Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Sorption Processes

Updated 17.09.2015

Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Sorption Processes

Head of laboratory V.V.Kutarov  

The Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Sorption Processes was established as a department of Physical Research Institute in September, 1971. Candidate of chemical sciences B.M. Kats was in charge of the laboratory until 2007. After him the direction was taken by V.V. Kutarov. Initially the laboratory activities were aimed at forming scientific base for solving problems of environment protection and providing safe working conditions for factory workers (protection from harmful substances in the atmosphere). Consequently the laboratory dealt with solving numerous practical problems connected with elaboration of new technologies, devices and substances.

The peculiarity of the laboratory is the study of low-molecular substances of adsorbents adsorption, natural and synthetic ion exchangers and proteins. It resulted in the elaboration of such methods that allow to make quantitative description of the phenomena defining peculiarity of ion exchangers activity in the process of sorption.

Nowadays these studies are being continued and the main efforts are concentrated on the development of the equilibrium gases and vapours low molecular substances adsorption by the adsorbents of different kinds, namely, by activated carbon, zeolites and synthetic ion exchangers. Such studies are essential in creating general theory of low molecular substances sorption by adsorbents of disordered structure. These studies have a great practical value due to smaller danger of the experiments.

A special attention has been paid to the study of rough surface relief influence on adsorption, as it is important to consider the effect of the surface to find out peculiarities of the adsorption on these surfaces. The second main direction of modern research is a study of possibility to use the important QSAR method (quantitative characteristic of surface-reactionary activity). It's used to work out and forecast adsorption parameters by means of computing description of their informational contents. The results obtained in this way have already given a possibility to define the role of individual atoms and functional groups of adsorbents in the process of their adsorption bonding. The results have also given a possibility to work out adsorbent parameters of many low molecular substances without carrying out any other extra experiments.

The obtained results have been partially summarized in three Ph.D. theses and published in scientific articles of Ukrainian and international journals. Some results of the carried studies were the topics of scientific reports at V, VI and VII Ukrainian-Polish symposia, namely "Theoretical and experimental studies of interfacial phenomena and its technological applications". They took place in 2000, 2001, 2004 respectively in the village of Sergeevka, Odessa region with the active laboratory employees' organizational participation.

The practical studies of the laboratory were concentrated on the development of new means of individual eye and respiratory protection as well as on creation of new devices and technology in the environment protection problems, particularly in atmosphere and water purification from harmful substances. The mentioned technology and devices having certificates of authorship of the USSR and patents of Ukraine were used at numerous plants of the former USSR and independent Ukraine. Among other developments water-purifying installation "Midiya-05" should be mentioned. It was used in the period from 1993 to 2006 in numerous organizations and business corporations of Odessa and Nikolaev regions.

Water-purifying installation “Midiya-05”
Water-purifying installation “Midiya-05” 
Further studies of the laboratory in the practical area were connected with the development of a new scientific direction in technology of new substances with given property – development of specific indicator adsorbents which change their colour in the course of harmful substances adsorption from air-gas mixture. This technology was based on the fundamental experimental results, obtained at the laboratory, as to setting the mechanism of inter molecular interaction of separate ion exchanges functional groups with low-molecular substances of acid and main types. Creation of up-to-date indicator adsorbents made foundation for development of numerous new devices and installations, first of all, for the new gas-mask indicating box of MKP-K and MKP-D types, as well as for physics-chemical filters of FXI type for sensitive gas sensors, which were successfully presented at several Ukrainian and international scientific technical exhibitions.
Indicator adsorbents
Indicator adsorbents 
The principal scheme of a gas-mask cartridge
The principal scheme of a gas-mask cartridge 
1,7-plug; 2-screw neck; 3-body; 4-initial layer; 5-exhaustive layer of adsorbent; 6-roof
Nowadays the main efforts of the laboratory in this area are connected with the advertising campaign organization, aiming at further indicator adsorbents implementation for filling different devices and means used in various fields of health protection, analytical chemistry and in space technique.

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