Chair of theoretical mechanics

Head of the department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Professor Sergey Kostantinovich Aslanov

Завiдувач кафедрою, доктор ф.- мат.н., професор Асланов Сергiй Констянтинович

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Teaching staff

Contact information

Phone of the department: (048) 718-54-64

Address of the department: 2 Dvoryanskaya Str., Odessa, 65026, Ukraine

The Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, auditorium № 50.

About the Department

Department was opened in 1865. Professor Sokolov Ivan Dmitriyevich, rector of the Novorossiysk University, was the first head of the department. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor Aslanov Sergey Kostantinovich has been managing the department since 1964.
Department includes the research laboratory for mechanics and the computational laboratory.

Scientific activities

The department has its own scientific school: the school of gas dynamics and theory of combustion and explosion.
The directions of scientific studies of the department:

  1. Theory of hydrodynamic stability.
  2. The dynamics of fast processes in inert and chemically active environments.
  3. Dynamics of aerosols formation.
  4. Self-organization of nonequilibrium systems structure.

Today the following research projects are under development:

  1. Theme № 179 “Application of parallel computing to the numerical modeling problem of detonative and explosive waves spreading in three-dimensional space” (Research supervisor Professor S. K. Aslanov).
  2. Theme № 203 “Research of rotatory motions of satellite relative to the center of mass influenced by disturbing moments” (Research supervisor Professor S. K. Aslanov).

Primary results of the department fundamental studies

  1. It was built analytical theory of shockwaves, which spread from different explosive substances. It was built the theory of the collapse of fluidic streams from the perspective of the hydrodynamic instability.
  2. The theory of aerosol system detonation was built.
  3. The theory of destruction of meteoritic bodies penetrating into the atmosphere was built.

Educational work

The Speciality 8.040202 “Mechanics” obtained 4-th rate accreditation in 1999 (confirmed later in 2004), now the Department of Theoretical Mechanics graduates
bachelors and masters of the following qualification:
2132.2 – “Software developer”;
2149.1 – “Research fellow (other branches of engineering)”.

Compulsory subjects

Basics of programming and algorithmic languages
Computational mathematics
Object-oriented programming
Theoretical mechanics
Analytical mechanics
Additional methods of theoretical mechanics
Mechanics teaching in higher school
Resistance of materials
Computational methods
The basics of solid environment mechanics
Additional sections of solid environment mechanics
Gas dynamics
Hydrodynamics of burning and explosion
Computational methods of gas dynamics
Theory of elasticity
Oscillation and waves
Integral equations and special functions
Introduction to synergetics
Computer modeling
Practicum on the computational mechanics
Modern information technologies
Computer systems software
Theory and practice of aero-hydrodynamic experiment
Mathematical models and calculation methods for computers
Mathematical supply for computers
Laboratory of specialization “Computational hydrodynamics”
Laboratory of specialization “Visualization of mechanical processes”
Laboratory of specialization “Special software packages”
Laboratory of specialization “Programming for Internet”

Manuals and guides

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Students research work

Our students periodically take part in international conferences, publish their articles of scientific research. Recently following projects were produced:

  1. Stasenko M.S. Computer modeling of material point // Compilation of lectures and theses of the 2nd International youth forum “Informational technologies in XXI century” – Dnepropetrovsk, USUCT, 2004. - P.168-169.
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