Pedan Galina

Ph.D. Associate Professor

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Main Research Interests: 

  • geodynamics of the coastal zone;
  • paleogeography of the Northwestern Black Sea;
  • ecological geology;
  • environmental management.

Teaching and annotation of lectures: 

  • «General ecology». The purpose of course is to acquaint students with basic concepts, problems and directions of modern ecology. 
  • «Introduction to ecological geology». Lectures introduce natural and technogenic geological processes which influence on life and activity of human society.
  • «Geomorphology with bases of Quaternary geology». The course provides basic information about relief and quaternary deposits, conformities to law of their structure and forming open up, the methods of determination of age of quaternary deposits are studied.
  • «Economy, management, the organization of the exploration and engineering geological works» The aim of the course is to master the organizational and economic mechanism of management of geological production for increase of economic efficiency of geological 
  •  works.
  • «Wildlife management economy» studies the problems of nature management structures and guard of environment. 
  • «Ecological geology of Ukraine».  The purpose of discipline is to teach students to assess the environmental conditions of the study area, including geological environment. 
  • «Ecological-geological examination and certification». The aim of the course is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for carrying out ecological expertise during the design and reconstruction of economic facilities.
  • «Engineering geology of the Azov-Black Sea basin». Lectures and practical exercises introduces the geological, engineer-geological, ecology-geological conditions of the coast and shelf of the Black and Azov seas.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Pedan G.S. (2006). Estimate of effectiveness of coast protecting structures on Odessa seaside. Environment ecology and safety of  life activity, №2, pp. 28-35. (In Russian) 
  • Pedan  G.S. (2006). Estimation of role precipitation in process of formation of landslides (for example Odessa and Nikolaev areas). Odessa National University Herald, Series of Geographical and Geological Sciences, v. 11, issue 3, pp. 229-237. (In Ukrainian)
  • Konikov E., Faschevsky S., Pedan G. (2009). Extreme fluctuations of the Black Sea level in Neoeuxine – Holocene as the alternative of catastrophic flood hypothesis. Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean,  №3, pp. 35-49.
  • Pedan G.S, Konikov E.G. (2010) Сomparison of the Northwest Black Sea coast (Ukraine) dynamics and the Caspian Sea coasts (Russia) of the basis of multi-years observations. The Caspian Region: Environmental Consequences of the Climate Change.  Moscow: MSU, pp. 170-173. 
  • Konikov E.G., Balabanov I.P., Pedan G.S. (2011). Litology, stratigraphy and paleogeography of Khadzhibeisky liman baymouth area as reflection of geological history of the Azov-Black sea basin during the last 25000 years. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of oil-gas basins. International scientific journal, № 1, pp.40-54.
  • Pedan G. (2013). Reculiarities of  liman abrasion-landslide shores (Northwest  Black sea). Odessa National University Herald, Series of  Geographical and Geological  Sciences, vol. . 18, issue 1 (17), pp. 205-212. (In Russian)
  • Pedan H. S., Senkovych A. A.(2015). Hydrogeological conditions and features formation of groundwater sarmatian aquifer in the southwestern part of Odessa region. Odessa National University Herald, Series of  Geographical and Geological  Sciences, vol. 20, issue 1, pp. 170-181. (In Ukrainian)
Conference materials:
  • Pedan, Galina. (2008) Migration of the Northwest Black Sea coasts based on instrumental observations // The 33-rd International Geological congress, Oslo, 2008, August 6-14–th (CD)
  • Konikov E, Faschevsky S, Pedan G. (2008) Reconstructions of sea-level and coastline migration of the  Neoeuxinian basin, NW Black Sea  // The 33-rd International Geological congress, Oslo, 2008,  August 6-14 –th  (CD)
  • Pedan, Galina. (2008) Late Pleistocene–Holocene Geological History of the Danube-Dniester shelf (Northwestern Black Sea) // IGCP-521 „Black Sea – Mediterranean Corridor  During The Last 30 KY :  Sea Level Change and Human Adaptation (2005-2009)” –INQUA 0501”Caspian-Black-Sea-Mediterranean Corridor During Last 30 Ky: Sea Level Change and Human Adaptive Strategies” (2008-2010) Fourth  Plenary  Meeting and Field Trip  Bucharest (Romania) – Varna (Bulgaria) , October 4 – 16, 2008 . – P.139-140. 
  • Pedan G. S., Gonchar I. S., Lebedeva T. N. (2010) Spatial-temporal characteristics of the process of flooding Kherson region on the basis of statistical data of regime observations / Materials of the five scientific conference «Monitoring of environment: scientifically methodical, normative, technical, software» - September 20-24, 2010, AR Krym. M. Koktebel. – P. 60-61.
Teaching Aids:
  • Konikov E.G., Pedan G.S., (2006). Economy, management, the organization of the exploration and engineering geological works. Methodical instructions for practical classes for students of IV course, full time in Geology and Hidrogeology, Odessa,  30 p. (in Ukrainian)
  • Pedan G.S. (2012) Geomorphology with  bases of Quaternary geology. Methodical instructions for practical classes for students of III course, full time in Geology, Odessa, 37 p. (in Ukrainian) 


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