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Dear applicants,

since the beginning of the XXI century in Ukraine there are significant changes in the system of higher education. The changes are placing ever greater demands on the level of training psychologists in counseling, psychological support in a variety of organizations: schools, laboratories, research institutes, industrial enterprises and banks.Given the high demand for skilled workers, specializing in social psychology and working in today's economy and labor market, as well as the need for solutions of applied psychological problems in different social groups in the ONU in 2011 was opened Department of Social and Applied Psychology.

Enrolling inthe psychology department of the University you will get basic knowledge of psychology and special psychological disciplines that will allow you even in preparation for future professional activities to be consciously guided in your actions and deeds by psychological knowledge, scientific methods and humanistic values. The study in applied psychological disciplines will give you a chance to learn social and psychological competencies needed in both professional and personal life. Teaching methods and the content of the psychological and pedagogical disciplines in our department are intended to expand the opportunities for reflection of individual experience of training and education, mastering the techniques of development of qualities that contribute to the creative self in education and careers.

Department of Socialand Applied Psychology directs students for in-depth study of social, organizational psychology and other applied psychological disciplines that allow graduates to be highly competitive in labor market and demonstrateprofessional performance of work tasks.

Our graduates areprepared for the development and implementation of various systems of psychological screening, psychological support and employment security, social and psychological development of the personnel potential of various organizations, to conduct socio-psychological research in companies, to help solve personal problems of organization staff. Due to the complexity and variety of tasks has increased dramatically professional level psychologists working in human services. Many of our graduates have implemented themselves not only in research and teaching, but also as professionals working with the staff, to improve their skills, for personal and social development, including socio-psychological coaching.

We hope that you, choosing our specialty, can not only develop and realize your personal potential and so take your rightful social position in society, in which psychologists are in demand for their services.

Valentina Podshivalkina
Doctor of Social Sciences,
Head of the Department of Social and Applied Psychology

The department providestraining for:

bachelors and masters degree in "organizational psychology", teaching specific psychological disciplines for students of other faculties and institutes of ONU.

Main objective:

training psychologists and other professionals who would be able to ensure the effectiveness of psychological and humanitarian orientation in the activities of various organizations: government agencies, enterprises, business - structures. Of particular importance in the preparation of professional psychologists it isn’t only teaching social and organizational psychology, but also the applied psychology, f.i. educational, legal, engineering, historical, developmental, psychology of labour and management, psychology for business, promo and for other activities. This allows our graduates to work in a variety of modern organizations and to show yourself as professionals in various spheres of social life.

Head of the department

Valentina Podshivalkina- Doctor of Sociology, professor, member of the Academy of Social Technologies and local Government (Russia), International Pedagogical Academy (Russia), imageology Academy (Russia), Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Academy of Political Science.

The departmentconsists of highly qualified, scientifically acknowledged and pedagogically experienced teachers:2 professors, 2 doctors, 13 candidates of sciences, 2 assistants.

Historical Background

The Department of Psychologyat the University was established in 1919 by outstanding scientist, the ancestor of national experimental psychology Nikolai Lange. In 1987 it was reorganized into the Department of General and Social Psychology and joined the Instituteof Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics (IMEM). In 2011 it was transformed into the Department of Social and Applied Psychology. Special contribution to the development of the department was made by a Doctor of Psychology, Professor Ilia Beliavsky, one of the founders of historical psychology and the psychology department at ONU. The department since its existence until 1974 included in itself the laboratory of experimental psychology under the supervision of D.G. Elkin, and from 1997 to 2002 active research was being conducted in Laboratory for Simulations of natural and technological processes as a part of department under the direction of I.G. Beliavsky and A.A. Hanonkin.

The main achievements of the department in 2004-2013

Sci training andeducational work

2004 - working curriculum of bachelor was aligned to the State Standard for bachelor psychologists training.

2005 – were acquired portraits of national classics in psychology for decoration and training facilities, as well as visual aids for teaching in a variety of psychological disciplines.

2007– were introduced special courses "Socio - psychological training" and practices to them, "Psychological foundations of social work", "Mass Psychology", "Psychology of small groups", "Psychological selection, adaptation and development of staff of the organization" and others as a basis for creating "organizational psychology" specialization.

2006 - 2007– was held licensing and accreditation of Master in Psychology in IMEM ONU.

2007 - 2009– was held the second round of Ukrainian Olympiad in psychology which was attended by 42 universities, 86 participants (2007), 48 universities, 101 participants (2008), 47 universities, 93 participants (2009). Jury: Corresponding Member of NAPS, Professor T.N. Titarenko (chairman), Doctor of Psychology, Professor M.L.Trofimov (Kiev), L.F.Burlachuk (Kiev), V.D.Potapova (Donetsk), D.C. Dusavitsky (Kharkiv), V.I. Bochelyuk (Zaporozhye), Z.P. Virna (Lutsk) and others. ONU students who received prizes – I..V. Shevchenko, N.A. Panga and others.

