Chair of Physical and colloidal chemistry


Head of department: Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Elena Streltsova


  • Streltsova Elena Alekseevna – Professor
  • Menchuk Vasily Vasiljevich – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Perlova Olga Viktorovna – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Soldatkina Liudmyla Mikhailivna – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Tymchuk Alla Fedorovna – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Kozhemiak Marina Anatolievna – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Dzhyga Anna Mikhailivna - Ph.D., Associate Professor

The department releases:

Chemists, physico-chemists who can work in research institutes, plant laboratories, on sewage disposal plants of the production operations, in higher educational institutions, lyceum and colleges. The urgency of target preparation of graduates of the department for Ukraine has increased in connection with necessity of building energy saving technologies, intelligent using of natural resources and environmental control.

General courses:

  • «Physical Chemistry»;
  • «Colloid Chemistry»;
  • «Structure of Matter»;
  • «Crystal Chemistry»;
  • «Environmental Chemistry ( water pool )»;
  • «Physical methods of research»
  • «Physical and Colloid Chemistry».

Special courses in the department:

  • «Оrganization of research in the field of Physical and Colloid Chemistry»;
  • «Physical chemistry of surface phenomena»;
  • «Kinetics of surface phenomena»;
  • «Physico-chemical basis of the flotation cleaning environmentally hazardous sewage»;
  • «Physico-chemical methods of investigation of surface phenomena»;
  • «Physico-chemistry of thin films»;
  • «The structure of water and aqueous electrolyte solutions»;
  • «Surfactants : properties and use»;
  • «Adsorbents and adsorption processes in solving the problem of environmental protection»;
  • «Colloidal chemistry of oil and oil products»;
  • «Physico-chemical basis of concentration of dissolved substances»;
  • «Fundamentals of nanochemistry and nanotechnology».

Scientific activity of the department:

The department is working at scientific problem of technogeneas safety, Physico-chemistry of superficial phenomena, Physico-chemistry of the processes of flotation, adsorption and flotoextraction precipitation of molecular and colloidal dissolved substances. Over the past 10 years, published 60 articles in the Ukrainian and foreign journals. Number of inventions - 34, including Declarative patents - 4.


The department of physical and colloidal chemistry of the Novorossiysk University was organized in 1917 on the base of the physico-chemical laboratory created in 1915. P.N. Pavlov was elected a professor of the newly organized department. In 1919 he became the chairman. Professor P.N. Pavlov is well know for his research in thermodynamics of the condensated systems. He was the first who found experimentally the dependence of the melting temperature of superficial energy of the solid, studied thermodynamics potentials of the chemical elements and their compounds, the balance between crystalline and liquid phases. For the cycle of the works in this field the physico-chemical society, named after N.N. Beketov, awarded P.N. Pavlov. During 50 years of his scientific work P.N. Pavlov published more than 80 works, including 2 monographs. He founded physico-chemical school.

Professor, Doctor of Science, Chemistry O.K. Davtyan (the chairman from 1953 till 1967), was a know scientist, author of the works delt with research of the chemical sources of current and fundamental textbook "Quantum Chemistry". Professor O.K. Davtyah initiated the research of hydrogen and oxygen fuel elements in the newly organized laboratory of fuel elements. Students were taking active part in the research. Due to his work it is possible to lecture students on specially selected chapters of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, quantum chemistry, X-ray and structural analysis.

Since 1972 the honored Ukrainian scientist, professor L.D. Sktylyov (1935 - 1999) was at the head of the department, he was the great specialist in the field of physical chemistry of superficial layers, one of the creators and invertors of theoretical bases of flotational methods of precipitation of molecular and colloidally-soluble substances. Since that time the department has been working at perfection of existing methods and creation of new highly-effective ones of precipitation of small quantities of molecular and colloidally-soluble substances from large volumes of aqueous solutions (ions of heavy metals, surfactants, extractans, mineral and vegetable oils, coloring agents, etc.).

For during 35 years of his scientific and teaching activity, professor Skrilyov published more than 650 scientific works including 1 monograph. He founded the scientific school, which methods are widely used and know in Ukraine and abroad among specialists in the field of hydrometallurgy, sewage treatment of industrial enterprises, enriching of mineral resources.

From 1999 to 2018 the head of the chair was Professor V.F. Sazonova - a graduate of the Odessa University and the graduate school of the department of physical and colloid chemistry.

Since 2019 professor E.A Streltsova - the graduate of the Odessa university and postgraduate study of faculty physical and colloid chemistry head of the department.


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