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Novorossiysk University, as is known, for many years were a unique centre of science in the South of Russia. The outstanding contributors to geology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology and paleontology worked there. V.D. Lascarev, I.V. Sintsov and others generated regional collections of the University paleonthological museum. Further exposition was replenished by means of new discoveries of ancient burials in Odessa, found in underground hollows. In a 1928 in Odessa catacombs karst caves were found out, where in alluvium there remained the whole accumulation of residuals. Over forty spices of animals are described here. In the fossil structure were a late pliocene camel, a tiger, hyenas, other predators, rodents, birds, including ostrich, a mastodon etc. The scheduled excavation in the karst caves of Odessa was begun in 1935. The scientific principal of the expedition was D.K. Tretyakov.


Dvoryanskaya str., 2,Odessa, 65082
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