2010 - 2011s. y. - the lectures "An Introduction to psychological research of the family" in English (37 students, 17 of whom received the certificate) and "Human Sexuality" (26 students, 13 of whom received a certificate), as well as the creation of the English Speaking Club for professors, graduate students and students, which was led by a Fulbright scholarship winner, Professor in Department of family Studies, University of Kentucky (USA), Dr. Jason D. Hens.

2004 - 2014- work of courses supervisors, in particular E. Dikol-Kobrina, A.Sh. Koval, K.G. Dementeva, L.I. Shragina and others, aimed at creating a cohesive student groups, adaptation of disabled students and foreign students which were studying in the faculty.

2011 - first held "Day of the psychologist”.

2012 -carried out activitiesto commemorate the twentieth anniversary since the beginning of psychologists training in the ONU and the 85th anniversary of the birth of Professor I.G.Beliavsky

Educational and methodical work

2012 - 2013- the preparation was made for the accreditation of the Faculty, a new curriculum was prepared
2013 - control tasks (CCTs) were developed for all our disciplines


11 textbooks, including:

  1. N.F.Budiyansky, E.D.Pogrebnaya, N.V.Yung "Lectures on general psychology", 2007;
  2. N.F. Budiyansky "Psychology in management and business", 2008;
  3. V.I.Podshivalkina, L.K.Velitchenko "Methodological and theoretical problems of psychology", 2009;
  4. A.I. Sannikov, A.P. Sannikova "Information interaction in systems "man - machine"", 2009;
  5. M.P.Gusakova "Counselling: Theory and Practice", 2010, and others.

textbooks approved by MESU (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), in particular:

  1. Budiyanskyy N.F. Criminal Psychology. Manual. Third edition, enlarged. - Odessa: Phoenix, 2011. - 380p.
  2. Yaremchuk O. Akmeology - Odessa: Astroprint, 2010. - 212p.
  3. Podshivalkina V.I., Gusakova M.P., Yaremchuk O.V. Creative development of psychologist. Psychological workshop: a collection of practical and test tasks. - Odessa: Astroprint, 2012. - 152p.

12 teaching materials for full-time students and distance learning students, in particular:

  1. "Test development Methods for objective control of educational - training level of university students" (compiled by Podshivalkina V.I.), 2005, 2009;
  2. A.I. Sannikov (co-authored) Risk and decision-making, 2007;
  3. A.I. Sannikov (co-authored) Models of decision-making, 2007;
  4. L.N.Akimova Organizational Consulting, 2007;
  5. N.V. Rodina "Guidelines for the organization of home work of students on Special practicum “Pathopsychology with elements defectology”", 2007;
  6. R.N. Swinarenko, V.I. Kayger, K.G.Dementeva "Guidelines for the organization of in home work of students in general psychology," in 2 parts, 2009;
  7. M.E. Belova "Guidelines for conducting practical classes for students of nonpsychological faculties" in 2 parts, 2011.
  8. О.Yaremchuk Actualization of ethnocultural mithmaking potential in humanities students/ О. Yaremchuk. - Kyiv, 2012
  9. N.F.Budyyanskyy, E. ThomasTraining and learning methods manual for the homework organization of students in terms of modular training. Odessa: Atlanta, 2012. - 82 p.
  10. M.P. Gusakova Psychology Counselling. – 2012.

Inelectronic form on the website of the Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University are presented many teaching materials, in particular: V.I.Kayger "Manual for the Implementation of summaries, essays and term papers on general psychology"; A.A. Befani “Tool for the course "Psychology of the family"”; O.N. Kirichenko, "The materials for the training course "Methods of teaching psychology in high school (for the Masters)”"and others.

2013 - additional programs andguidelines were presented for home or independent work of students for courses that provide training for bachelors and masters, in particular for specialization "organizational psychology."

Staff development

Since 2004 there were defended 21 PhD theses, including: N.V.Rodina, O.V.Yaremchuk, M.E.Belova, Wang June, A.Sh. Koval, V.V. Pundev. Two lecturers were actively working on their Doctorate, namely N.V. Saprygina , O.V. Yaremchuk. Further training took place for the majority of employees of the department, particularly in 2011-2013: N.F. Budiyansky and O.N. Kirichenko (Ushinskiy Uni), V.I. Podshivalkina (Karazin KNU), L.I.Shragina, M.P.Gusakova , M.E. Belova, A.I. Sannikov, K.G.Dementieva. At the department annually are training 10 to 15 graduate students.

