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Balaban Yevhenii, Maksym Volkov, Maryna Karlevits, and Danylo Sandul are the winners of the First All-Ukrainian Student Competitions on International Relations at the H. Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine (the first place, March 2019).


At the invitation of the director of the Diplomatic Academy S. Korsunskyi and the deputy director Y. Gaber, the winners of the First All-Ukrainian Student Competitions on International Relations Yevhenii Balaban, Maksym Volkov, Maryna Karlevits, and Danylo Sandul took part in the XII Security Forum in Kyiv (April 2019), which annually brings together leading experts and Ukrainian politicians of the higher rank.


Balaban Yevhenii, the winner of the ΧVII All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Modern Greek Language and Literature at the Mariupol State University (the third place, April 2019).


Donets Mariia, the winner of “Youth Delegates to the United Nations” contest (2018-2019) worked at the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly in New York. Mariia analysed reports of countries on illicit drug and human trafficking, organized crime fighting, children’s and women’s right also rights of indigenous peoples and migrants, and drafted reports for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


Yerokhina Anastasiia and Nasikovska Vira, the winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Turkish at the Kyiv National Linguistic University (the first and the second places, April 2019).


Komyaga Kateryna, a participant in “The Great Wall of China” Program, she was awarded a grant from the UNESCO / PRC co-sponsorship scholarship program in 2017–2018, which allowed her to study at one of the leading universities of the PRC for a specialty in “Chinese language and literature”. In November 2019, she was invited to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “The Great Wall of China” Program by participants.

komyaga kateryna

Kohan Yan, the master of sports of Ukraine in trampoline. Repeated champion and winner of the Championship of Ukraine, the Cup of Ukraine and the region. Former member of the national team of Ukraine. Member of the European Championship 2016 in Spain. Participant of the World Cup 2018 in Italy.


Kreshchenko Hanna, a multiple winner of the WKF European Championship. Participant of the World Championships in Karate. Champion of European style organizations. Finalist of the tournament series K-1.



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