Dubovyk Volodymyr Alimovich

Dubovyk Volodymyr Alimovich

Дубовик В.А.

Address: 2, Dvorianska Street, Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odesa  National  University,  Odesa,   65082,  Ukraine.
E-mail: volodymyrdubovyk@gmail.com
Date of birth: February  1970.

Present Position.
- Associate Professor (1996 – Present), Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odesa  Mechnikov National University,  Odesa, Ukraine;
- Senior Research Fellow (1996 – Present) and Director (1999 – Present), Center for International Studies, Odesa Mechnikov National University, Odesa, Ukraine.

Education and Academic Position.
- Odesa  I . Mechnikov State University, Ukraine, Ph.D (Kandidat) in International Relations/Political Science, 1996 (thesis “U.S. Policy Towards Ukraine (1991 - 1996):  Analysis of  Foreign Policy Concepts”);
-  Odesa   I. Mechnikov  State University,  Ukraine,  MA (Specialist) in History, 1992.

Areas  of  Academic  and  Research  Specialization.
U.S. - Ukraine relations; U.S. foreign policy (theory, history and historiography); Theory of international relations; Foreign policy of Ukraine; Black Sea security; Regionalism in international relations; International Conflict studies;
Current lecturing courses: Theory of international relations, Foreign policy of Ukraine, Theory of international conflict, U.S. foreign policy.  Also taught: Modern and Twentieth century history of Europe and America, History of international relations (interwar and post-World War II periods), Current issues of world politics, Regionalism and international relations, Foreign policy of a state.

Previous  Teaching,  Research  and  Overseas  Experience.
- Exchange Student, Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1990 - 1991 study year;
- Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Division of History, Odesa State University, 1992 - 1996;
- Research Fellow (1992-1996) and Deputy Director (1998-1999), Center for International Studies, Odesa State University;
-  Fellow, Regional Scholar Exchange Program (USIA sponsored),  Kennan Institute,    W. Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, D.C.),  September – December 1997;

  1. Visiting Fellow,  FSA Fellowship in Contemporary Issues (BECA , USDoS sponsored),  Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland,  University of Maryland (College Park, MD),  August – December 2002;
  2. Grantee, Fulbright Scholar Program (BECA, USDoS sponsored),  Kennan Institute, W. Wilson  International  Center for Scholars  (Washington, D.C.),  September 2006 – March 2007;
  3. Visiting  Faculty, Program on Global Studies, University of Wroclaw, January-February 2011;
  4. Visiting Scholar, H. J. Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, H.M. Jackson of International Studies, University of Washington (Seattle, WA).

Other Professional Activities.
- Guest speaker and panelist in numerous conferences in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, U.K., U.S.A.;
- Member (2003 – Present) and ExCom member (2006-2011), PONARS – Eurasia, New Approaches to Research and Security in Eurasia,  George Washington University;
-  Project Director, ReSET (Regional Seminar in Excellence in Teaching) project “The EU as an emerging European security actor: exploring theoretical paradigms”, (funded by Open Society Institute Higher Education Support program – OSI HESP), 2010 – 2013;
- Assistant Director, ReSET (Regional Seminar in Excellence in Teaching) project  “European security and New Independent States: new teaching framework for a new Europe” (funded by Open Society Institute Higher Education Support program – OSI HESP), 2005 - 2008.
- Secretary of the Odesa Workshop on Theory, History and Historiography of International Relations, 1996 - Present (Participant, 1990 - Present);
- Member, Academic council of the Institute of Social Sciences, Odesa National University, 1999-Present;
- Civic Education Project (CEP) Local Faculty Fellow (Eastern Scholar), 2000 – 2002 (CEP/Academic Fellowship program alumnus since 2002);
- Member, ANIR project – Academic Network in International Relations, sponsored by CEP, 2001 – 2003,
- Participant, Megaproject “Higher Education: Leadership for Progress”, field of European studies (funded by the International Renaissance foundation (Soros foundation). Took part in the Odesa Summer School on European studies (July-August, 2001) and master-classes at partner institutions (Spring 2001);
- Deputy Odesa Director, Odesa Public Policy Program (co-administered by University of Maryland, College Park and Odesa National University), 1997–2001 (Contact person, 1994–1997);
- Liaison, Russian Littoral Project, 1995 - 1997;
- Participant, International Relations Case Development Project, International Affairs Network, 1996 - 1999;
- Member, Council on International Cooperation of the Odesa National University (since 2001). Consultant and frequent lecturer for the Department of International Cooperation, Odesa University, 1994 - Present.
- Member of Program Council, European Program, International Renaissance Foundation, 2005- 2006;