Scientific work


2005 - postsimpozium "Modern Problems of imageology" (65 scientists of Ukraine and Russia)

2004, 2005 - two scientific-practical conference "Psychology of the soul" (76 and 83 participants respectively from different educational institutions of Ukraine)

Щорічні наукові конференції викладачів та співробітників ОНУ

2004 - 2011 - at the annual scientific conferences by ONU faculty and staff were made108 reports.

Developed multipleScientific Theme "Cultural - historical and socio - psychological potential of the individual in terms of transformational change in society» (state registration № 0107V007980). In accordance with the thematic plan of scientific research work of the University, according to the order ONU from 01.06.2007 № 1453-11.

Approvednew interdepartmental Scientific Theme "Context of higher education as a factor in humanitarian and international security in multicultural region", together with the departments of international relations and sociology SSI (№ 013 state registration number U002693).

Up to 2012 were organized 4International scientific and practical conferences "Cultural - historical and socio - psychological potential of the individual in terms of transformational change in society," in which participated: in 2009, 78 specialists, and in 2010 - 106 experts from eight countries: Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, USA, Germany, Finland, Poland, Moldova, in 2011 - 113 representatives from six countries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Moldova. Were printed special editions of "Bulletin of ONU. Psychology" by the results of the conference, f.i. in 2010 and 2011 - 2 - vols. 2012 - 123 representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. Printed special editions of "Bulletin of ONU. Psychology" from the results of the conference.

2013–was held the First international scientific-practical conference "Social, psychological, political problems of border security". Total - 60 participants from Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Transnistria.


four monographs:

Научное наследие Н.Н.Ланге

Scientific heritage of N.N. Lange: Collective monograph / Sci. Ed. prof. Dr. of Sociology V.I. Podshivalkina. - Odessa: Astroprint, 2010.-352p.

Potential of the individualand trends of its implementation in conditions of transformational change in society: The collective monograph / Sci. Ed. prof. Dr. of Sociology V.I. Podshivalkina. - Odessa, 2011. – 318p.

Sadova N.A., R.N. Swinarenko Psychological potential of self-fulfilment / Sci. Ed. prof. Dr. of Sociology V.I. Podshivalkina. - Kirovograd, 2011. – 412p.

Rodina N.V. Psychology of coping - behavior: system modelling. - Odessa, 2011. – 340p.

О.Yaremchuk Psychology of ethnic and cultural identity myth: monograph / O. Yaremchuk. - Odessa: Phoenix, 2012. - 400p.

Historical psychology: origins and current status: Monograph /. Sci. red. I.N. Koval, V.I. Podshivalkina, O.V. Yaremchuk. - Odessa: Odessa National University, 2012. – 395p.

Saprygina N.V. Psycholinguistics of artistic text: author and reader communication [monograph] / N.V. Saprygina. - Odessa: Astroprint 2012. -336p.

Interuniversitycollection of scientific papers "Social technologies: actual problems of theory and practice": Issues 24-25 (2005), Issues 33-34 (2007), Issues 39-40 (2008), and issues 46-47 (2010).

On the basis ofthe psychology section at the House of Scientists of Odessa, which was founded by prof. D.G. Elkin, from 2008 to present day is being held methodological monthly seminar for psychology departments.

Every year, members of our department are actively involved in scientific conferences in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey and other countries.

The scientificwork of students

2008 -2013 years – Were held six Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences of young scientists and students "Blossoming" (total 238 participants, half of them were students and graduates of ONU).

2004 - 2013 years - The annual scientific conference of students and graduate students, 112 ONU reports.

Since 2009 – established Students Research Society.

Each year, students are being published in various editions of usually more than 50 scientific papers, namely, in 2005 – 54 papers, in 2006 - 57, 2007 -56, 60 in2008, in 2009 - 67, in 2010 – 66, 2012- 34, 2013 - 25

Social activities

Since 2007 - for the promotion of psychology our staff and guests of the department participate in 2-3 special television programs based on the results of the department major events: the Olympics, the conference, etc.

On all the important events of the department and faculty (Olympiad, Conference, Psychologist Day and others) there are representatives of different TV channels.

2012 -opening of the memorial plaque dedicated to N.N. Lange and audience room named after Professor I.G.Beliavsky (room 89, 90).

Wall boardswere prepared on the results of contests, conferences, field work, student society meetings, board dedicated to the works of N.N. Lange was made.

In 2008, with the assistance of the Scientific Library of the University there have been organized tours to the exhibition of books by famous psychologists who have worked in different years in ONU – N.N. Lange, N. Grott, G.I. Chelpanov, S.L. Rubinstein and others. And also were made tours to a special fund of the Scientific Library and the Botanic Gardens.

In 2012 – was made an informational presentation for ONU entrants, held various presentations for schools.


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