;
  • - Rehabilitology

Specialty «Psychology» is provided by such chairs: Chair of Differential and Special Psychology, Chair of General and Developmental Psychology and Chair of Social and Applied Psychology.

Psychologist – is in-demand and up-to-date profession, focused on: maintaining and promoting mental and psychological health, increasing adaptive capacity of human, individual psychological support, recruitment and personnel development; work in law enforcement and government in the areas of social practice, public health, social protection, sports, culture and media.
Psychologists conduct: psychodiagnostics, correction, prevention, counseling, and psychological education.

The feature of education of psychologists at IMEM is training of high-skilled professionals to provide quality psychological services, and experts in the scientific research. The education is based on a thorough study of theoretical subjects and development of practical skills in the diagnosis, consultation, expert work, prevention of psychological problems and anomalies, supporting personal growth. Practical skills in psychodiagnostics, correction, psychological counseling, prevention work and psychological education are provided by using a wide range of workshops, by the various types of industrial practice at organizations, enterprises, educational institutions, health and social services.

Employment options – a psychologist for individual and family counseling, psychologist-rehabilitologist, employee for education counseling service, a psychologist for the recruiting and staffing agencies, HR-manager, a psychologist/analyst for the police, government, media, social services etc.


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