Was involved in organizing and took part as participant in a number of international conferences, workshops, to name some:

  1. “Odesa-200” conference dedicated to the bicentennial of the city of Odesa (Odesa,  September 1994),
  2. Russian Littoral Project conference on post - Communist economic transformation (Odesa,  August 1995),
  3. 17th “Europe of Regions” conference - under the auspices of Council of Europe (Odesa,  September 1996),
  4. “Ukraine and European Security” with Indiana University, Bloomington (Odesa,  November 1996),
  5. Summer Institute on Political Science in cooperation with University of Maryland, College Park (Odesa,  June 1997),  
  6. five sessions  of the round-table on Ukrainian-Russian relations with the Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Odesa,  between 1993 and 1998),
  7. 18th “Europe of Regions” conference (Copenhagen, August 1998),
  8. Wilson Center European Alumni Association Conference (Krakow, September 1998),
  9. CEE ISA First Annual Convention (Prague, May 1999),
  10. Central European University Summer University (SUN) on “Conflict Transformation” (Budapest, July-August 1999),
  11. Fourth World Congress of Ukrainian Studies (Odesa, August 1999),
  12. CEE ISA Second Annual Convention (Warsaw, June 2000),
  13. IREX conference “Regional Dynamics of the Black and Caspian Sea Basins” (Odesa, September 2000),
  14. Kennan Institute workshop “Contemporary Ukraine” (Odesa, September 2000),
  15. “Ukraine between Russia and the West” workshop (held by the U.S. Department of State) (Washington, November 2000),
  16. 42nd  ISA (International Studies Association) annual convention (Chicago, February 2001),
  17. Odesa Summer School on European Studies (under the framework of the Megaproject, Soros Foundation), (Odesa, July-August 2001),
  18. Halki international seminar (by ELIAMEP – Greek foundation of foreign policy) “Patterns of cooperation in the SEE and the Black Sea region” (Halki, Greece, August-September 2001),
  19. “Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities in Enhancing Political and Social Stability” Winter School with CEP (Civic Education Project) (Chisinau, December 2001),
  20. “The New Generation of Conflicts in XXI Century” (by the Black Sea University foundation) (Bucharest, December 2001),
  21. “Teaching European Studies” Workshop with CEP (Odesa, January 2002),
  22. “International Security in the Modern World” Winter School with CEP (Minsk, March 2002),
  23. HESP (Higher Education Support Program) International Summer School “Defining European Studies: National Experiences and Regional Perspectives” (Odesa, July-August 2002);
  24. CEP teaching development workshop “EU eastern enlargement: security implications” (Odesa, February 2003),
  25. PONARS Academic Conference (Moscow,  March  2003),
  26. Open Society Foundation and CEP workshop on the 2nd wave of NATO expansion (Odesa,  September 2003),
  27. IREX workshop on U.S.-Ukraine relations (Odesa,  October 2003),  
  28. PONARS policy conference (Washington, December 2003),
  29. CEP teaching development workshop “The enlarged EU and its immediate neighborhood: moving towards cooperative framework” (Odesa,  February 2004),
  30. 1st  Annual Convention of the American Studies Association of Ukraine (Kyiv, March 2004),
  31. “Global Trends 2020” Workshop with Bard College, National Intelligence Council and CEU (Central European University) (Budapest, April 2004),
  32. PONARS academic conference (Seattle, May 2004),
