Chair of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems

Head of Department
Professor Eugene V. Malakhov,
Doctor of Sciences (Tech.)

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The Department of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems was founded in 2000 on the base of the software section of the Computational Mathematics Department.
From 2012 the department is headed by Doctor of Sciences (Tech.), Professor Eugene V. Malakhov.

Currently the department has 18 full-time employees, among whom there are 2 professors, 10 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 2 assistants.
The department provides an opportunity to pursue a major in Computer Systems and Networks and offers courses in various information technology disciplines to all students of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics.

Academic Staff

  1. Professor Eugene Malakhov - Head of Department, Sc.D. in Information Technologies
  2. Professor Yuri Gunchenko - Sc.D. in Information Technologies
  3. Associate Professor Tatiana Petrushina - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
  4. Associate Professor Lyudmila Voloshchuk - Ph.D. in Computer Sciences
  5. Associate Professor Yuri Krapivny - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
  6. Associate Professor Igor Mazurok - Ph.D. in Computer Sciences
  7. Associate Professor Valery Penko - Ph.D. in Computer Sciences
  8. Associate Professor Irina Shpinareva - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
  9. Associate Professor Aleksandr Antonenko - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
  10. Senior Lecturer Sergei Orlov
  11. Senior Lecturer Irina Lisitsyna
  12. Senior Lecturer Olga Gerenko
  13. Senior Lecturer Natalya Trubina
  14. Senior Lecturer Olga Roznovets

At present the department offers the following degrees:

  • 1. Bachelor of Computer Engineering (6.050102) - basic higher education, 4 years
  • 2. Specialist in Computer Systems and Networks (7.05010201) - complete higher education, 1 year after the bachelor’s degree
  • 3. Master of Computer Systems and Networks (8.05010201) - complete higher education, 2 years after the bachelor’s degree

Fields of postgraduate studies:

05.13.06 Information Technology
01.05.02 Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods
01.05.03 Mathematical and Programming Support of Computers and Computer Systems

Bachelors of Computer Engineering can earn the following qualification:

3121 Information Technology Specialists

Specialists in Computer Systems and Networks have access to a wider range of qualifications:

2131 Computer Systems Specialists

  • computer system developer
  • database administrator
  • data manager
  • access administrator
  • task manager
  • system administrator
  • computer system engineer
  • software engineer
  • computer system designer

2132 Programming Specialists

  • software developer
  • software engineer
  • application programmer
  • system programmer

2139 Other Computer Technology Specialists

  • specialists in other computing domains
  • computer application engineer

Masters of Computer Systems and Networks can earn additional qualifications:

  • computer communications analyst
  • computer systems analyst
  • database analyst
  • operating and application software analyst
  • software and multimedia analyst
  • software project manager

International Links

For many years now, the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics fosters and maintains ties to other universities in different countries through study placements, joint research and lectures.

  • 1. National Nuclear Research University "MIFI" (Moscow, Russia)
  • 2. The National Academy of Education named Altynsarin (Astana, Kazakhstan)
  • 3. University Pierre and Marie Curie - Sorbonne (Paris, France)

The department also offers a number of elective courses and clubs:

  • JUNIOR DEVELOPER programming courses
  • Computer Vision course
  • Programming section "Sports Programming" (supervised by Associate Professor Mazurok I.E., lessons conducted by Associate Professor Antonenko A.S., Senior Lecturer Maksimov A.L., Postgraduate student Oleg Petrov)

Team of Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, composed of Yuri Monastyrshin, Fedor Polyakov, Sergey Sklyanichenko (coach Oleg Petrov), took fourth place in the ranking of the World Cup semifinals in sports programming, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, won the bronze medal of the competition and got to the World Cup final.

Academic topics, performed at the department:

"Methods of data mining and modeling domains in specialized virtual and distributed systems and networks"
"Mathematical, software and modeling techniques of specialized intelligent computer systems"

Scientific Workshops

The department’s scientific workshop "Mathematical and Programming Support for Computer Systems" is held weekly under the supervision of Associate Professor Petrushina T.I.

School of Research

The results of the researches and developments of ONU scientists in Information Technology had been repeatedly presented at various national and international scientific conferences and forums. Each year the leading information technology specialists publish dozens of scientific articles and reports.
Annual international scientific conference «Computer Algebra and Information Technologies» operates on the base of the department jointly with the Department of Computer Algebra.
All this give an opportunity for a serious comprehensive testing of researches, carried out in the framework of applicants PhD thesis studies.

Contact Information of MSCS department:

Website -
Address: 65026, Odessa, Dvoryanskaya 2, room #38
Department of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems,
Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics,
Telephone: (048) 723-07-18


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