Department of economic and social geography and tourism

Head of the Department – Topchiev Oleksandr Grygorovych,

doctor of geographical sciences, professor, honored scientist of Ukraine  

Phone:  (048) 68-76-93

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Department of economic and social geography first was founded in the frame of Odessa institute of economy, and was headed during 1921-1930 by prof. O.O.Sukhov. In the frame of Odessa state university department of economic and social geography was formed in 1934. Headers of the department in former years were: ass. prof. O.M.Smirnov (1934-1959); ass. prof. K.E.Povitchanaya (1959-1970); ass. prof. D.I.Bogunenko (1970-1973); prof. I.F.Mukomel  (1973-1975); ass. prof. O.I.Polosa (1975-1980); prof. O.G.Topchiev (since 1980).

In different times, starting since post-war years, the members of the department were: doctors of sciences, professors V.O.Dergachev, I.F.Mukomel, O.G.Topchiev; kandidates of sciences D.I. Bogunenko, B.L.Gurevich, L.H.Kalustyan, I.M.Landa, I.V.Mymrin, A.E.Molodetsky, V.G.Pyzov, K.E.Povitchanaya, A.I.Polosa, O.M.Smirnov.

Now in the structure of department the sector of teaching GIS-laboratory and scientific-research group are existing.           



  • doctor of geographical sciences Topchiev A.J.
  • doctor of geographical sciences Yavorskaya V.V.
  • candidate of geographical sciences Mihaylova N.P.
  • candidate of geographical sciences Nefedova N.E.
  • candidate of geographical sciences Titenko Z.V.
  • candidate of geographical sciences Homich L.V.
  • senior lecturer Kudelina S.B.
  • senior lecturer Smolskyi V.L.
  • lecturer Homutov V.A.
  • candidate of geographical sciences, lecturer Shashero A.N.

research worker:

  • research worker Platonova L.P.


  • Erastova H.Y.


  • Grudinina М.V.


Department provides graduation of specialists on specialties “Economic and social geography” and “Geographic bases of economy and management of regional development”.
Department provides graduation of specialists at qualification levels of “bachelor”, “specialist”, and “magister”    


“Geography of world economy”, “Regional economic and social geography”, “Bases of geomarketing and geomanagement”, “Actual problems of modern geography”, “Methods of socio-geographical researches”, “Geographical bases of technologies and production”, “Geoinformation systems”, “Geography of service sector”, “Planning of territories”, “Economy of natural resources usage”, “Geography of transport”, “Theoretical problems of economic and social geography”, “Geourbanistics and problems of development of large cities”, “Bases of political geography and geopolitics”, “Bases of economy in school course of geography”, “Recreational geography with the bases of touristic marketing”, “Problems of regional development and management”, “Prognosis of population”, “Socio-geographical cartography”, “Bases of rayon planning”, “Statistical analysis in socio-economic geography”, “Geography of EU countries”, “Bases of ethno-geography”, “Economic history of Ukraine”, “Systems of settlements”, “Regionalization of Ukraine”, “Economic geography of World ocean”, “GIS in regional planning and municipal management”, “Management of regional development”, “Regional economy with the bases of regional politics”, “Territorial organization of productive forces” and others.        


Title of the scientific school: Problems of territorial organization of population and economy in coastal regions of Ukraine in modern geopolitical and geoeconomic conditions

Into research work are engaged 14 staff members, among them 1 doctor of science and 8 kandidates of science.

Directions of scientific researches:

  • theory and methodology of societal geography”
  • regional economy: coastal regions of Ukraine
  • methodology and methods of geoplanning (planning of the territories)
  • geodemographic processes in Ukraine and regional geodemographic policy
  • forming of regional geoinformation systems. Creation of regional complex geographical atlases”

Traditionally students and post-graduates of the department are engaged into research according main problematic directions. Materials of their researches are used in course and qualification works.    

There is specialized council on defending the kandidat and doctoral dissertations Д 41.051.03 in specialty 11.00.02 – “Economic and social geography” exists in Odessa national university. The specialized council is headed by prof. O.G. Topchiev 


A set of research themes are constantly in elaboration at the department.
Research theme № 774 “Principles and mechanisms of management of natural resources usage and rational organization of territory in coastal regions of Ukraine. Research theme № 303 “Elaboration of conception and program for sustainable socio-economic development of Ukrainian coastal region in context of international programs on ecological protection of the Black Sea”. Research theme № 360 “Elaboration of methodology of forming regional ecological nets”. Research theme № 413 “Strengthening of ecological security and quality of population life on the methodological and methodical bases of planning territory in the region”. Research theme № 467 “Elaboration of principles and methods of territorial planning aimed at ecological rehabilitation of the region”.   

Besides this, staff-members take part in international project TACIS “Lower Danube lakes. Regional program of management of nature environment and action plan on environment preservation”.

In conditions of independency new field of research has been launched at the department – regionalistics, which includes regional science, regionalization of Ukraine, regional planning and self-government issues. “Conception of socio-economic development of Ukrainian Black sea coastal region” has been elaborated (scientific head – prof. O.G.Topchiev) and approved by Ukrainian government (May 1995). On the basis of this conception the “Program of socio-economic development of Ukrainian Black sea coastal region” was developed.    

In the frame of conception and program of socio-economic development of Ukrainian Lower Danube subregion large materials on nature resources potential, population and demographic situation, labor forces and their usage, social infrastructure and service sector were collected and processed 
by staff members.

In August 2000 special commission on administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine was founded by order of President of Ukraine, and prof. O.G. Topchiev took part in its work. In May 2001 “Conception of state regional policy” was approved by order of President of Ukraine. Department’s staff members have conducted passportization of municipal territorial units (rural and urban) of Odessa region. Such detailed research was done first time in Ukraine. On the base of this research the regional geoinformation system – ‘Territorial units of Odessa region’, has been developed.      

Department was among those scientific units, who first launched new field of research in ecology – geoecology.
After adoption of Ukrainian laws “About program of forming of national ecological net of Ukraine in 2000-2015” and “About ecological net” (2004)
in collaboration with National academy of science of Ukraine staff members have elaborated the program of forming of regional ecological map of Odessa region and created its working scheme.

Socio-economic mapping constantly was in the focus of department’s activity. The staff members have elaborated several complex geographical atlases of Odessa region. Among them: geographical atlas of Odessa oblast; economic map of Odessa oblast; atlas of Odessa oblast (toward 70th anniversary of creation); Odessa oblast: geographical atlas (My small motherland). Prof. O.G.Topchiev was a member of editorial board of National atlas of Ukraine. This atlas was published in electronic and paper mode. In 2012 the draft version of jubilee atlas of Odessa region (toward 80th anniversary of creation) has been prepared (editor – prof. O.G.Topchiev).    

Students affiliated with department in 2012-2013 have won 5 prizes participating in research competitions and contests.


During 2010-2012 department’s staff members have published more then 70 scientific papers and results of their participation in international and domestic scientific conferences and meetings.

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International cooperation

Cooperation in teaching and research work with Sankt-Petersburg national university (faculty of geography and geoecology), Russia; Utrecht university, Netherlands; Institute of geography of Hungarian academy of science; Kennan Institute, USA   


With the beginning, there are post-graduate course (‘aspirantura’) and post-doctoral course (‘doctorantura’) exist at the department. In period 2009-2013 the following 6 post-graduates have defended successfully their kandidat (Ph.D.) dissertations: Titenko Z.V., Todorov V.I., Savyuk O.Y., Oliinik V.D., Yaremenko S.G., Shashero A.M.    


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