  33. conference “Changing security dynamics in the crossroads of Eurasia” at the National Defense University (Washington,  September 2004),
  34. conference “European security and Ukraine” with Indiana University, Bloomington (Odesa, September 2004),
  35. PONARS Policy conference (Washington, February 2005),
  36. NATO Academy “NATO, peace and international security in the XXI century” (Donetsk, May 2005),
  37. Conference “Security and Stability in South Caucasus” (Baku, May 2005),
  38. 6th American Studies Summer School “Traditions and values of American Democracy” (Odesa, May 2005),
  39. retreat on developing a communication strategy on Euro-Atlantic integration in Ukraine (Kyiv, June 2005),
  40. IREX alumni conference “The role of modern think tanks in the development of civil society” (Kyiv, June 2005),
  41. conference “Ukraine in the Black Sea-Caspian Region: Euro-Atlantic values and democratic control” (Kyiv, June 2005),
  42. First Global International Studies Conference, World International Studies Committee with Bilgi University, (Istanbul, August 2005),
  43. public hearings “European choice of Ukraine: ways of realization” (Odesa,  September 2005),
  44. conference “Post-Soviet in/security: theory and practice” by Ohio State University, (Columbus, October 2005),
  45. ISA MidWest 2005 Annual Convention (St. Louis, October 2005), 
  46. Brzezinski Scholars Forum (Kyiv, December 2005),
  47. PONARS policy conference (Washington, December 2005),
  48. Winter School “Discovering new frontiers of the European security zone” within ResET project “European security and NIS: new teaching framework for a new Europe” (Odesa, January 2006),
  49. conference “Enhancing security cooperation in the Black Sea  region: can we build bridges and barriers” and the Inaugural reunion of Greater Black Sea area working group of the PfP Consortium (Bucharest, January-February 2006),
  50. NATO Academy “NATO, security and new democracies: current cooperation and future prospects” (Lviv, February 2006),
  51. 2nd  Annual Convention of the American Studies Association of Ukraine (Kyiv, April 2006),
  52. conference on development of European studies in Ukraine and the launching of the European studies association (Donetsk, April 2006),
  53. workshop “Black-Caspian seas regional security: “frozen conflicts”, new challenges and adequate responses” with Tbilisi  I. Javakhishvili University (Tbilisi, May 2006), 
  54. conference “Regional cooperation and security in the Black Sea region” (Odesa, May 2006),
  55. NATO Academy “Security challenges and opportunities in the Mediterranean-Black-Caspian Seas: role of NATO and other actors” (Odesa, May 2006),
  56. Summer School “European security: major actors and main dimensions” within ReSET project (Odesa, July – August 2006).
  57. ISA-West annual convention (Las Vegas, September 2006),
  58. Roundtable VII  “Ukraine and NATO membership” (within “Ukraine’s quest for mature nation statehood”) (Washington, October 2006),
  59. Conference “Security and economic development in the Black Sea region” (Washington, October 2006),
  60. AAASS  2006 convention (Washington, November 2006),
  61. PONARS Academic and Policy conferences (Washington, December 2006),
  62. Forum I  “Euro-atlantic future of Ukraine” (Kyiv, June 2007),
  63. IIIrd international conference on the issues of inter-regional cooperation in the Black Sea basin (Odesa,  June 2007),
  64. ReSET  Summer School “European Security and NIS” (Odesa, August 2007),
  65. ECPR - SGIR  6th  pan-European conference “Making sense of a pluralist world” (Turin, September 2007),
  66. “Ukraine’s quest for mature nation statehood”, Roundtable VIII (“Ukraine and EU”) (Washington, October 2007),
  67. “Black Sea Synergy” (Odesa – Istanbul, October, 2007),
  68. “Political and social impact of military bases” (Lisbon, December 2007),
  69. Eurasia PONARS workshop (Washington, February 2008),
  70. NATO Academy “NATO’s transformation and the security challenges of today” (Odesa,  May  2008),
  71. Conference “Frozen conflicts in the Wider Black Sea Region” (Odesa, May 2008),
  72. Forum I I  “Euro-atlantic future of Ukraine” (Kyiv, June 2008),
  73. Workshop “Caucasus and Central Asia in a transnational context” (Tbilisi, June 2008),
  74. Second Global International Studies Conference, World International Studies Committee (Ljubljana, July 2008),
  75. PONARS Policy Conference (Washington, September 2008),
  76. Dialogue  with European Capitals (dialogues with experts, politicians , media) (Berlin, Paris, Hague, October  - November 2008),
  77. “Transformations in the  Black Sea region”  PONARS workshop  (Washington,  December 2008),
  78. Conference “Ukraine as a partner for Eastern policy of Poland and Germany” (Warsaw,  December 2008),
  79. Conference “The changing politics of energy and security in Eurasia” (Istanbul, April 2009),
  80. Workshop “Emerging transnational developments in Eurasia” (Istanbul, May 2009),
  81. PONARS Policy Conference (Washington, September 2009),
  82. “Ukraine and Georgia in the context of political, economic and security transformations” (Odesa, October  2009),
  83. Conference on security and cooperation in the Black Sea (Odesa, November 2009),
  84. “Next-generation security – Global Perspectives” (Moscow, December 2009),
  85. “Democracy promotion after the color revolutions” workshop (Washington, February 2010),
  86. Advanced research workshop  “Perceptions of NATO: a balance 60 years after” (Lisbon, May 2010),
  87. PONARS Eurasia academic workshop and public session (Odesa, June 2010),
  88. ReSET Summer Session “Theoretical approaches to European security: politicization, securitization and beyond” (Odessa, July 2010),
  89. “Compelling  bilateral  ties/ Germany-Ukraine and Russia-Ukraine// “Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood”, roundtable XI  (Washington, October 2010),
  90. PONARS Eurasia policy conference (Washington, October 2010),
  91. “Slovakia and Ukraine: strategic partners? The future of Ukrainian security as seen from Central Europe”    conference   (Bratislava, November 2010),
  92. PONARS Eurasia workshop “Security challenges in Russia and Eurasia”  (Moscow, March 2011),
  93. ReSET Summer Session “European security in plural. The EU in search of a regional security strategy: linking theory and practice” (Odessa,  July 2011),
  94. PONARS Eurasia policy conference (Washington, September 2011),
  95. PONARS Eurasia conference “Two decades of post-Soviet independence: what have we learned?” (Washington, December 2011),
  96. “The culture of governance” conference (Tbilisi, June 2012),
  97. “Cross-border understanding in the Black Sea region” summer school (Batumi, June 2012),
  98. ReSET Summer Session “The EU: a normative, imperial, status-quo or realpolitik type of actor?” (Odessa, July 2012),
  99. PONARS Eurasia policy conference (Washington, September 2012),
  100. PONARS Eurasia workshop (Kyiv, November 2012).

Membership in Professional Organizations and Associations.

  1. International Studies Association (ISA), 2001 – 2008,
  2. European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)  Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) (and member of its steering committee), 2007 – present,
  3. American Studies Association in Ukraine, 2004 – present,
  4. Central and East European International Studies Association (CEE ISA), 1998 – present,
  5. Wilson Center European Alumni Association, 1998 – present,
  6. Ukrainian Political Science Association, 2005 – present,

-      American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), 1997 – 1999,
-      Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), 1997 – 1999,
-      American Association of Ukrainian Studies (AAUS), 1997 – 2004.

List of Publications.
-                “Ukraine and the United States: assessing their relationship on the eve of elections”/PONARS Eurasia policy conference. – Washington, D.C.- September 2012. – Memo No. 233. – P.115-118.
-                “European integration and the processes of internal transformation: Ukrainian perspectives and Portuguese experience”. – Odessa, 2011. – 352 p. (editing and introduction).
-                “Actual issues in international relations”. – Issue 102. – Part 2. – Kyiv, 2011 (introduction).
-            “The  U.S. - Russia  “Reset”: A  Sceptical  View”/PONARS Eurasia policy conference – Washington, D.C. – September 2011. – Memo No. 171. – P. 56 – 59.
-               “Should Europe care about Black Sea security?”//”Eurasian security. The search for common ground”. – Policy perspectives. – May 2011. – P.18-22 (PONARS Eurasia memo No. 138)
-                “NATO:  Shaping  the Correct  Strategy  for a Safer  Tomorrow”// “Perceptions of  NATO and the New Strategic Concept”. – L.N. Rodrigues and V. Dubovyk, eds. -  Amsterdam, 2011.  -  P.25-30.
-           “Ukrainian-Turkish  relations  in  the  framework  of   the  Black-Caspian  seas  region  security”// “Turkish-Ukrainian relations in the changing geopolitics of the Black Sea region”. – Ankara, 2010. – P.65-68 (Turkish). 
-             “Is a  junior  partner  really  a partner?  Making sense of  Ukrainian foreign policy”/ PONARS conference. – Washington, D.C. – October 22, 2010. -  Memo No. 119. – P. 63-67.
-            “The lessons of Nuremberg:  what are they?”// Democratic society after  the Nuremberg trial.  –  Odesa,  2010,        P.  62-64.
-            Conference on security and cooperation in the Black Sea region (collection of conference materials) – P. 38-41. Odesa, 2010.
-           “Kyiv and Tbilisi: no longer Washington’s favorites?”/ PONARS Eurasia workshop. – February 19, 2010. – Memo 93.  
-          “Kyiv and Tbilisi from Washington’s vantage point: from favorites to certain distancing”// Ukraine and Georgia in the context of political, economic and security transformations: implications and perspectives. – Odesa, 2009. – P.90-102.
-        “Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine: myths and realities// “Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine: global and regional dimensions”. – Odesa, 2008. – P. 117-123.
-          “Ukraine’s foreign policy and Euroatlantic integration in the mirror of public opinion”//  “Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine: global and regional dimensions”. – Odesa., 2008 – P. 124-140.
-          “The  Wider  Black  Sea  Area:  the role for NATO”// “Black  Sea  calling” – Melanie Sully, ed. – Diplomatic Academy of  Vienna. -  2008.  – P. 92 – 98. 
-          “Will  Sevastopol  Survive?  The triangular politics  of Russia’s naval base in  Crimea”/ PONARS  workshop. – December 15, 2008.  –   Memo No. 47  (with A. Cooley).
-        “The  NATO’s  role in the  Wider Black Sea  area”/ PONARS conference. – Washington, D.C. – September 12, 2008. -  Memo No. 11.
-            “A Ucraina e a guerra na Georgia” (“Ukraine and the war in Georgia”// “Relacoes Internacionais” (“International Relations”. -  Issue 20.  - December 2008. – P. 45 – 47. (in Portuguese).
-       “What prevents Ukraine’s movement towards EU?”/”Development of the trans-border cooperation with EU countries’ regions”. – Odesa, 2007. – P. 42-44. (in Ukrainian).
-       “Ukrainian - Turkish  cooperation in the context of security issues in the Black-Caspian Seas Region”// “Ukrainian-Turkish relations: current state, prospects for development”. Odessa, 2006. – P. 50 -54.
-     “U.S.-Ukraine relations: the long road to strategic partnership”/PONARS  policy conference. – Washington, DC. – December 8, 2006. - Memo No. 424. – P. 81-84.
-   “The evolving role of  Turkey and the prospects for Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation in the context of security in the Black-Caspian seas region”/”Current issues in international relations”.-  Issue 61. – Part 1. – P. 16-18.
- “European integration, European security and U.S. policies”/ Eastern Views on European Enlargement/ Ed. by               B. Taylor, P. Szyszlo, A. Polese. – Odessa, 2006. – P. 103 – 116.
-   “The foreign policy of Ukraine: one year after the orange revolution”/ PONARS policy conference. - Washington, DC. – December 9, 2005. - Memo No.  372. – P. 29 – 33.
- “The United States and the Ukrainian Election Political Crisis”/PONARS policy conference. – Washington, DC. – February 4, 2005. – Memo No. 353. – P. 181-186.
-     “The U.S. strategic interests in the Black-Caspian seas region in the context of  determining the future of the   “Odesa – Brody” pipeline/ ”Odesa –Brody” pipeline as a factor in energy and economic security of Ukraine: domestics and international aspects.  – Odesa, 2004. – P.32-34. (with A. Zakharchenko).
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- The new U.S. role in Europe// “The current issues of politics” (“Aktualny pitannia polityky”). – Issue 9. – 2000.
- The regions of Ukraine and their international activities: the case of Odesa region// Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod State University, 2000.
- The influence of the “arch of instability” on the future of European continent. – Odesa, “Negotsiant”, 1999.
- Basic trends of Ukrainian foreign policy regionalization//Ukraine and Russia: regional dimensions of foreign policy in the 1990-s. – Moscow, “Epicon”, 1999 .
- weekly reviews of world affairs  in “Evening Odesa” (“Vechernyaya Odessa”) in 1999;
- “ New U.S. Role in Europe and Ukraine’s Security”// “Ukraine and European Security”/ D.E. Albright, S.J. Appatov, eds. – N.Y., L.: “Macmillan”, 1999. – P.245 – 259.
- “Arch of Instability”/ “Word” (“Slovo”), April 2, 1999.
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- “The Regionalization of Ukrainian Foreign Policy: Process and Its Implications”/ “Regional Contact”. – XIII. -  No. 14. -  1999 .
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- “Pseudointegration”/ “Word” (“Slovo”), May 30, 1997.
- “Situation With the Integration”/ “Word” (“Slovo”), April 18, 1997.
- “U.S. and Ukraine’s Security Interests”/ Short versions of the papers delivered at the workshop “Ukraine and European Security”, Odesa, November 22 - 25, 1996.
- “Ukraine’s Policy Towards Its Ethnic Minorities”/ Paper delivered at the 17th Conference Europe of Regions “Regionalism as a Means for Promoting Democracy, Stability and Development”, Odesa, September 20 - 22, 1996 .
- “American Scholars on Independent Ukraine (1989 - 1992)”/ “Ukrainian Journal of History” (“Ukrainskiy istorychniy zhurnal”), No. 2, 1995 .
- “Ukrainian Regional Politics”/ “Law Herald” (“Yuridychniy visnyk”), No. 1, 1995 .
- “Ethnoregional Problems and the Future of State-Territorial Structure of Ukraine: Views of the American Political Scientists”/ “Regional Politics of Ukraine”. - Kyiv, 1995.
- “U.S. and Independent Ukraine. Some Aspects of the “Ukrainian” Direction of the American Foreign Policy”/ “Eurasian Courier” (“Yevraziiyskiy Kooryer”), No. 22-23, 1994.
- “Administrative -Territorial Structure of Ukraine: The Western Concepts”/ Paper delivered at the conference organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Center for International Studies, Odesa, October 12-13, 1994.
- “U.S. Policy Towards Ukraine Since 1991”/ Paper delivered at the conference at Odesa State  Economic University, Odesa, May 26-27, 1994.
- Review on S. Kull’s “Burying Lenin: The Revolution in Soviet Ideology and Foreign Policy”, 1992/ “The Problems of History” (“Voprosy Istorii”), No. 2, 1994.
- Review on the same book for the “U.S.A.: Economics, Politics, Ideology” (“S.Sh.A.: Ekonomika, Politika, Ideologiya”), No. 1, 1994 .